Panasonic NC-HU301

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Characteristics Panasonic NC-HU301


A type thermal sweat
Volume 3 l
Power 910 watts
Power in temperature mode 13 watts
Pump auto
Type of heating element closed spiral
Body material metal / plastic (double walls)


Safety water lock
Double walls there is
Temperature controller there is, stepwise, temperature conditions – 3, 80 – 100 hail.
Display there is
Timer there is
Water level indicator there is
Inclusion indication there is
Additional Information built-in battery, 4 speeds of filling of water, internal coal coating, Tea function, self-cleaning function

Panasonic NC-HU301 Reviews

Advantages: High-quality assembly. Silent work. Removable cap.
Disadvantages: No flaws.
Disadvantages: This is the second Panasonic thermal bath in my life. The first worked for 10 years and then moved to another world …. This is a worthy continuation of the laudatory ode to the Panasonic. Boil 3 times first and drain. Extraneous odors should not bother. Is able pour water in the absence of electricity. Very thoughtful model.

Ovcharenko Igor

Pluses: Perhaps the biggest plus of the model is a good one. thermal insulation of the case. Hence good economy while maintaining temperature. The presence of a timer on 4/6/8/10 hours. Pretty fast boiling due to the increased power of 910W.
Disadvantages: Low maintainability. However, these are already the trends of modern economy and this is a scourge for all modern technicians. I would like to turn on the timer with installation intervals as at least 1 hour Muddle instruction and its translation. Some, auxiliary functions of the device, to put it mildly, are implemented crookedly.
Minuses: Worked 4.5 years. Once, on a wonderful day, parents noticed a puddle underneath and a fogged indicator. Device turned off. An autopsy showed that spot welding could not stand it mounting plate to the tank. This panel is mounted incl. and pump water supply. The panel is slightly led and the silicone feed tube water, it’s gone … I applied heat-resistant sealant under the mounting plate and pressed for the time of solidification with a clamp to the tank. Feed tube water, also planted on the sealant and secured with a hose clamp. But after assembly, the device did not turn on. No sign of life at all. Further diagnostics showed that, apparently, the ingested water carried away behind them at least also a heating element (in a cliff). Maybe , something else died, but the heater is definitely dead, and this, alas, the verdict, because a spare part with heating elements will cost the cost of a new device …. Selyavy. On the one hand, annoyance, and the device, to put it mildly, is not from cheap, but on the other, 4.5 years, he still plowed. So apparently I will take the same, because I don’t see any worthy alternatives. Alas.

Bugar Mikhail

Pluses: Honestly worked for almost 6 years. No complaints everything is correct. Heats water, sleeps in standby mode, there is always hot water for tea and coffee. Well, thermal sweat and thermal sweat, nothing special. In theory, it should adapt to your rhythm use, in fact, he does not know how to do this. But this nonsense.
Minuses: Now it continues to work, but began to leak. On the the other day, I hope, we will change it to another, but we’ll try to fix it somehow. An inconvenient indication of the water level, a ball floating in a flask, sometimes gets stuck and poorly seeing older people forget to top up water because they don’t see the ball. The battery lasted three years, after that it became useless, because, apparently, it just came off term and stopped charging.
Disadvantages: Unreasonably expensive model, worked fine, but not worth the money. We will change to a cheaper model of the same firms. This is our second Panasonic thermal pot, another simpler one, with fanfare, they took for giving. In principle, the thing is comfortable, electricity consumes less than a kettle; there is always hot water. If a want this particular model, take it, but remember that eternal technology no, and sooner or later it breaks. Do not create the illusion that a thermal sweat for 8 thousand will last longer than for 3-4. All of them work the same way, and break the same way. Enjoy the shopping!

Beletskaya Ekaterina

Pluses: Excellent thermal sweat
Minuses: no
Minuses: Heats quickly, keeps the temperature efficiently, everything There are functions, it works like a Swiss watch 🙂 So that the water pours faster you have to press no harder on the button, but just hold it longer pressed, the flow rate increases every 5 seconds automatically. Myself or as a gift to take without hesitation. P.S. 08/12/2017 – still works fine, survived moving to another city, pretty tenacious model.

Sergeev Pavel

Pluses: Reliable. It boils quickly (for thermal sweat). Long holds the temperature. Battery for the pump. Remembers what time they use in the last 7 days and heats water by this time.
Minuses: Price. The instruction in Russian is terrible.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: beautiful, has a battery, several modes that’s all.
Minuses: After a year, the battery sat down, after 2 years it became fog up the display panel, then closed. Unsuitable.
Minuses: Too expensive toy, it is better to choose from the same Panasonic, only without these unnecessary frills, parents have idle for about 5 years.

Ch mahabbat

Pluses: Pratsyuvav uninterruptedly 5 rokіv
Minuses: Just cleaning with citric acid, like a rank the water was backed up in the middle. Having condensed. Do not bother. Deputy internal capacity of 4,500, plus a 750 robot – respect more than new.
Minuses: Vysnovok. Vilivati ​​water pisla cleansed tilki regularly. Pour it carefully, schob did not reach the edge of the volog cups.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: As a thermal sweat, it was, in principle, ideal for me. But its not durability overrides all the advantages.
Disadvantages: After two years, the battery died, after 3 years it dripped ten. The kettle is not repairable. And this is not very small cost.
Disadvantages: Judging by the number of similar problems at the time, Panasonic declare a revocable company for this thermal sweat.

Sevalnev Vadim

Advantages: Thermopot Panasonic as always perfect. Last died after 10 years of operation. Service Panasonic promised repair it for 6 thousand, but I preferred to buy a new one.
Minuses: It is not clear how the saving mode works. electricity. Like he remembers when you boil water from it you extract and predicts when it will turn off. But by his behavior and instructions do not understand anything 🙂

Ovsyankin Oleg

Advantages: It seemed reliable, as before, the PANAS technique … I bought it on August 25, 2014 for 4640 rubles. He warmed and warmed up fine, but I think not for long. The pump worked flawlessly. Battery reserve “wireless” bottling is still enough for 3 liters. VIP – The vacuum insulation panel holds heat well.
Minuses: the timer has not always suitable discrete Values: 4-6-8-10 hours – and that’s it. February 3, 2017, the heater burned out. Unavailability of heating elements: VIP unit design is non-separable: bowl block + electric heaters are closed by plates on spot welding = VIP = container for thermal sweat. Two heating elements integrated in the bottom a metal container (one for boiling water, the second for maintain temperature). The cost of this “spare part” (bowl with heating elements) 7220 rubles, which is essentially the price of a new thermal sweat ..
Disadvantages: Thermopot worked 2 years 6 months … (((

Kuznetsov Igor

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