Moulinex HM 4121

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Characteristics Moulinex HM 4121

General characteristics

A type stationary
Bowl rotating plastic
Power 450 watts
Number of speeds 5
Additional modes turbo
Number of nozzles 2
Nozzles whisk for whipping, dough hooks
Body material plastic


Attachment Storage not
Nozzle release button there is
Protective lid on the bowl not
Cord winder not
Rubber handle not

Moulinex HM 4121 Reviews

Advantages: Powerful, convenient and quick fastening of the mixer to body, relatively noisy.
Minuses: They are not
Minuses: There is a turbo mode

Rudnev Denis

Advantages: the ability to remove from the stand along with the corollas, rotating bowl, relatively low price
Disadvantages: strange sound when working at low speeds
Disadvantages: Bought to replace the old Philips, which also was with a bowl on the stand, worked an old man of about 20 years. So far, pretty mixed impression. Cooked once, whipped normally. I think it would be nice to in addition to buy something more serious, normal stationary mixer possible, but use this as auxiliary.

Queen Margarita

Pluses: very powerful. Quickly whips the cream.
Disadvantages: Poor thick dough, it’s better not to take risks.
Minuses: He regularly served me more than TEN years (Moulinex HM 412) When used regularly from one to several times a week. And recently I decided to mix thick in it the dough and it burned out. I was looking for a replacement, but I realized that I’d better take this in repair, maybe there just fuse flew.


Pluses: powerful, with a bowl
Disadvantages: 1) speed adjustment. even at first speed too powerful. 2) extremely unsuccessful direction of air movement from motor, both of these circumstances lead to the fact that even at the first it’s impossible to pour something small and light into the bowl – a jet the air will blow it everywhere. in addition, if the corollas form spray – a stream of air will also blow them. so that you can inject too only in one place 3) as a result of the spray, the lower one gets dirty side of the rack in the area of ​​the cutouts for nozzles, so this wash the bandura. 4) a bowl for such power could be larger volume, perhaps this would solve the spray problem. 5) material shoulder blades – thin soft plastic. not even in batter copes well with the separation of the dough adhering to the walls of the bowl
Disadvantages: if I had never used a normal mixer, then I wouldn’t notice any of these shortcomings, I would consider that it should be so. that’s just the past philips all These shortcomings were not, but he was not eternal. but in general, for a thick test, if you don’t pour anything and pour “on the go” – a normal unit, especially if there is no bread machine, which itself knead the dough, and much quieter.


Advantages: Convenient when you do not need to hold in your hands constantly. And it’s very convenient that you can pick it up if necessary.
Minuses: The shape of the bowl. It would be more convenient if she were conical. In the square on the walls there is no whipped dough. IN this is also not a problem, since you can remove the mixer in your hands and mix for a few seconds what is on the walls. plus there is a shoulder blade. When it opened it was not a very pleasant smell of plastic. But also he quickly weathered
Disadvantages: In general, the device is not bad. Mostly alone dignity, and most importantly convenient when you whip it is not necessary to keep it in hands.

Litvinova Irina

Advantages: Ability to use both stationary and and manual. Compact. Comfortably lies in a hand. Very easy washes.
Minuses: I use it very often and for a long time. Noisy like everyone mixers. It whips perfectly, and the dough with hooks kneads remarkably. I advise everyone to take it.

unknown Julia

Advantages: After the usual mixer – it’s just a holiday. Whips everything and always. Hands are free. It is possible to remove the mixer from the base and use with your hands.
Minuses: Sometimes there is a lack of a cover. It would be great to have a bowl larger and a spare one yet (but these are not disadvantages, but wishes)
Minuses: Great mixer for its price

Evdokimova Elena

Pluses: Powerful)))
Minuses: NO and NO again
Minuses: Great mixer, definitely buy! Very fast everything whips. The mixer can be removed from the platform and you do not need to pull out the whisks and spray the dough in the kitchen. Powerful not it stinks, even thick dough interferes I have been using it for a year now and am very glad)))) hooray hooray And who has small children is generally a find, threw everything and went to entertain the child, no need to stand, hold and wait when everything is done. I am satisfied! noisy truth but it nonsense….

acceleova irina

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