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REDMOND RTP-M801 Specifications


A type thermal sweat
Volume 3.5 l
Power 750 watts
Flask material metal
Pump manual / automatic
Type of heating element closed spiral
Body material metal (double walls)


Double walls there is
Filter there is
Temperature controller is, stepwise, temperature conditions – 3, 65 – 100 hail.
Display there is
Timer there is
Water level indicator there is
Inclusion indication there is
Water backlight during operation there is
Power cord length 1.2 m

REDMOND RTP-M801 Reviews

Pluses: Great thing, convenient for use in the family. It looks good, how to use it clearly and without instructions. After the first wash did not smell like anything “chemical.”
Minuses: Someone writes that the pressure is strong and everything from the circle spatter. So to prevent this, you can raise a cup taller to the nose. So this is not a flaw.
Disadvantages: We did not immediately find such a thing as a “tongue” under filling spout, that is, you can use it, or you can use the button. If you pour water from minimum to maximum, then you need to wait minutes 20, but then it keeps the temperature stable, fast switches between temperature conditions. The current temperature is not shows, but I do not consider it a necessity.

Dunaeva Anna

Advantages: Heats the water, he does not get very hot, in the panel water does not enter the control (a common disease in thermal sweat, from which they die). There is protection from children – do not pour without unlocking, Also, there is a piston for pouring water without electricity. there is re-boil button and the ability to choose 85 degrees to Do not scald with boiling water. Plastic stopped stinking after 2nd boiling. Outwardly beautiful and even after 2 years nowhere peeling off a paint or some kind of film.
Disadvantages: When there is very little water left, and turns on overheat protection – the screen starts blinking with the EE symbols, from which It seems that the kettle is dead. However, this is not so, just turn it off, pour water, and turn it on and it works. It would be nice to have more meaningful alarm about lack of water. Also, the first time it’s uncomfortable to first unlock water a kettle with a button, but then you get used to it. This is still a protection against children.
Minuses: Specially looked for a kettle with a metal tank and case (although here the case is only finished with metal), and so that under the panel with the buttons did not get water or steam, as I heard about that this is a common thermopot disease. As a result: I’m already buying the 3rd a kettle of this model, the first has been at home for 2 years, the second and third were bought as a gift to relatives. All three work great warm water, boil, no complaints. Boiling Functions for I did not try the timer, I do not know why it is, and whether it works.

Entalpo mihan

Advantages: The choice of the maintained constant temperature, forced boiling, rotating base, switch on case. Beautiful, medium-fat.
Minuses: It simply infuriates that before push-button filling it is necessary EVERY time press “unlock”. The instructions are different information on this subject. And this is a misrepresentation of the buyer. It is possible to return the goods. Maybe this function is useful to someone, she really bothers me.
Minuses: no comments yet

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: The house has a lot of equipment of this company and without any complaints. Therefore, they took into account that everything would be ok.
Disadvantages: On the THIRD day, factory defects appeared (officially recognized by the expert) all the water is orange and with a terrible taste and smell.
Disadvantages: If you are lucky, it’s freezing and it’s worth taking, but there is more reliable and at the same time cheaper models.

Seregin German

Advantages: – ergonomic modern design (chrome matte case directly under a similar large equipment) – pretty and thoughtful backlight (when you click on unlock, then the backlight turns on, the rest of the time is off) – very quiet, quieter than water 🙂 – large volume – for 1 day of active tea drinking + cooking enough – when you pour cold water, the thermal sweat automatically includes boiling – not too hot in itself
Disadvantages: – the keystrokes are tight – right here you have to press finger in the button – the cover is uncomfortable, with such a severity it would be a kind of closer is useful so that it does not fall – an uncomfortable set of water – it is too time consuming to pull the wire out of the thermal sweat, carry the thermal sweat to the water, then put the heavy one in place, connect the wire to it … you have to type in pots. The solution could be facilitating notch wire connector.
Minuses: I work at home, and constantly set / type The electric kettle is tired. I read the reviews and realized that I needed to take thermal sweat. I bought it in the store, first making sure visually that I don’t too bulky. I started to use it, it was unusual, because he more kettle. However, now that the full potential of thermopot disclosed, this is a full-fledged gadget, much more respected than it was teapot. It is very convenient, in addition to the standard function: – when you do baths, boil water and take a thermal sweat (special there is a carrying handle) – half an hour or an hour of hot water for sure will provide. – for cooking pasta, dumplings, etc., you can type immediately hot water to the pan and save time while waiting boiling. – I always have a temperature of 85 degrees. With considering, that this and a thermos, I hope to get some savings in consumed electricity. – very quiet! – boils slowly (half an hour) and therefore quiet, and during periodic heating of water until the set temperature there is a quiet click and more generally Can not hear anything. Not very uncomfortable: – once slightly burned and remembered: take a spoon out of the mug so that the water doesn’t splashed out. – a handle that extends slightly so that it was convenient to lift a rather heavy lid, firstly, by it’s not very convenient for yourself (you have to scoop it with your nails), and secondly, has a silver color (and not black, as shown here in the picture) and made of cheap plastic. Most likely it is already covered micro-scratches: in the store rechecked all thermal sweat, without no scratches were found. In everyday life, these little things do not appear often and bright, so I’m writing down not in flaws, but in the comments for especially picky.


Pluses: the case is made of metal, holds well temperature, without heating the surface
Minuses: No
Disadvantages: Good thermal sweat standard capacity. Extended warranty, but judging by the operation of the unit, it is unlikely to me need it. No. of the necessary temperature conditions, a long cord.

Novikov Andrey

Advantages: 1) Good design 2) Cope with their excellent tasks. 3) On / Off key 4) The manual pump is very convenient and necessary thing.
Disadvantages: 1) The display has a very small viewing angle, and normally only crouching (or moving away), standing near the thermal sweat the display fades and nothing is visible. 2) DO NOT SHOW ON THE DISPLAY current temperature, but only the set temperature and timer. It is very not it’s convenient because you don’t know what kind of water it is. 3) Buttons pressed tight, but this is not critical.
Disadvantages: In the end, we decided to pass it, because the listed faults (poor display, no current temperature) bring us all its advantages are gone. And the minimum temperature is too big. For baby necessary 40C.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Beautiful, that’s all.
Disadvantages: 1. After 2 months, the stainless steel bowl began to rust (!!!). in two places. 2. The first week it smells terribly plastic 3. A strong pressure of water, often boiling water spilled out of a cup 4. Step timer – 3 6 12 24 48 99 hours. Very strange. Evening morning not set if you sleep more than 6 hours. 5. Boils for about 20 minutes.
Disadvantages: Surrendered under warranty and no longer contact cheap Chinese. Still searching for your perfect teapot / thermal sweat from of stainless steel.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Nothing.
Minuses: Strong smell of cheap plastic when opened boxes. Very poor performance. Broke in two months, the screen stopped working. The service said that I have hands wrong place grow. Thanks to Redmond for the wonderful experience!


Disadvantages: The outer wall is very hot.
Minuses: The outer wall is heated so that the hand is difficult hold on. At the same time, the service center said that there were no problems revealed. But in fact it turns out this is not a thermal sweat and a kettle since works as a thermos. So whoever is lucky can then maybe lucky.

Ternovsky Yuri

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