Mitsubishi Electric MR-BXR538W-BR-R

Mitsubishi Electric MR-BXR538W-BR-R

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Specifications Mitsubishi Electric MR-BXR538W-BR-R

General characteristics

Freezer from below
Color / Coating Material brown / plastic / metal
Control electronic
Energy consumption class A +
Inverter type compressor Yes
Number of compressors 1
Refrigerant R600a (isobutane)
Number of cameras 5
Number of doors 5
Dimensions (WxDxH) 65x70x182.1 cm


Freshness zone yes, dry and wet
Defrosting the freezer No frost
Defrosting the refrigerator compartment No frost
Autonomous cold storage up to 12 h
Vacation mode there is
Indication open door – light and sound
Additional features super cooling, super freezing, temperature display


Overall volume 381 l
Refrigerating chamber volume 304 l
Freezer volume 57 l
Zero chamber volume 20 l

Other functions and features

Display there is
Antibacterial coating there is
Child protection there is
Ice maker included
Shelf material glass
Noise level up to 37 dB
Climatic class SN, T
Weight 106 kg

Reviews about Mitsubishi Electric MR-BXR538W-BR-R

Advantages: All modern “bells and whistles”, including the inverter type compressor. The husband said that it makes sense now to take only this one, it will be enough for us for the rest of our lives. As for the basic features of the refrigerator, they are all. Dry and humid zone of freshness, food remains fresh for a long time in a chilled state, there is all the necessary indication and protection. The volume and arrangement of the shelves are optimal.
Disadvantages: Price.
Disadvantages: I hope we invested well, as long as it seems so.

Zykina Lydia

Pluses: Huge, roomy, stylish (very chic brown, metallic).
Disadvantages: Fairly high cost of goods, not everyone can afford it.
Disadvantages: We purchased this refrigerator due to its many features. We were very pleased with the purchase, I will say so, the presence of such functions as the 'Vitamin Factory', which increases the shelf life of products with LED lighting, the presence of an ice maker that produces pure ice. All compartments of the refrigerator are separated and equipped with temperature sensors. There is a sound and light signal when the door is open for more than 1 minute. Lots of large well-known shelves, removable side tray. There is also protection from children. In general, the refrigerator looks stylish, expensive and rich.

Zhukova Veronika

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