Moulinex DJ9058

Moulinex DJ9058

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Features Moulinex DJ9058

General characteristics

A type chopper
Multisection Yes
Power 280 watts
Bowl capacity no data
Blender not
Control number of speeds: 2


Juicer not
Meat grinder not
Miller not
Nozzles grater: 2 in a set, nozzle for slicing: 1 in kit, jelly disc: 1 kit total number nozzles: 5
Dice Cutting Disc there is


Execution case: plastic
Storage space for nozzles there is
Power cord with storage compartment
Additional Information automatic speed setting

Moulinex DJ9058 Reviews

Pluses: I liked it very much. Cuts well. Fried potatoes one to one, and salads quickly do.
Minuses: Not yet discovered.


Pluses: Takes up little space, nozzles with normal size, design.
Minuses: Dead. Forever and ever. Shredded raw carrots on cubes.
Minuses: It’s a shame for the money spent.

Compact Furniture

Pluses: I’ve been using it for more than a year now. Bought to the country, for facilitate the work of parents to create blanks for the winter. Also very convenient for salads. Shreds radish with ease. Good assistant before the feast!
Disadvantages: A little expensive and not very convenient to wash.
Minuses: In general, a good thing, if you have extra 6-7 thousand. Unfortunately, I do not know cheaper analogues. But over the past operating time have never regretted a purchase!

Bogomolova Irina

Pluses: For me it was a very convenient thing. All nozzles I was completely satisfied. The only thing I would like a nozzle for cabbage shredders a little smaller. Otherwise, everything was super, until until this thing broke exactly a year later use.
Disadvantages: Inconsistency in price and quality. Detail on which the main load is made of plastic. The outcome turned out to be sad.
Disadvantages: If this multisection cost thousands of 3-4 and if it broke in a year, then I would understand that. But a device with such a price and such functionality (not to say, very sophisticated) could Do not crack at the seams.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: cuts almost everything and there is a nozzle for cubes
Disadvantages: Debility cleaning cord, getting food into the case is where the self is the mechanism, plain and cheap plastic of the main cases (for such a price!) the magnetic mount of accessories is very unreliable and high risk, in case of unsuccessful movement of the unit, which all this will collapse on the hard floor, with consequences!
Minuses: It is completely incomprehensible why such crap recognized global manufacturer ?! After all, a clear constructive cant when food enters the enclosure. Had to fit a little art brush and perfect-tubular crevice nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. After all, so worms can start there! The plastic and the body itself are explicit cheap, and cleaning the cord is just tin (with such and such not frail price!)! Even the Chinese are doing their best – cleaning the cord with a button, and high-quality polished plastic, etc. The unit itself at the work is pretty playful and even sometimes bounces, which is also not well, and besides, when driving food under its cover sticks and to clean – it’s problematic to remove and sometimes, on the contrary, it can fly off during work itself. Sure, this is not too often, but it happens. Magnets hold accessories on “snot” and if you forget about it, take a chance, when moving- Move the vegetable slicer to break all this crap on the hard floor! what Regarding the operation of the unit, then it is satisfactory and grinds- cuts a lot, but not to say that everything is perfect. We have a family the chopper is cheaper, but in some places it cuts better and much better and more thoughtful done. It’s just that he is already quite old and wanted to something modern. In general, to summarize: this chopper- Mulinex, of course, copes with a lot, there is also cutting in cubes, but the price is clearly not adequate to the quality! From a global manufacturer something else was expected!

Sinitsin Anatoly

Pluses: unusual design convenient storage of nozzles (cool attached to each other and inside the grater) just deal with using quickly slices, you can substitute any container where the rubbed cubes fall – it turns out that the equal ones are easy to disassemble to wash
Disadvantages: grater for cubes clogs after use, but I adapted to push pieces from a long net wooden skewer
Disadvantages: we are satisfied! there were no such units before The main user is mom. and she is very pleased. 2 large basins Olivier in 10 minutes. do not use every day (no need for so much grated). but when many people are planning for table, grater works all day. conveniently and vegetables in soup, and in salads, and cheese rub. after her no trash around, everything flies into the container

Kuznetsova Ksenia

Pluses: Perfectly cuts potatoes and cabbage. Product is peaceful strews into a container, but does not fly anywhere, as in vegetable cutters meat-cutting type.
Minuses: Very strange design, where they get into the slot particles of food, but impossible to clean.
Minuses: My first thing of its kind. I use in mainly for frying potatoes and cabbage for hodgepodge. The previously tedious manual process has become wonderfully fast. It also shreds well all kinds of foods like carrots. Necessity I do not consider it critical to press the power button. Still need to push pusher, and at least you fix the lid. Items are easy to remove and wash themselves. However, I would like more graters. The set is small. The container on the magnets is fiction, barely holding. Dubious lid mount. It is unlikely that it will last long. Product part accumulates in the structure itself, dumping is not a problem, but annoying. Like jamming potato slices in wire rack. Generally, normal, but not too perfect mechanism. I bought for 7400, current prices do not look adequate.

Kudryavtsev Igor

Pros: For an hour, chopped a can of 3 liters of cabbage.
Minuses: None. There are nuances ..
Minuses: Few graters included. I would like more diversity. But with what you can get the result. For example, for pickling cabbage, you need to pick, cut correctly, pieces of cabbage loaded into the chopper. Slowly moving forward and get what you need. Thin straws.))

Melkiy Sergey

Pluses: The only virtue for me is that there’s no bowl, you can substitute for example a frying pan and immediately rub into it .. or any other utensils .. And a magnetic nozzle holder pleased))
Disadvantages: This device is one solid drawback!
Minuses: Very not comfortable !!!! It is not convenient to hold the button constantly, I don’t understand why it was impossible to make it possible press and it would work all the time … It’s not very convenient to wash, all that rubs – remains inside, you need to shake out, products constantly fall into the slot where graters are inserted and while working everything is scattered around .. Cubes are large, and not all are obtained products. If I knew in advance I would never buy …

User deleted

Pluses: Compact, very comfortable if you need fast chop salads into a large number of people.
Minuses: In pursuit of aesthetics, they made a top cover and pusher made of not the most durable plastic. However – if you don’t hands-hooks, then this can not be considered a drawback)
Disadvantages: If you cook for a family of 2 people, maybe not it makes sense to buy, but if more, this multi-cut is mega irreplaceable thing! December 31 prepared with his wife a variety of salads and all hodgepodge for 12 people in 2 (!) hours, freed up a lot of time and effort to celebrate;) Perfectly cuts into cubes, very few residues, and – YES, this multi-cut is ABLE (with the right approach) Cut diced onions and boiled vegetables. For those who fail: 1. Boiled vegetables must first be cooled, otherwise it really can make mashed potatoes. 2. To cut the onion into cubes you need the onion clean, cut into two halves and load with a slice down.

Trofimov Alexander

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