Philips HD9141 Viva Collection

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Specifications of the Philips HD9141 Viva Collection

General characteristics

Control electronic
Principle of operation continuous heating
Body material metal
Jar material glass
Number of jars 6, with a capacity of 150 ml
Big bowl there is a volume of 2000 ml
Display there is
Timer there is
Delayed start there is
Work indicator there is
End signal there is
Auto shut off there is
Power 900 watts


Curd preparation program there is
Steamer function there is
Other programs 5 automatic programs: yogurt in jars, yogurt in a bowl, thick yogurt in a bowl, cottage cheese, milk dessert


Power cord length 1.05 m
Cord Storage there is
Additional Information water level indicator; indicator of the need for cleaning scaling with a sound signal

Philips HD9141 Viva Collection reviews

Advantages: Multifunctionality, workmanship
Minuses: not found, good yogurt maker
Disadvantages: I have been using it for a little over a year, there are no complaints. Some users write that the program yogurt maker overheats and shakes products, I do not agree, I have such no problem. I set the timer for 8 hours, everything is clear, nothing goes astray. Regarding the quality of finished products, it’s possible that low-quality sourdough, I had several failures on liquid sourdough, switched to dry, Bakzdrav called- all ok. TO yogurt maker no complaints, definitely worth the money.

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Pros: This is a complete failure Philips
Minuses: Do not take! 1. Constantly buggy. 2. Due to steam heating and as a result of the scum that appears, instead of steam it gives out hot water into the tank, from which the temperature sensor is triggered and she begins to squeak. By changing the water to a cold machine, you can run, and nabuy asked you need it. 3. After graduation sterilization of milk in any mode according to the regulations the machine issues 5 short signals, after which, according to the instructions, it is necessary press the button of the selected mode again to start 20 minute pause cooling, but! if you click after the third signal, or any other than the fifth, then the car just falls into stupor and will stand like that until you restart the program, but you will not be aware of this, because this basin is not shows, and you will be sure that it is going according to plan and when after 40 min you suspect that something was wrong will have to start all over again, but on it will be night already, and tomorrow you will have to work, again stuffing it you need! 4. I recommend taking it only if there is an acute shortage in life hemorrhoids or worms lost their former brightness, in other cases there is normal yogurt makers.
Minuses: I hope you listen and you will have everything well)

udin leonid

Pluses: a good double boiler
Disadvantages: – buggy – sometimes the timer is reset to zero, it is necessary restart the program, despite the fact that: – there is no way to skip milk pasteurization procedure; – curd program has indirect attitude to cottage cheese; – no temperature sensor, no temperature conditions.
Disadvantages: for a long time I could not understand why many dairy products are obtained through time. I decided to measure the temperature after the second stage (cooling and the addition of sour milk bacteria). He poured a full bowl, turned on the family portion, waited, measured: about 70 degrees. This means most bacteria die. Before 40 need to wait another hour. With cottage cheese – an intermediate. Not subsequent heating for grit curd. And then what does this a miracle device – you can do it yourself in a saucepan: boil and add lemon juice. In general, do not take this junk. Better buy for a thousand or two – save money, but nothing by function is different.

Soloviev Alexey

Advantages: Performs all functions when not buggy.
Disadvantages: Periodically, the program crashes. Per month use 10 times nullified after the sterilization regime of milk, and there is no opportunity to continue work from the achieved stage, but once began to self-sterilize almost ready-made yogurt
Minuses: It is necessary to carry in the service, draw up an act, pick up money, buy another model

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Pluses: A very necessary and useful thing in the kitchen, especially for people who follow the diet. A definite plus in stock double boiler. I use it every day when cooking. Useful and tasty. There are recesses for boiling eggs. Pleased with the presence of a large 2 liter bowl for making yogurt. If you need to immediately A large number is what you need. Using the filter you can cook thick yogurt. There are also jars in the kit.
Minuses: No
Disadvantages: For lovers of dairy products – indispensable thing. Shop yogurts are history. I buy various starter cultures and I cook everything myself – yogurts, kefirs, fermented baked milk, sour cream. Can cook cottage cheese, but I have not tried it yet. Thought I’d play with her a couple of weeks and I will stand and gather dust like my others devices. But no, I use it every day as a double boiler and periodically as a yogurt maker (as you eat sour milk products).

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