Mitsubishi Electric MR-LR78G-DB-R

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Specifications of Mitsubishi Electric MR-LR78G-DB-R

General characteristics

Freezer from below
Color / Coating Material black / plastic / metal
Control electronic
Energy consumption class A (499 kWh / year)
Inverter type compressor Yes
Number of compressors 1
Refrigerant R134a (HFC)
Number of cameras 3
Number of doors 4
Dimensions (WxDxH) 95×76.4×182 cm


Freshness zone eat wet
Defrosting the freezer No frost
Defrosting the refrigerator No frost
Standalone cold preservation up to 12 hours
Vacation Mode there is
Indication open door – sound
Additional features supercooling, temperature indication


Overall volume 550 l
Volume of the refrigerator 429 l
Freezer volume 121 l

Other functions and features

Display there is
Antibacterial coating there is
Ice maker included
Shelf Material glass
Noise level up to 42 dB
Climate class N, SN, ST, T
Weight 118 kg

Mitsubishi Electric MR-LR78G-DB-R Reviews

Advantages: Roomy, No Frost refrigeration and freezer cameras, antibacterial coating, brutal appearance.
Minuses: Not yet revealed.
Minuses: Wife looked after the refrigerator, I was against at first, Now I see that I was wrong. It’s a pleasure not to use to mention that he looks very stylish.

Fighters Edik

Pluses: roomy, stylish, tech
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: We have a large family – 8 people in one house. That is why initially I liked the large volume. Yet You do not need to defrost it. Fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen, and the dimensions are not so big for such a volume. Very satisfied purchase, you can now go to the store less often for groceries. We’ve been using it for almost a year now, I really like it.

Mikhalkov Artem

Pluses: Chose from large black refrigerators – this one seemed especially beautiful. In addition to external data, it differs functionality and silent operation. The temperature in the chambers can install and adjust, which is very convenient for quick freezing berries and mushrooms.
Disadvantages: No deficiencies identified.
Minuses: Ideal for the design of a new kitchen. I am very Glad to such an acquisition.

Safronova Nelly

Pluses: Stylish appearance, roomy, comfortable arrangement of shelves, handles and a door are well made – with opening and closing the refrigerator no problem, no buzz
Minuses: Our family really liked this refrigerator, due to the fact that it is roomy, comfortable and modern. The main the criterion was its black color, very convenient location freezer compartment. Really huge and doesn’t fit in any kitchen, barely fit into a row with the kitchen. I’ve been using it for half a year already, no complaints. During the operation proved to be practical and unpretentious. Noise, of course, produces, but very insignificant (doing any business in the kitchen, this noise is simply not notice). Durable shelves made of impact resistant glass freely maintain the mass of a 5-liter pan with borscht plus less heavy products. The boxes in the freezer are plastic, but very durable. We have they are usually completely filled out, but safe and sound – it’s necessary just push them smoothly and calmly. In short, strongly I recommend this refrigerator if you need a reliable unit. Very good quality for a very affordable price.

Belyaeva Alla

Pluses: If you have a large family and you are used to buying products for future use, this refrigerator is definitely for you. Big, comfortable, with a bunch of shelves and drawers, compartments and zones. Freezer volumetric. In addition, it works quite quietly and does not fail – the temperature is always exactly at the set level.
Disadvantages: As such – no. However, I advise you to buy stabilizer, for they say that a sharp surge in voltage can disable this unit.
Minuses: We like the refrigerator, almost a year we have it and no problem!

Pestrov Gregory

Pluses: Roomy, comfortable, looks stylish. Works very quiet, the temperature is adjustable conveniently.
Minuses: Light smell of plastic. True, everything is getting hush.
Minuses: Specially looking for side-by-side with spacious a freezer to calmly load products for the whole family for a long time. I chose this model, it fit perfectly in the general ratio price features. Really spacious, almost no noise audible, the temperature is regulated clearly and conveniently. The freezer is very roomy and freezes quickly. Built-in ice maker and sound open doors – small but pleasant advantages.

Vatutin Igor

Advantages: 1. design for 5+ 2. works very quiet 3. beautiful inside, and beautiful backlight 4. electronic discovery algorithm Doors works very funny, I think it will be convenient 5. a decent size freezer, and is conveniently located as just a big box
Disadvantages: I chose the refrigerator for a long time, from the preferences were Side by Side models, and it so happened that he stopped his the choice is on this model, to be honest in the kitchen has not yet the repair is completed, because the refrigerator is still in the hallway, but Of course, it was already partially tested 🙂 I worked literally 3 hours, very beautiful design, it works VERY quiet, I thought at first that he didn’t turn on at all 🙂

Sidorov Grisha

Minuses: Takes up a lot of space in the kitchen.
Minuses: For a long time I chose the refrigerators it stopped on this model. the refrigerator is really very roomy and comfortable, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. In addition, he has a very Stylish and modern design. But most of all I like about him There is a Titanium Filter, the protection of products from bacteria is simple necessary when there are children in the house. The refrigerator, of course, takes quite a lot of space, but he is fully justified, because here There is a large freezer. In addition, I do not notice in a fridge of unpleasant odors, and it’s also very economical in terms of electricity and quite easy to care for.

Bonya Victoria

Advantages: Volume, number of compartments, special capacity for making ice – makes ice cubes myself (this summer is very relevant).
Minuses: A good refrigerator for the average family. All departments are functional. The downside is that all products should be in the package, otherwise the taste of plastic appears (it’s written about containers in the instructions). I advise.

Boykov Yaroslav

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