Nikon Coolpix L340

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Specifications Nikon Coolpix L340


Camera type compact


Focal Length (35mm equivalent) 22.50 – 630 mm
Optical zoom 28x
Diaphragm F3.1 – F5.9
The number of optical elements 12
The number of groups of optical elements 9
Features fine lenses


Total number of pixels 20.48 million
Effective Pixels 20.2 million
The size 1 / 2.3 ”
Crop factor 5.62
Maximum resolution 5152 x 3864
Matrix type Ccd
Sensitivity 80 – 1600 ISO, Auto ISO
Extended ISO Values ISO100


White balance automatic, from the list
Flash built-in, red-eye reduction
Image Stabilizer (photography) optical, movable element in the lens

Shooting modes

Macro shot there is
Timer there is
Timer operation time 10 s
Frame Format (Still Image) 4: 3, 1: 1, 16: 9

Viewfinder and LCD screen

Viewfinder is absent
Using the screen as a viewfinder there is
LCD screen 460000 dots, 3 inches


Manual shutter speed and aperture not
Exposure compensation +/- 2 EV in 1/3 steps
Metering 3D color matrix, center-weighted, dot


Autofocus Type contrasting
Autofocus highlight there is
Face focus there is
Minimum shooting distance 0.01 m

Memory and Interfaces

Memory card type SD, SDHC, SDXC
The amount of internal memory 43 Mb
Image formats Jpeg
Interfaces RS-232, USB 2.0, video, audio


Battery Format AA compatible
Number of batteries 4

Record video and sound

Video recording there is
Video recording format Mov
Video codecs MPEG4
Maximum Resolution 1280×720
Maximum frame rate when shooting HD video
Sound recording there is

Other functions and features

Body material plastic
Digital zoom 4x
Additional features tripod mount
Equipment 4 alkaline batteries, lens cap with cord, USB cable, camera strap

Dimensions and Weight

The size 111x76x83 mm
Weight 430 g, with batteries

Nikon Coolpix L340 Reviews

Advantages: Compact, adequate for the price. Good quality shooting. There is a connector for external power.
Minuses: Very demanding on lighting when shooting video. All the videos I get are dark, despite the lighting.
Minuses: I bought a camera for shooting indoors with a tripod. There are no complaints about shooting with lighting. Work in auto mode. I actively use zoom. With active zoom, the quality of the photos remains high-quality (the camera has indicator signaling the border approaching the border when quality will start to fall) I took some pictures of animals – movement in auto mode catches poorly. Under my needs the most. Before was nikon p600. Compared to the older model, the Nikon L340 is not at all no worse. Suitable primarily for those who need a good zoom.

Maximov Stanislav

Pluses: Super-good zoom
Minuses: Doesn’t really take photos
Disadvantages: I bought it to replace the old soap dish Samsung NV7. Read the good reviews again. So here, in comparison with the budget Soap dish – heaven and earth. Manual focus, exposure adjustment, color adjustment, super macro photography for objects in several millimeters from the lens, setting several types of flash, setting the sensitivity, setting the shutter speed – nothing in it there is no camera)))). But there was a soap box. And if necessary to photograph something quick (for example, a child) – this is for him not at all capable of it. Auto mode – can not cope with anything. On the Samsung NV7 did half of the photos on a car – everything is super. Here – a solid mess. But the zoom is good! But that’s all. Oh yes batteries energizer eats well, fast.

Victor Menshchikov

Pluses: good zoom, low price, attractive appearance, convenient, ordinary 4 batteries, you can remove the “shutter sound”.
Minuses: Image quality is worse than mobile phone !!!
Minuses: Saw Nikon Coolpix L340 among the list of the most cheap cameras at the moment with ultrasound. And if about other cameras reviews were 50/50, then this model literally 90% of buyers praised it. You can see here how many fours and fives are placed. All these reviews and introduced me misleading. It was enough to make a series of photos on mobile phone and this camera – the difference shockingly obvious! In cloudy weather, SMARTPHONE demonstrated on Photos are much more small details than this soap dish with zoom! Ten years ago, I bought an ultrasound camera for myself, too inexpensive, but those pictures were not ashamed to even print in large format and hang on the wall! People, my advice to you: take for 12000 Hack better than any smartphone, the quality of the pictures will be no worse. Of course, the mobile phone will not have a zoom, and therefore always have to to approach, not to shoot from afar. Mobile phone you anyway always take with you – this is the quality if you buy a smartphone for 12-13 thousand rubles, it will be no worse to shoot! It’s a shame, there isn’t much money, I thought this model is something like the rest in warehouses, the last of inexpensive and good. Already bought a purse and a pencil for cleaning optics … – now I’ll give it all to my friends. And the camera right away passed in the evening. But this is better than the lost 12 thousand for nothing.

Alxlav Alexander

Pluses: no merits
Minuses: My ancient mobile phone with a 5MP camera shoots better under any shooting conditions. This device may more or less decent give out photos only under perfect lighting in sunny weather. All other modes are full crap. Photos are dull, color rendering absolutely not. There is no video quality. Display without turning at all is useless. The slightest deviation of the angle – nothing is visible on it, only if the display is clearly in front of the eyes. Question – why is he so do you need? It was possible in the old fashioned way to make the viewfinder simple. There are no really useful settings.
Disadvantages: Banal pumping of money on a promoted brand. Money spent in the wind, I do not recommend anyone. Search from others manufacturers. This is my 2nd Nikon, my wife bought out of ignorance, the seller persuaded. I’m tying with Nikon. From the 1st were also problems, repaired under warranty, done, but waited a long time. Same the problem appears again, the matrix is ​​buggy. Nikon doesn’t even have a site the ability to leave feedback on their products, this in itself about says a lot. They are afraid to burn the “reputation”.

Kravchuk Yuri

Pluses: Yes awesome ph! Took what happened, since the ph was I need it urgently (I went with a child to the zoo and to the ship, and I died my own) There are few settings, but even without them it gets up !!! Yes, sometimes reluctantly looking for a frame (at night, on the go, from a vibrating ship), but all that they wanted, took off – and the animals in motion and night Moscow from the ship. Better than my previous ones.
Minuses: not enough settings
Minuses: I don’t regret it at all. Thinks and saves quickly, quality checked at high magnification – no soap, no rainbow. Apparently someone was not lucky with equipment and pens.

Ryabova Larisa

Pluses: Flash, zoom, design, quality.
Disadvantages: Customizing the plot auto-selection does not work well.
Minuses: I have been using the camera for 9 months, compared with many soap dishes that are more expensive, the L340 will be much better but if properly removed. I use only AUTO MODE, the rest modes spoil the quality of the photo. ISO 80 to 400 but almost always 80 and even at night the pictures are cool, well, and the balance I choose white manually depending on the situation. Flash good, illuminates far. Batteries last for a very long time – Durasel more than 600 photos were enough for almost everything with a flash. Put lithium batteries and not worried. At zoom, the pictures are awesome quality, it’s a pity that there are almost no manual settings, but a portrait with blurred background can be done easily. For my money the camera is good. Many write that the photo can not be seen not turning on the camera and climbing the menu too, so at least you have a camera in held hands? Hold for 2 seconds the photo review button and everything, as in all cameras. And when the first time you turn it on you need be sure to set the time and time zone, then will be available other settings (stabilization for example). If not entered then keep without batteries for about a week until completely reset.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: In the dark, he sees better than my eyes. Price. Quality photos.
Disadvantages: autofocus in the video is very slow at the time zoom
Minuses: For a beginner in the field of photography, the very thing

Kabanov Valentin

Pluses: Quality 20 megapixels, good buzz, video shoots at 30 fps, price, weight 430 grams, a bunch of filters
Minuses: When the zoom is very buzzing, not a rotary screen, video in HD, settings are few, runs on batteries.
Minuses: I am a professional in photography and video shooting. The digital camera is good, but not the best. Battery powered but I bought AA batteries, and I’m not worried! A DSLR is always better, but for Digital is great! Generally good fotik)

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Appearance
Minuses: Eats batteries
Disadvantages: Soap dish in the housing “type SLR.” Photos normal.

Chantsev Vitaliy

Advantages: Price, wide angle optics. In high mode quality (5152×3864 with an asterisk) JPG files weigh 7-10 megabytes and in Photoshop it’s good to stretch (not RAW of course but the result pleased).
Minuses: Soapy at the widest angle and at ultra zoom, although the price covers this disadvantage as well as the viewing angles of the display (TN TFT matrix). Why shove 20mp on such a small matrix I don’t it is clear, the sensitivity is 400 ISO working, 800 noise, 1600 porridge. As a professional in film-photo mastery, I personally didn’t have enough manual exposure mode.
Minuses: Took over 9350 for parents-pensioners in spbzone, overall not a bad machine. Included USB cable, cover, belt and batteries. The test without processing and with a twist of exposure in camera: from the store to the house P.S. There are so many minusers on previous reviews that it seems that competitors took up arms. If the review is false, then write your own and attach evidence.

Bibik Egor

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