Philips HD9140

Philips HD9140

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Specifications of Philips HD9140

General characteristics

Number of tiers 3
Type of management electronic
Maximum power consumption 900 watts
Sound signal there is
Inclusion indication there is
Low water shutdown there is


Body material plastic / stainless steel
Steam Basket Material clear plastic
Steam Basket Volume 3.5 / 2.6 / 2.5 L
Water tank volume 1.1 L
Rice Bowl yes, 1.2 l
Water level indicator there is
Removable grilles there is
Egg deepeners there is
Display there is
Topping up water during cooking there is


Auto cooking there is
Thermostat there is
Delayed start not


Dimensions (WxHxD) 31x45x23 cm
Weight 2.3 kg
Compact storage there is
Power cord compartment there is
Power cord length 1m
Additionally Flavor Booster device – saturates dishes with delicious aromas of herbs and spices, an indicator of the need for descaling with a sound signal, the indicator of adding water

Philips HD9140 Reviews

Pros: Steam penetrates everywhere, even into the rice bowl and distributed very well.
Disadvantages: 1. Clogged filter (depends on water hardness); 2. the timer is only built-in, you can not increase the time manually
Minuses: I am sooo happy with this double boiler and recommend it. I have been using it for more than 4 years, in the last half of the year – daily (I prepare for baby). Never broken, cooks everything the same way as in the first time. The only thing at the very beginning washed away the filter and inside it often clogs up (I don’t know how it would be with him) But it’s not big problem, just often need to be cleaned with vinegar.

Nosov Vasily

Pluses: All
Minuses: Button printing quickly faded, with time – after a year, the steam intensity decreased
Minuses: A good thing, served faithfully. Now became low-power, I think to buy another or this one if it’s in selling

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Cooks tasty and fast Beautiful Easy to using
Disadvantages: For me, a short cord to the outlet is not convenient pour out the rest of the water (the tray with the cord barely reaches the sink) There are no other shortcomings.
Minuses: Excellent double boiler. Beautiful. Cooks delicious steam breast, steam cutlets. Actually nothing more on her and I do not cook. Enough space for cooking. For one two containers are enough for a person. I hardly use the third one. All parts are washed perfectly in the dishwasher along with the rest the dishes.


Pluses: It works 🙂
Disadvantages: The main disadvantage is that fat from food is transferred to water in the lower tray.
Minuses: As I understand it, the problem with fat is not features of this model (except for a small tray for condensate), and in the type of construction of electric steamers with hidden TEN’om inside the tube. In this type of construction, water, saturated with flowing fumes from food, it passes through the heating element all the time, in which layers of fat are deposited on the walls of the tube. And the heaters are destroying, and fumes pollute. You can disassemble the steam boiler, rinse the tubes with TEN, often drive away with citric acid, but often do not possibly. You can use double boiler with an open heating element – there scale is visible and easy to wash. But most likely, in my opinion, double boiler – pots. He set them on the stove, cooked the food, and then calmly everything is mine: no hidden areas, finicky heater. And you adjust the “fire” on the stove as you like – therefore, the intensity of vaporization.

The user has hidden his data

Minuses: Maybe we got a marriage, but after two years operation at the bottom container just fell off the bottom. The most the sad thing is that the containers are different and the lower container cannot be replaced by others.
Minuses: She worked fine overall. Sometimes, however, steam for some reason did not go. We cleaned it regularly enough in accordance with instruction. The operating conditions were not violated.

Andrey Slaschilin

Pluses: Easy to use and price (when I took it in 2013 it cost 1880 of our plastic ones)))) Many tiers, even tureen there is! And seasoning net is available, this is a big plus !!!
Disadvantages: This is conditionally, of course, a drawback, rather severe operating conditions: We have very hard water and once it’s just stopped producing steam …. As written in the instructions to deal with scale, studied and done … But in the end, she “went” to the service center from which it has not returned … What exactly is the problem, and they didn’t find out, I certainly think that it’s hard water.
Minuses: Took mainly to sterilize children’s dishes and cooking the “right” food))) Works great !!!! Cooked (cooked))) even in it potatoes, it turns out no worse than in saucepan))) The main thing is not to fill a lot of potatoes, wait and get tired add water! Someone wrote that inscriptions (drawings) with buttons, this problem is not found! Definitely recommend this the model, of course, now the price tag for it, is not at all democratic … Yesterday I bought again the same only in white, options with black wasn’t, but it’s better to take black: it’s better to see the same in it notorious limescale!

Plotnikov Konstantin

Pluses: works, double boiler
Minuses: no serious
Disadvantages: I’ve been using it for two years now. six months did not use due to moving out of town, turn on – not working upset, already I wanted to buy a new one. then I decided to find out the reason, the body is a little it’s warming up but the couple wasn’t, ok, I’m taking it to Moscow I turn it on in the office and here the steam boiler gave a hint – the “calc” light came on which would hint about scum. poured vinegar directly onto the heater, removing the nozzle is black and after 2 minutes I began to observe the fountains from the scum. the steam boiler came to life, everything works. besides this I use brown fs20 – it’s a pity that they were discontinued, so they are really unkillable and reliable.

Zhogov Yuri

Pluses: Great price! Good quality! All you need does.
Minuses: While they are not there
Minuses: A double boiler is bought as a sterilizer for bottles, nipple, etc., in connection with the expectation of addition, as well as directly serve as a double boiler for cooking tasty and healthy dishes for yourself and later for the child, as first lure. Today cooked ribs and potatoes, everything super! tasty and healthy, and most importantly simple, saving time, especially when it’s summer, it’s hot and you don’t have to stand by the stove. I used to think that food in fresh water, it turned out wrong) someone wrote here that the cord short, but didn’t try to pull it out?) Regarding washing the containers for water, not very convenient, yes, but actually no difficulties, under tilting so that water does not get on the panel, that’s all, but considering lightness of the base – easy to clean. and also about what is difficult wash the grills, well, I don’t know, everything was just very laundered, yes, food falls into the holes of course for steam, but easily copes with it brush for dishes. And of course, if you wash in a day, when everything dries, then of course you have to rub) As for the sensor topping up the water … nothing beeps me, for now) I hope it will) In general, the thing excellent, especially for the price. I advise. We will take as a gift mom.

Anastasia Kuzmina

Pluses: – Pretty. – Easy to manage. – To the best of power consumption. Only 900 watts. (Of course there is more powerful. Personally mine opinion, for example 2000 watts, it’s too chic. I don’t need this power! ) – Bowl for cereals. A very necessary thing. (And she’s very voluminous. You can eat and put off work.) – Electronic control. – Nothing extra. Not any “multi-cook” independent bowls and similar worthless functions! For which is not a bad transition pay. Steaming food. If she is a little “outstretched” nor why not be terrible! … – Not noisy. – The quality is on top! Plastic is not smelly, strong. – Washes perfectly simple! (there is reviews about that. which is poorly washed. But I’m sorry that this is not necessary cook to dirt to the extent of a “garbage can.” Personally my pure opinion: comrades, it’s not a device, but a silly head and worthless little hands.)
Minuses: Not that they aren’t for such pennies …. They’re just not!!!
Minuses: A very, very beautiful thing! Everything turns out like necessary! Saves time. No need to stand by the stove. Elementary daily meals (pasta, meatballs, cereals, soups, fish … in general everything that does not require special zeal) prepares simply perfectly and without effort. And in combination with the head, hands and culinary imagination, produces incredible gastronomic masterpieces! Perhaps over dishes that are more elegant, you have to sweat … But! It is in any case))) In general, the conclusion is obvious. Necessary thing! By past all pluses, also the food turns out healthy. Ideal for maintaining forms and forms)

Smirnov Alex

Pluses: Easy to manage! Lots of options! Not expensive (1750 rub. with delivery)!
Minuses: Periodically triggers the topping-up sensor: squeaks and blinks a red “eye”, and there is water. Squeaks, blinks and ceases – China forever !!!
Minuses: Good double boiler! Happy! Topping sensor, can I’ll somehow fall off myself, I won’t carry it in for repair. In count features and price, perhaps the best double boiler; affordable and large equipment!!!

Koganova Marina

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