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Specifications of REDMOND RFP-3905

General characteristics

A type harvester
Power 700 watts
Bowl capacity no data
Blender there is
Control number of speeds: 2, max. rotation speed: 17000 rpm, pulse mode


Juicer not
Meat grinder not
Miller not
Nozzles universal knife, grater: 2 in a set, cutting disk julienne total number of nozzles: 7
Dice Cutting Disc there is


Overload protection there is
Storage space for nozzles there is

REDMOND RFP-3905 Reviews

Pluses: Good functionality, takes up little in the kitchen places.
Minuses: At first there was a slight smell of plastic
Disadvantages: The harvester copes with the shredder without any problems cabbage, evenly cubes potatoes, carrots, sausage, it can grind even hard root crops, for example, horseradish root. Very quickly I make fruit or vegetable salads with him. Now only with its help I cook mashed potatoes – the dish turns out delicate and without lumps.

Ohmat Julia

Advantages: The presence of several nozzles, two speeds
Minuses: Noise and smell of plastic
Minuses: Threw away the old meat grinder, acquired a new harvester. The combine can cut at two speeds; chopped pieces and not very small, and not very large. Pleased with the availability several nozzles. Of the minuses, I can only note loud noise, which the combine publishes, but for me it is not particularly important. Buying in generally satisfied


Pluses: Multifunctional, cubes, special knives for the dough. You can cut the sausage stick in the same circles for 20 seconds.
Minuses: Metal overlay on the handle departs (not critical, because you can stick it)
Disadvantages: In general, bought on the DR. Great thing. They initially chose a blender. But sellers recommended take a closer look at this food processor and we never regretted about it.

Sagabiev Andrey

Minuses: A little confused when assembling, but it’s just mine impatience to try soon.
Minuses: I mainly use to chop fruits on cocktails. Sharp knives, copes well with frozen fruits, 3 minutes and ice cream is ready. I cut carrots for salads with a grater, fast and clean. All parts are easily and quickly washed.

Likhacheva Alyona

Pluses: Excellent functionality, low power consumption
Minuses: Not detected
Minuses: I took my wife for a birthday, because she has long been wanted a harvester. I have long been established as a manufacturer trust, so I chose the model of this company. RFP-3905 attracted me with its stylish look and affordable price. The chopper knives work as they should, it is also important that The harvester consumes quite a bit of electricity. Easy to clean all parts and the device itself are easily washed with water and detergents means. I recommend to everyone!

Ilyin Sergey

Pluses: Good power, sharpened “knives”
Disadvantages: the smell of metal when unpacking, it is inconvenient to wash small the details
Minuses: I often cook, but before that I always used a manual meat grinder is extremely inconvenient and takes a lot of time. I decided to purchase a combine, for me the most important thing was that it should not overheated and at the same time had good power. In this sense redmond completely suited me. Although at first I was very unhappy with the pungent smell of metal when unpacking. And I still don’t enough replaceable structures (juicers for example), for that price I think it would be possible to make them

Ken fanna

Pluses: A large volume of the bowl, a variety of nozzles
Minuses: Some nozzles are difficult to wash
Minuses: Food processor redmond rfp3905 originally bribed with its attractive appearance. It turned out that this The model is quite powerful and functional. There are a variety of nozzles for cutting into cubes and slices, mixing, grater, chopping. An irreplaceable assistant during the conservation period, because the volume Bowl allows you to grind a large number of ingredients.

Oleynik Alena

Pluses: high-quality knives, many nozzles, additional the cup never hurts.
Minuses: Delivery transport company was uncomfortable.
Minuses: Regarding the model, I can say that for enough I bought a low price for the harvester performance indicators. Powerful, multi-functional with a bunch of nozzles and additional capacity. Great design, easy to clean, works almost silent compared to my previous combine. I especially like what can be used as a meat grinder, and the minced meat is perfect at the exit, even grinds the veins. I wanted I would still cut into thin strips, shavings, as for Korean carrots, but I can’t find it anywhere, in any device.

Komova Lisa

Advantages: takes up little space, a lot of functions and nozzles, there is blender
Disadvantages: knives and graters are very sharp, I’m afraid of washing cut oneself
Minuses: I recently bought this combine, I already tried everything nozzles. Very powerful, quiet enough, does not rattle. I cooked puree soup and cream for the cake, diced vegetables for vinaigrette, very fast and convenient. By the way, everything turns out cubes the same and even, the salads look super. Now almost everything for I grind and grind the preparations in the combine, especially onions – do not water eyes;)

Maria Lavrova

Pluses: multifunctionality, comfort, style and quality
Minuses: I would like a variety of colors
Minuses: Presented to her husband on February 23) Of course, first afflicted. But then everything changed, I diversified our family diet, thanks to the numerous cutting nozzles, graters, built-in blender. Now cooking takes less time and effort. The harvester replaced most appliances in the kitchen and takes up little space. In addition, they made a good purchase discount!

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