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REDMOND RS-M723 Specifications

General characteristics

A type electronic
Weight limit 5 kg
Measurement accuracy 1 g
Tarocompensation there is
Sequential weighing not
Fluid volume measurement not


Timer not
Clock not


Type of battery CR2032
Battery Indication there is
Overload indication there is
Auto power off there is


Packaging design platform
Removable platform not
Platform material steel

REDMOND RS-M723 Reviews

Pluses: no
Disadvantages: 1. The backlight is awful. 2. each after switching on, you need to set the units again
Disadvantages: broke a year later with a little. first peeled off display glass, then the display itself no longer appears several segments.


Pluses: no
Disadvantages: cheap dear. cheap plastic, cheap metal. very limited functionality. uncomfortable buttons. high price. Metal is rusting.

Roshchin Anton

Advantages: Compactness, display backlight, design, weight up to 5 kg
Disadvantages: Not a convenient power button (either press several times or apply force), batteries “pills”
Disadvantages: A convenient thing in the house, and it’s useful to market with you take. Measurement accuracy is high (tested on many items, but packs of salt or sugar are not suitable for checking accuracy). Purchases weight products in stores correspond to the weight indications of this home model. Bought by chance in one of the hypermarkets, attracted attention to design and price tag. But even today’s price is not a pity to pay for these scales.

Andreyevich Alexander

Pluses: Look beautiful. The platform is metal the size is optimal, in my opinion. Calibrated to zero automatically and center weighed objects regardless places of their installation on the scales. Can be weighed with tare, tare weight not will be taken into account (we put the container on the scales and turn them on, on the display “0” is displayed, now you can weigh the net weight of the products, put in containers). This is purely scales, nothing more, no unnecessary thermometers or watches, only weight – and this wonderful.
Minuses: Buttons are not touch, the upper platform is not tight around buttons and display. Nowhere (neither in the book, nor on the office site) measurement error is indicated.
Disadvantages: The accuracy of the scales (how much they are wrong), to Unfortunately, I can’t check in any way – there’s not a single one at hand weight standard. But judging by the weight of the mobile phone (139 g by documents) and watches (73 g according to documents), weigh them for sure ..

Serov Alex

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