Philips HD4699

Philips HD4699

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Specifications of Philips HD4699


A type teapot
Volume 1.7 L
Power 2400 W
Type of heating element closed spiral
Heating element coating stainless steel
Body material plastic


Safety lock of a cover, lock of inclusion without water
Filter there is
Auto power off when removed from the stand there is
Water level indicator there is
Inclusion indication there is
Compartment for the cord there is
Power cord length 0.75 m

Philips HD4699 Reviews

Pluses: design, speed
Disadvantages: the liquid level is not visible inside

Roman smirnov

Advantages: – General quality in its price range – Seamless design (for half a year did not leak at least) – Noise level at least not above average – Doesn’t stink
Minuses: – De facto there is no window for water level
Minuses: A good kettle to boil water. The main thing is that not noticed the basic diseases of even some expensive dummies – leakage and odor of plastic.

Evgeniy Zarinov

Advantages: Lightweight, quickly heats water, makes noise as standard, a pleasant bell when boiling / turning off (neither quiet nor loud – just right to hear from anywhere in the apartment or stand nearby with him)
Minuses: Water quantity indicator: net convention on paper because the window is made of dark plastic, not inside it is highlighted – no water is visible, except to turn towards the light and have a little chat.
Minuses: A good model, boils water, no troubles delivers. With the water indicator, of course, trouble, huh …


Pluses: didn’t stink of plastics. Has been working for more than 3 years
Minuses: The window of the level indicator is present exclusively nominally
Disadvantages: Was to replace the Philips HD4659 model. In her there was a bell that I liked, so we looked for a replacement with the same lotion. Although there is a level scale, no one is on it looking – plainly nothing is visible. Boils on a mug and a little more than 1.7l. Periodically cleansed with folk remedies a la vinegar and lemon acid. In general, a workhorse with no complaints.


Advantages: quiet water boils quickly, a bell notifying about off, beautiful. Does not smell, molded case.
Disadvantages: when lifting from the base itself does not turn off, level water is not visible at all due to dark plastic, could be faster disconnect !!!
Minuses: In general, I recommend to buy, a quality kettle -1 point for an invisible water level and that does not turn off itself as it remove from the base.

Lilo gordon

Pluses: Beautiful, absolutely not easily soiled, I just wanted dark model, light, boils quickly, a pleasant call when disconnection, reasonable price, does not spill past cups, case not very hot
Minuses: Indication scale indistinct for especially picky – slightly noisy
Minuses: While everything suits, we operate about six months

Smirnova Elena

Pluses: It seems to work stably. Not heavy. Not much makes a noise. Heats up pretty quickly. It looks made qualitatively. Nose large enough to push the filling cock. Cap dense. On the table is stable enough. Not plastic it stinks.
Minuses: Dangles on a stand: it is rather convex, and the bottom of the kettle is straight. I have not before any other dummies watched this one. Not a problem, but somehow a little scary. I have good eyesight, but even I can see the water level quite hard: dark on black. Actually, this is its drawback. The handle is not the most comfortable. Her ribs are felt, but I’m not a problem. Get used to it.
Minuses: Sound signal: it is a usual silent call.

gromov ivan

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