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REDMOND RTP-M802 Specifications


A type thermal sweat
Volume 5 l
Power 1200 watts
Type of heating element closed spiral
Body material metal (double walls)


Safety cover lock
Double walls there is
Filter there is
Temperature controller is, stepwise, temperature conditions – 3, 60 – 100 hail.
Display there is
Water level indicator there is
Inclusion indication there is
Water backlight during operation there is
Drawing on the case there is
Additional Information shutdown mode in the dark

REDMOND RTP-M802 Reviews

Pluses: Looks good, heats up quickly.
Minuses: stopped working after 15 days of use (water supply is broken).

Soloviev Nikita

Pluses: For our large family of 5 liters, that’s it.
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: I will recommend to friends.

Subbotina Katerina

Pluses: Roomy car (5 liters), the water heats up quickly, there is an energy-saving mode and it takes only two to three minutes so that the water returns to 98 degrees.
Disadvantages: Poorly distinguishable water level, you need to peer. Too, for my taste, water slowly pours, at maximum mode.
Disadvantages: No complaints so far. Let’s see after a year of work. By days spent on it, he must work at least five years old…

Skalon Alexander

Advantages: Volume -5l Maintaining a temperature of 98 degrees
Minuses: Volume -5l Water level indicator No manual pumps
Minuses: A year has passed. A flurry of rust appeared on the flask. But this is normal – absolutely stainless steel does not happen. Rubbed with a sponge, and everything is like new. You could add a manual pump. When disconnected it’s very problematic to drink tea. Water level indicator is not very informative. You could add just a red ball. And when pouring – the level is not possible to see at all. And here is the last – its volume. Exactly 5 liters are poured into the thermopod! Hooray!!! And here comes out it is only 4 🙁 How is it? Evaporated? And here it is not – water is in place, but it’s impossible to use it anymore, because fence hole water above the bottom. If you had to make a technological reserve water, then make it an EXTRA volume !!! And so very furious “five”, partially filled with water (residues from filling tank) ….

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Pluses: heats quickly, roomy 5 l
Disadvantages: after a year of use, the rim is inside, where is the cap in contact, all rusted. Rust also appeared inside. Metal is completely of poor quality! Contacted Redmond about replacements, let’s see how their warranty department works.
Minuses: Everything would be fine – design, convenience, etc., but quality the main element – the inner metal container – not to to hell!


Advantages: You can adjust the temperature of the water. Supports the temperature that is most convenient (3 options). Happy the ability to cool water to 60 degrees in minutes immediately after boiling. Large volume (up to 5 liters) – enough for long.
Disadvantages: The shutdown mode in the dark is not always convenient.
Disadvantages: How does the water cooling function help me out and maintaining the right temperature! The daughter is still small and cannot drink hotter. Eternal fuss with jars of boiled cold water annoyed, and if it ended and urgently needed to be done tea is generally a pipe for a child. I myself do not like hotter either, so with enjoy using at 60 degrees mostly.

Nona rupieva

Pluses: Roomy volume, long holds the set water temperature.
Disadvantages: Full shutdown by unplugging the cord from the outlet, and they are flimsy, I solved the issue with an extension cord with a button off.
Minuses: I live in an old rural house without amenities, stove drown only in the evenings, the rest of the time we bask in the fireplace, electrical networks are overloaded all the time. To wash, wash hands or dishes, each time I had to warm the kettle, from this often jammed traffic jams. Thermal sweat made life much easier, heating once in the morning, for a long time we have hot water for various needs. I regret that I did not decide on a purchase earlier.

Cat Greedy

Advantages: Presence of supported temperature conditions (60-90-95) Boiling protection Cooling boiled water Large volume of ready-to-use water
Disadvantages: No manual power switch.
Minuses: Generally, this is a pretty good thing for people, working at home. On my own I know the burden of waiting for boiling kettle and subsequent cooling of the resulting liquid. Now at everything is at hand at the same time and the right temperature! I use recently. At first he worried that he would eat electricity, but soon became convinced that everything was fine with this. Interesting feature automatic shutdown in the absence of light.

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Pluses: At first, I liked everything, but …
Minuses: For 8 months broke 2 times
Disadvantages: This is the first thermal sweat and at first I liked everything. Through 4 months of use broke (constantly flowing water). Renovated under warranty. After another 3 months, re-occurred the same failure. The service center recommended to hand in shop, as these thermopots constantly break, they said that they can repair again, but after a while we will return to them again with the same problem, and gave an opinion on factory marriage. IN the store returned the money within a week. We paid extra and took from They are another model. Panasonic NC-HU301PLTW. More expensive, but we will hope that more reliable. Compared to the new model, the cons redmond: works only from the network (the new one has a battery), all water does not drain, much remains in a thermos, and pouring is no longer gives (in a new spill clean). Noisy. Pros: beautiful, high volume, night mode.

Smirnova Svetlana

Pluses: Convenient
Minuses: no
Minuses: I really like tea, but I don’t drink hot until it cools, I forget, I have to drink cold (Thermopot is convenient because it is always water of the right temperature is available. Satisfied with the purchase, thanks Great manufacturer REDMOND!

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