Oursson FE1502D

Oursson FE1502D

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Features of Oursson FE1502D

General characteristics

Control electronic
Principle of operation continuous heating
Body material plastic
Jar material ceramics
Number of jars 5, with a capacity of 200 ml
Display there is
Timer yes, installation time up to 24 hours
Work indicator there is
End signal there is
Auto shut off there is
Power 20 watts


Other programs fermentation


Power cord length 1.2 m


Dimensions and Weight (WxDxH) 27.8×28.1×15.5 cm, 1.90 kg

Reviews on Oursson FE1502D

Advantages: Very convenient to use. A great design.

Galina Urban

Advantages: Beautiful design, convenient portioned ceramic jars with sealed lids, the quality corresponds to the declared characteristics.
Disadvantages: no complaints about the quality – excellent product
Minuses: We are happy to use the whole family. fermented baked milk, yogurt, desserts … Used recipes, which were at the time of purchase of the product, it turned out perfectly the first time. Only words of thanks!


Pluses: cooks wonderful yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt, sour cream.
Minuses: None.
Disadvantages: For 4-5 hours we get excellent mol.products. Not Compare with the store. Recipes from breadmaker.ru. Yes, and jars great.

Malyshev Pavel

Advantages: jars, convenient to manage
Minuses: not found
Minuses: Acquired a yogurt maker less than a month ago, tried ferment yogurt, cottage cheese with natural bacterial starter cultures Bakzdrav and store milk – there were no problems, the device did not overheats, very happy with the purchase. Like many users, I was attracted by elegant ceramic jars – a real “VIP” offer on the kitchen appliances market!

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: Ceramic containers, design, simplicity in use.
Minuses: NO!
Minuses: I bought a month ago before vacation, upon arrival immediately I wanted to try. Just took a test – CLASS! I chose very long model, more than a year. Reviewed and re-read on the Internet A lot of reviews about different manufacturers. In appearance, jars from ceramics / and this was the main /, ease of use – opted for the model Oursson FE15021V. For a long time I was looking for the beige color, which was more expensive. On sale exactly this color was not, ordered via the Internet. Started today to work. Milk was the most common from the store 3.5 fat, natural yogurt “Activia” thermostatic. The rest according to the instructions, which I read very carefully. Time at its own risk 9 hours. I am very happy! Everything worked out the first time! Well, very grace delight jars! I highly recommend it! Beauty yes also clever!

Tarasenkova Lyudmila

Advantages: color, number of jars, ceramic jars
Disadvantages: it is inconvenient to make cottage cheese
Minuses: I really like this model. Everything about her is comfortable and understandable. For yogurt, kefir, yogurt, sour cream it’s very convenient the number of jars and their capacity, but for the preparation of cottage cheese, minus. But I’m still happy. Recommend.

Kharitonova Tatyana

Pluses: pot-bellied, orange beauty. I love these ceramic jars. It turns out very tasty home yogurt.
Shortcomings: Shortcomings not observed
Minuses: Thanks to the manufacturer for such a beauty …)

Oksana Polyakova

Advantages: Performs its functions. Bright design, as you can instrument and jars from the configuration.
Minuses: Not identified.
Cons: Surf is easy to use. And I don’t even know what may not suit him. There is a timer, yogurt makes, jars ceramic, not plastic.

Dmitrieva Maria

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