Philips HR1388 Viva Collection

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HR1388 Viva Collection Specifications

General characteristics

A type chopper
Power 200 watts
Bowl capacity no data
Blender not
Control number of speeds: 1


Juicer not
Meat grinder not
Miller not
Nozzles disc for french fries, grater, nozzle for slicing, julienne disc total number of nozzles: 6


Execution case: plastic
Power cord with storage compartment, length 1.50 m
Rubber feet there is

Dimensions and weight

Weight 1 kg

Philips HR1388 Viva Collection reviews

Pluses: I liked that there were a lot of different knives.
Minuses: Never chop vegetables to the end. Constantly leaves scraps. The bowl must be placed very close, otherwise scattered around the kitchen. Often clogged
Disadvantages: Disgusting plastic. After a couple of years the central platform suddenly scattered

Chersky Igor

Pluses: I bought, having read laudatory reviews on the Internet. She dreamed of replacing her old Mulinex combine with this model. Need was for chopping onions, carrots, beets for harvesting for the winter.
Minuses: Can not cope with raw vegetables! Only with boiled or something tough, like a peeled apple, a cucumber. But it’s me and manually I can chop or grate on a hand grater. By time will be the same if you take into account the time spent on assembly-disassembly and washing-drying of this unit.
Minuses: Wasted money …

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Advantages: Slices everything smoothly, quite powerful. All nozzles good quality.
Minuses: The disk for nozzles broke in 1.5 years, it costs like the device itself (
Minuses: Everything in it is fine, but who thought of doing it part, which accounts for the bulk of the plastic ?!

Maria Ludavichute

Pluses: In terms of operation, everything was fine.
Minuses: The central sleeve broke in a year: ((Already at someone saw a similar breakdown.

Trifanov Fedor

Advantages: Compactness, power (medium cucumber cut on slices in literally 2 seconds !!!), a wide hole for products (even big tomatoes and large potatoes!)))) Entirely! Plus – ease of use, in washing and red color of the “working part”, which will prevent the device from staining from juice of vegetables and fruits. And in general, just white devices look boring) And here everything is thought out.
Minuses: There is no bowl for cut products. I framed your bowl, but the power is such that sometimes slices of products fly over the bowl! And in toga after cooking you don’t have to wash only a device, but also a table and a floor … Which is unpleasant.
Disadvantages: In principle, there are no special complaints. If you want to buy something to make salads (and just chopping / slicing), compact and at a reasonable price – these are optimal choice! My advice is to buy a high bowl plus for the device. Or, when cooking, put the combine in a large plastic basin with high edges. Then the probability of dirt on the table and floor will be minimized.

Kulagina Eugene

Advantages: Compact. Shreds vegetables without leaving them on the lid. Price.
Minuses: Plastic seems so flimsy, scary to drop 🙂
Disadvantages: I bought carrots, beets and cabbage for shredding. Pros: -Successful design, vegetables are chopped whole, and not then hang out with layers under the cover, like many similar ones models. – The pusher of vegetables consists of two parts, like a Russian doll one in the other – for large vegetables and not very. Because of this, such vegetables like carrots, cucumbers do not roll sideways. – Steady legs on the suction cups. Doesn’t jump around the table. – Disassembled and cleaned easily. Cons: – Plastic seems to be very thin. Although I’ve already had it a couple of times dropped – but for now holding on. – Not enough shredder with standard cell size (5 mm) – as in a regular grater. And then shredders with small (as on the side surface of the grater) and a very small cell. I recommend putting a bucket of mayonnaise as dishes height fits.

Records AL

Pluses: Perfectly shreds vegetables, in a set of 5 nozzles for different sizes. Easy to disassemble and wash.
Minuses: None.
Minuses: For lovers of salads – the perfect helper!

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Disadvantages: the central sleeve of the spare parts broke to get it?

Hisamova Lilia

Pluses: I was looking for a vegetable cutter for a long time, this is for me almost perfect, most important advantage compared to other harvesters that all parts in contact with vegetables removed, disassembled and washed in one motion. I want only add that under the high side it is very good to substitute a mayonnaise bucket, then I will, if the salad is a little there kneading. Which finely cuts, for me dignity. Pusher Compound for vegetables of different diameters is also cool invented, compact dimensions of the combine are also a plus. BUT!!! Note, that the central sleeve is made of plastic and in no case can rub soft foods, my sleeve is broken, and mend how it turned out almost unrealistic, since there are no spare parts anywhere
Minuses: not identified

Vasilyeva Katya

Disadvantages: pieces of food remain, for example carrots, reel under a transparent lid, grinds poorly, worse expectations 10 times

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