Microwave Samsung MS23F302TAS

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Specifications Microwave Samsung MS23F302TAS

General characteristics

Internal volume 23 l
Location freestanding
Dimensions (WxHxD) 48.9×27.5×37.4 cm
Inner coating of the camera bioceramic enamel
Weight 12 kg

Operating modes

Grill not
Bottom grill not
Convection not
Microwave power 800 watts
Number of Power Levels 6

Control Panel

Type of management electronic
Display there is
Switches clock / button
Timer for 99 min


Defrost mode there is
Automatic cooking there is
Auto warm up there is
Automatic defrost there is
The ability to make your recipes in memory not
Cooking process programming not
Automatic maintenance of the set temperature not


Other functions and features system of uniform distribution of microwaves, camera illumination, beep, child lock
Door mounted
Door opening a pen
Body color silver

Reviews on Microwave Oven Samsung MS23F302TAS

Advantages: Design, price-quality, feature set, step 5 seconds
Minuses: Very dark glass
Disadvantages: The previous LG microwave broke. Decided that LG no longer buy (tupit and breaks quickly), so we considered Samsung and Bosch. Bosch was too expensive, so the choice fell on Samsung. Selected based on design, feature set and price. We decided that this is the most optimal. I want to say right away that she Very beautiful. The only point that many celebrate is it has a very dark glass, behind which it is not visible what happens to the food (for example, that the food “exploded” and sprinkled the whole microwave). Perhaps this is the only negative. For work no complaints: heats quickly, the power is regulated, when heated you can set the step – 5 seconds (it’s very convenient for me, because it’s real there was never enough warming up, for example, for 15 seconds), it’s easy to wash, many functions (for example, “healthy eating”) and various modes cooking). In my opinion, it is ideal in relation to price-quality. Recommend!

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Excellent defrost / warm oven, Convenient surface – easy to wash, you can turn off the clock until the stove enjoy, if interfere, Timing knob, Convenient opening.
Minuses: Blowing left mainly on the previous stove was up, no grill, combo, no super power, specific menu for those who like to cook, the recipes are terrible – finely, quality books bad. And without recipes, you still need only power functions and time. The door hardware looks slightly flimsy, but it’s within norms – nitpicking sooner.
Minuses: Excellent oven for those who need only reheat / defrost, who likes to twist the knob, enjoy appearance and not much trouble yourself in caring for the equipment.

Voropaev Sergey

Pluses: Samsung brand
Disadvantages: conventional stove, cheap materials, tight scrolling
Minuses: sorry about the purchase


Advantages: 1. Great design. 2. Ceramic surface easy to clean. 3. There is an economical mode for minimum standby consumption. 4. The optimal volume of 23 liters. five. Convenient handle for opening the door.
Minuses: Black glass on the door leaves prints fingers.
Minuses: I have been using the microwave for 3 years. Fine the glass on the door looks good, but it collects fingerprints well. Volume just right. A lot of things can be put to defrost and food warming up. I liked the usual mechanical buttons and cylindrical switch. Bioceramic coating is good it is cleaned and washed. When the operation is completed, it makes a loud sound. IN overall a good model. Recommend.

Mitkin Vasily

Pluses: a normal oven works! Everything claimed the manufacturer is present and functions as stated
Disadvantages: I had to disassemble, the fuse burned out, grease locks in advance in them problemma
Minuses: The stove itself is not bad, but – It worked smoothly 6 months! And ALL repair yourself!

Nexx Nedvex

Advantages: Quickly and evenly heats, defrosts.
Disadvantages: 1. The cheapness of materials and components. 2.Can be the price.
Disadvantages: -My selection criterion was as follows: Bio-ceramics, without grill, uniform heat distribution system, Volume 23l., power not lower than 800 watts and a door with a handle (which I regretted a bit, but more on that later). Only Samsung and Algie, and even the ski doesn’t have any ceramics. Well actually my TAS302 with He copes with his task of warming up and defrosting. Soup 5-6min. Porridge and other 3-4min. And it warms not on the sides and above, but over the entire area. -The drawback that I indicated applies not only to this model but generally to all microwave ovens released from 2012-13. I have an old Daewoo made better. I don’t understand at all, some write here they say Panasonic door sags over time, etc. How so? If a they all have almost the same components, the same loops on doors, the same opening-closing mechanism (backlash I’ll take it here, they have all the new microwave). Even on the bandwagon saved (there is none of them). I have to improvise, something to lay down (stick) so that she doesn’t fidget around the table when you take by the handle in an attempt to open the door. Yes, you can yourself in any store compare the assortment and make sure that everything is the same darn. AND your 3- or 4-year-old oven is also more complete, as it were, not on century, but for a decade exactly =). So the choice is yours, but I I think it’s not so important to look in which direction (Candy, Samsung, LV, etc.). The main thing that would be suitable for specific parameters. Thank you for your attention =).

Gonomarev Vasily

Pluses: Beautiful, seemingly well done
Disadvantages: the control is not at all the twist useless.
Disadvantages: All claims in previous reviews are justified: nothing is visible through the glass, rides on the table when opened, handle management is completely useless since still have to click additional buttons, noise like all other stoves that were me before, from a stainless steel only an overlay on the handle)) Verdict: it works, I definitely won’t buy a second one and don’t advise anyone.

Ivanov Vladimir

Advantages: – interesting design, – ergonomics for everybody – heats up normally (but this is functional, not dignity)
Disadvantages: – legs; – the door hangs a little; – dark glass (also for a picky user, I don’t annoying)
Disadvantages: In general, the stove as a stove, and did not expect much from her, performs its functions of heating food. On the old microwave had to press the “power” button to select the appropriate meanings, here the name changed to “microwave”, then just twist a knob for choosing the heating time, which is also absolutely not annoying. For the lazy, there is the option of pressing the “Start +30” button sec “by means of which it is possible to start warming up at maximum power and in increments of 30 seconds. Next, just wait how much you it is necessary and we press “Stop” two times (stop warming up, reset timer). I did not use the cooking functions and I am not going to, because There is an oven, stove and multicooker. Now what about the cons: – the legs are made here … rather not made, but simply squeezed out base metal, due to this we get a traveling microwave when trying door openings (I have on chipboard, the surface is not rubber), the problem was solved by simply sticking the adhesive tape on the pseudo-legs; -the door in my copy hangs for some reason and I don’t see any the ability to tighten it, plus there is rust on the axis which used in the form of a loop as a result of which we have a creak (hands do not come to grease) – the dark glass behind which is barely visible when turned on lighting, but to be honest, I can’t understand one thing: why is everyone so I want to see how the food is spinning? in the washer, too, for the rotation of the linen watch out ))) Well, the only thing I can assume is the warming up of sausages, however glass does not bother me.

Zakarin Rushan

Advantages: Electronic control with conventional buttons (no sensory), a door with a handle, a reasonable number of modes, pleasant appearance.
Disadvantages: Management deteriorated compared to older models.
Minuses: I will support the review of Anton. Bought this stove, because it fit on the set of wishes (800 + W / uniform system microwave distribution / without grill / electronic control), and We have been using the previous Samsung model for several years, we’ve got used to it already. The changes over the years are cosmetic: “bio-enamel” instead of the usual, blue color of the indicator instead of red, etc. I was very upset change in management: the adored “turntable” was deprived of the “Start” function / +30 “. That is, if before, a bowl of soup was enough to warm up put the soup into the stove, casually twist the handle and press it, then Now you need to press the microwave button, then turn the knob to setting the warm-up time and finally press the “Start” button. What for it was redone, to whom the old control scheme prevented? At Comparison with stoves from other manufacturers “one button” was a bold plus. After the purchase specifically revised the model line on the Samsung website: all modern models with a “turntable” are such, there is no alternative. In general, I wanted a new the stove home, and the old to the country, but it turned out the other way around: the old stays at home, new – to the country. For the rest, there are no complaints: stove like a stove, it works fine, it performs its functions.


Advantages: the sound is muted. there is a separate button +30 seconds. good design
Minuses: the door is generally opaque
Disadvantages: a good oven, nothing more, but there is everything you need, e.g. instant start button for 30 seconds, door with handle. the door is generally opaque, perhaps for some it will be a drawback. We chose only by design, it fits well with us. Heats food good, and more or less evenly. Let’s see how it will be in operation.

Vyatkin Evgeny

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