REDMOND SkyScales 741S

REDMOND SkyScales 741S

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REDMOND SkyScales 741S Specifications

General characteristics

A type electronic
Weight limit 5 kg
Measurement accuracy 1 g
Tarocompensation there is
Calorie counter there is
Sequential weighing not
Fluid volume measurement not


Timer not
Clock not


Battery Indication there is
Overload indication there is
Auto power off there is


Packaging design platform
Removable platform not
Platform material glass
Body material plastic
Additional Information synchronization with a smartphone using a mobile application Ready for Sky; Device Support: iOS – 8.0 or higher, Android – 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher; individual dietary recommendations; data on weight, the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and calories weighed product

REDMOND SkyScales 741S reviews

Minuses: I bought scales when I decided to lose weight. All with them much easier since there is redi sky and after weighing you can immediately Watch calorie foods. For a year now I have them and everything is ok. I lost weight, but I continue to habitually weigh food so as not to sort out with calories.

Suslova Natalya

Pluses: the design is good. next to the black hob look gorgeous. the ability to count kcal is interesting, because this is the only model with such features. Great list of products. It accurately synchronizes with the application and counts. Funny for beginning.
Minuses: Brake and more dirty compared to mine the first Beurer KS 48 model – does not always dump containers from the first times, you have to poke. To turn it off, press and hold, U my previous simple, without counting kcal Beurer KS 48 such there were no problems at all all turned on and off with one click without retention and poking. generally the sensitivity of these worse.
Disadvantages: I took it because of the calories, but in the end I consider them as before in the phone application Lifesum. to make full use of the count kcal on the scales, it is necessary that there is a functional, like in an application – not just considered kcal and BZHU, and analyzed compared to the norm of your consumption and it was clear – bust or lack protein or fat recommendations. And so it makes sense to use simply tally is not enough. Unless one-time, look how many calories in a particular product? Or in total for a day, if the head already has the norms of these BZHU then compare with the actual, then maybe norms. In general, I regret that I didn’t take the same model that I’m used to without freaks.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Measurement accuracy, enough charge for a long time
Minuses: low weight
Minuses: A very useful thing for people who have problems with eye sight. Measures with an accuracy of 5 g, which reduces the possibility cooking errors

The user has hidden his data

Minuses: I really like the scales for their functionality. Besides the usual weighing of products there is a special application, Allows you to see all the data about the product. For example, I weigh cottage cheese and calorie content is immediately visible in the mobile application. Very It’s convenient that you don’t have to waste time and calculate it yourself. Libra Lightweight, compact and beautiful.

Koltsova Daria

Pluses: Unless the design
Disadvantages: 1. Broke after 2 days (about ten weighing). 2. The list of products in the application on the smartphone is very incomplete. 3. Price.
Minuses: What can I say …. The first drawback speaks for itself yourself. It would seem that it could break in such a relatively a simple device like electronic scales? No, on the third day turn on, trying to weigh something – on display 0. Rebooted, changed batteries – the result is zero. I’ll carry it to the service, the store does not change – a “technically sophisticated device.” The thing about these scales is the ability to connect to a phone / tablet on which a special application is installed, and show the weight of what Weighed on the phone screen. You can indicate in the application that Weigh and calories, fat, carbohydrates and proteins are highlighted. BUT – the list of products is very incomplete. In my opinion, just a toy on once – do not overpay, there are more functional applications for diets / calorie accounting for Android, and for an apple for sure! In addition: the scales turned off, see what weighed already impossible, the application’s connection with the scales is broken, and nothing saved. In general, these scales can be used just like scales (if they don’t break) – but “just” the scales are essentially cheaper! Summary: I have a complete fiasco with these scales! Do conclusions……

Podolsky Dmitry

Advantages: the scales themselves are one big plus! Libra small but comfortable, do not take up much space during storage. Very I liked the fact that weighing different products, detailed information about them appears on the phone screen. Another plus is that the scales they calculate the calorie content of dishes, though for this you need a little play around (weigh all products separately), but the result is worth, it took me 8 kilograms a month !!!! and that’s all thanks weights and calorie counting!

Koshar Yana

Advantages: Give recommendations on the selection of a diet. Easy recognize the energy capacity of products. There is a function of weight deduction containers. Stylish design, compactness. Convenient, intuitive application for the phone.
Minuses: Minimum weight of only 1 gram. For what? Not understand…
Disadvantages: Excellent scales for reasonable money. At least I did not regret the cost. With the settings and things figured out almost without resorting to instructions. And my data is always under by hand.

Madlen ritter

Pluses: The main advantage of these scales is synchronization. via bluetooth with a smartphone. Special application shows how many calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates does a dish contain, conveniently! Scales are very accurate, compact and stylish. Your choice very satisfied.
Minuses: I love technology, and especially “smart”, these scales are just such.

Ezhova Valeria

Pluses: Beautiful, easy to use, functional, accurate, high-quality scales.
Disadvantages: No consistent weighing. Weight Limit 5 kg – I would like more (I often prepare large volumes, because I make cakes to order). The platform is made of glass (I am afraid of it smash).
Disadvantages: I like the high accuracy of measurements (up to 1 g). The design is stylish, a beautiful thing and the room decorates. Scales are compact – for us it is very important, because the kitchen is small. Now food myself I weigh before meals – check calories, the “composition” of the product (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) and reduce the portion if put too lot.

Alexandra Tsapnik

Advantages: scales are connected to the application in which there is data on the composition of products, you can automatically calculate calorie content of the finished dish. Well, the standard advantages of modern weights (auto power off, compensation, beautiful design and etc.).
Disadvantages: I would also like about the nitrite content, Recognize antibiotics and other rubbish in the product when weighing. The platform is not wide enough.
Minuses: After pairing, all are displayed in the application data on the individual ingredients of the dish and their combination (you can, for example, find out how many calories in vegetable stew by weighing all of it components). Plus scales can give individual diet recommendations (a nutritionist is not replaced, but close to this). Wherein they are quite accurate, comfortable and stylish.

Polina tru

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