Philips HR7778

Philips HR7778

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The best food processor with juicer function

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HR7778 Specifications

General characteristics

A type harvester
Power 1000 watts
Bowl capacity 3.4 l
Blender there is a volume of 1.5 l
Control number of speeds: 12, max. rotation speed: 19000 rpm pulse mode


Juicer citrus / universal
Meat grinder not
Miller not
Nozzles universal knife, nozzle for dough, nozzle for whipping, nozzle for slicing: 1 included total number of nozzles: 11
Shovel there is


Execution case: plastic
Power cord with storage compartment, length 1.20 m
Rubber feet there is
Additional Information adjustable disk for slicing 1 – 7 mm; 3programmed operating mode

Philips HR7778 Reviews

Pluses: Quickly shreds and rubs. Juicer squeezes a glass of apple juice in a couple of seconds with a utility knife grinds onion and a kilogram of meat into minced meat in a minute Excellent whips eggs until thick, non-flowing foam overload is electric, not mechanical (which breaks and needs replacing) The dough hook really kneads the dough Big main bowl, breaks in many products
Minuses: a blender for C grade A couple of weeks after purchase a piece of plastic broke off at the main bowl at the handle attachment point. It’s practically not visible from the side, but the handle began to walk a little and leaves questions to the quality of workmanship or design harvester Wheels for grater / shredder / slicing leave quite a large unfinished piece, due to the large distance between the bottom pusher and disc surface In the juicer also remain little pieces of apples, but small. No cutting head cubes, even as an optional accessory, although such nozzle exists in the lineup of Philips. But precisely to this the harvester is not suitable. Very disappointing!
Disadvantages: We are satisfied with the harvester. We use all the functions without exceptions, we use a juicer every day, press apple juice. Fine straw disc great for slicing vegetables lettuce. From cucumbers, tomatoes get the same thin square bars in section, much more accurate than on a disk for graters. With a slicing disc, the height is changed using convenient handle, from 1 to 7 mm. We bought a mill head HR7989 / 90, grind strawberries with sugar in it until mashed without a single piece possible in a couple of seconds. Only a blender was disappointed. Main unit the harvester is always on the table, so we use the harvester every day and it greatly facilitates the work in the kitchen. In Russia, in contrast from Ukraine, this combine is not for sale, so we ordered it in Germany. At the price with delivery to Russia, the same price was obtained, at which it is sold in Ukraine. It’s unfortunate that Philips is obscure marketing reasons, this model is not lucky in Russia and not produces for her nozzles for dicing, incredible omission.

Alexander Yurievich

Advantages: many different nozzles; convenient storage box knives included; combine cleaning brush; suction cups, thanks to which it does not move at all, when it works; juicers (regular and for citrus fruits); beautiful (stainless steel)
Disadvantages: noisy, although not noisier than other combines; takes quite a lot of space – all the bowls must be scattered somewhere in the kitchen; grinders for grinding coffee, rice, etc. not included, on the site is offered separately (HR7989 / 90), but where to buy it and how much It is not clear; the instruction is simply none too concise, no details
Disadvantages: the experience of use is still small, but by the combine satisfied. very stylish, looks beautiful in the kitchen. its functions performs perfectly – cuts, whips, cuts, etc. all knives / discs are folded into the supplied box with lid. and here the box in which the combine is sold is very huge, they expected which will be less than three times 🙂 P.S. discs are as follows: – for slicing slices; – for shredder (double-sided, small and large shredder); – for cutting large straws; – for cooking french fries; – for grinding. P.P.S. at first they couldn’t find the thing that the disks put on – it’s hidden inside knife block :))

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