Наушники Astell&Kern Roxanne II

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характеристики Наушники Astell&Kern Roxanne II

main parameters

Device type headphones
View plug-in (plugs)
A type reinforcing bars
Frequency Response Range 10 – 23000 Hz
Sensitivity 119 dB / mW
Impedance 15 ohm
External noise isolation 26 dB


Number of drivers 12
Type of mount without fastening
Cable type detachable


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
Headphone Jack Shape straight


Features interchangeable ear pads
The number of pairs of interchangeable ear pads included 5
Case / Case Included there is
Additional Information 2 cables included: unbalanced 3.5 mm and balanced 2.5 mm; cable-integrated remote for low level adjustment frequencies in the range from 10 to 100 Hz; fourth built-in crossover order; original balanced armature driver; technology FreqPhase SoundrIVe technology (four reinforcing balanced drivers for low, medium and high frequencies); all-metal shell

Отзывы о Наушники Astell&Kern Roxanne II

Advantages: Beautiful expensive design, quality materials, the metal caps of the case are really metal and their can be polished to a shine in case of wear. Two cables in complete, both with hard earhooks thanks to which the headphones securely and comfortably sit in your ears. There is a bass adjustment on the cable. Large selection of complete ear pads.
Minuses: Oddly enough, but out of the box they do not sound their own cost, although capable of much more. There is bass and a scene, but medium and high frequencies in a clear flaw and this can not be fixed no ear pads. Bad build. Some time later the cover in one of the headphones came off and everything became visible insides. Moreover, it turned out that one pair of bass the reinforcing drivers were not soldered, the wires were just glued to the inside of the case wall. Having opened the second earphone, discovered the same picture, that is, in fact played 10 out of 12 declared drivers. At first I was at a loss, I thought a fake, but drivers were branded quad (medium and high frequencies, at low – a pair of double standard), therefore collectors messed up, or maybe it was intended. Maybe, manufacturing company intentionally worsened its Roxanne, so that to promote more expensive Leila, because the number of drivers there and there is the same. In general, I do not recommend buying, disappointed. No further comment can be read, since the headphones manufacturer it has nothing to do.
Minuses: Given the slurred sound of the headphones in the middle and he decided to upgrade them (and this is a headphone with a price above 100 thousand rubles!) What was done: 1) all acoustic filters (except bass); 2) native flexible sound guides are replaced by self-made rigid plastic sound guides as much as possible short length, and the nozzles of the reinforcing drivers are directed exactly to outlet openings, headphone housing sizes allowed this “fan” placement; 3) the wiring in each earphone; 4) added resistors for medium frequencies, now the timbre of the headphones can be adjusted as lower and in the middle frequencies. I tuned the headphones to my плеер Astell&Kern АК320. What I got in the end: significantly the sound volume has expanded to the size of a large room, the sound is real felt outside the head. Medium and high frequencies appeared. Medium as it should be, they are musical, and high ones are clean and transparent. The absence of filters had a positive effect on the resolution. the ability of the headphones, and the transmitted volume (stereo effect, if you like, I don’t like the term “scene”). But the bass is especially striking they literally roar, growl in the lowest range, while keeping a good punch. Here the filters in the configuration process decided to leave. In general, the sound has become more defined in space. IN well-consolidated recordings conveyed one-piece realistic a musical picture, which I didn’t use in any headphones before watched. Absolute immersion in music, headphones do not want to shoot, and how to shoot – for a long time the feeling of musical aftertaste, and it is worth a lot. As a result, attaching some efforts on my part, I got the perfect sound for myself, and I don’t look at other headphones anymore. The point in the selection is set. Outside, these are the same Roxanne, but inside there are completely different headphones with huge difference in sound. That turns out to be capable of Roxanne, if they were cooked properly.

Osipov Alexander

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