Philips HD 2595

Philips HD 2595

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Specifications Philips HD 2595


Power 800 watts
Number of branches 2
Number of toasts 2
Type of management mechanical
Toasting adjustment yes, smooth
Single frying not
Cancel button there is
Defrost function there is
Heating function there is
Thermally insulated housing there is


Automatic centering of toasts there is
Extra Rise Toasts there is
Automatic toast raising not
Grill for heating buns not
Crumb tray there is
Body material plastic
Power cord compartment there is
Power cord length 85 cm
Additional Information 7 degrees of frying

Philips HD 2595 Reviews

Pluses: wonderful croutons turn out !!! Conveniently use in caesar salad.
Disadvantages: So far no shortcomings have been found.
Minuses: My family is very happy! Now only from it bread and eat !!! cook on mode 5. Wonderful crust it turns out !!!! Friends have the same. And also satisfied. Insert the loaf and toast bread. I advise you to buy !!!

Elena Taranenko

Pluses: you will laugh, but consumption has increased in the house bread three times that’s for sure))), and my weight over the month increased by 4 kg))), so think about this advantage or disadvantage)))))
Disadvantages: –

Natalia Romanova

Pluses: Compact, nothing more
Minuses: not yet noticed
Minuses: I was looking for a white compact toaster, and this model is excellent written in the interior of the kitchen. Direct to cooking quality there are no complaints about the device – it heats evenly, a notification about completion is not intimidating. Crumbs gather on a pallet, but its size too small. In general, I am satisfied with the purchase.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: – uniform toasting – non-heating case – crumb tray – extra lift – beautiful – inexpensive
Disadvantages: For the money I did not find any disadvantages in it
Minuses: This is my first experience using a toaster. Not regretted that he bought and it was Phillips. Well assembled, toast fries well and evenly, nothing of it jumps onto the table (one just jumped out a small light piece). Bread True Steel absorb much more, but I think this is the first time has not yet ate.

Gorchakov Vladimir

Pluses: Philips
Minuses: After wiping the case, the inscription was erased … 🙂
Disadvantages: Immediately after the purchase, the elevator ceased to be fixed. For repair it was laziness and after an hour of picking began to turn on only occasionally pops up. I do not recommend for purchase.

Gimro Vadim

Disadvantages: A good toaster for its price. But you can buy some Chinese noun is cheaper by a factor of 2 with almost the same functions. Toast fries not evenly, but in principle they burn only at the very edges and, as a rule, only at very high power. Fries unevenly, because the ten is pulled somehow crookedly. I believe that the Philips should do better their products. Well, the minuses would be attributed to the fact that not all toasts convenient to reach with your hands when they are ready. Usually, extra lift lifts literally by 1 cm, which is very small. To get even small pieces without using different tongs and fork, just pull the toast sharply and they will toss up so they can be easily caught by two with your fingers. It really works!

Sobakin Oleg

Pluses: Appearance, Stop button, Nothing more, Tray for crumbs.
Minuses: For me personally: not comfortable bread compartments (short and deep), not large pieces of bread fall through deep, and even an extra lift does not pull out, have pick up something. I constantly burn my hands. As for the most roasting, then there is even more frustration, the bread is not fried evenly, from one edge it burns constantly. On the same each time fries in different ways: it’s pale, then overcooks!
Minuses: Overall: NORMAL TOASTER! But for 2 thousand rubles he could to be better! In comparison, BOSH toasters are much better at frying and more convenient to use.

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Advantages: There is a timer, defrosting and heating functions
Minuses: I’ve been using it for six months, I’m satisfied with serious shoals so far not revealed. Good toast on two sides, there are 7 modes roast, but really, I use only two, the rest is useless. The case does not heat up. Convenient grill for heating buns.

Vorobiev Denis

Pluses: Compact, cute, lightweight, simple control. Without unnecessary functions such as heating buns and so on.
Disadvantages: Still uneven frying.
Minuses: I definitely recommend the toaster, a good unit, I personally am glad that there are no additional components that would have been idle in the kitchen cabinet, and, accordingly, unnecessary functions. Well, there’s another minus, not relating, however, to the toaster itself)) They began to eat bread 3 times more than usual, eat big toast bread together in 1.5 days. I hope we’ll get enough soon, and our appetites will decrease.

Starshikova Victoria

Pluses: Convenient, several modes
Minuses: No
Disadvantages: Inexpensive, but makes quality toasts. Not burn, evenly fry, timely triggered timer. Appearance – stylish. Several power modes.

Melnikov Gennady

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