Microwave Samsung ME83KRW-1

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Specifications Microwave Samsung ME83KRW-1

General characteristics

Internal volume 23 l
Location freestanding
Dimensions (WxHxD) 49×27.5×35.6 cm
Pan diameter 288 mm
Inner coating of the camera bioceramic enamel
Weight 11.5 kg

Operating modes

Grill not
Bottom grill not
Convection not
Microwave power 800 watts
Number of Power Levels 6

Control Panel

Type of management electronic
Display there is
Switches sensory
Timer for 35 min
Delay start function not


Defrost mode there is
Automatic cooking there is
Automatic defrost there is
The ability to make your recipes in memory not
Cooking process programming not
Automatic maintenance of the set temperature not


Other functions and features system of uniform distribution of microwaves, camera illumination, beep, child lock
Door mounted
Door opening button
Body color white

Reviews on Microwave Samsung ME83KRW-1

Advantages: Price and quality consistent. It works quietly, everything necessary to eat. The design is pretty.
Minuses: Not identified.
Disadvantages: When choosing a model, we looked through all the reviews. We chose this model because Great rating of this model. And also I advise you to take all the equipment to the waning moon, never will break !!!

Olga Kudinova

Pluses: Very good microwave.
Minuses: +30 button does not work
Minuses: Although the +30 button doesn’t respond to pressure, I’m without it well done. The rest is all right. I use every day.

Posokhina Svetlana

Pluses: practical, beautiful, comfortable
Minuses: not yet revealed
Minuses: A great option for a home without troubles

Kuznetsov Alexander

Pros: Quiet, good price
Minuses: The door is jammed when opening. Not powerful enough ejection spring.

Svetlov Sergey

Pluses: works !!!
Minuses: no
Disadvantages: like value for money!

Vozpennikov Dmitry

Advantages: large diameter; the same company that was before in for 7 years; low price
Disadvantages: buttons are tight; no way to choose door position (left or right)
Disadvantages: the level of technological development allows you to do 30 years microwave ovens, wait and see …

Kislyakov Vladimir

Pluses: + Silent + Design + Many modes + Small dimensions but large capacity
Minuses: – Oh, how I hate these buttons …
Minuses: Chose by chance (got free for bonuses), the most important advantage is low noise, used 3-4 microwaves in my life, this proved to be the most quiet. Also, in terms of size-capacity ratio, it is undoubtedly located in the top three, does not look bulky, but contains so much how many her huge competitors. I don’t like buttons like that. They are not always pressed hard. This is not a model flaw, but lack of such buttons on any model. Design technology in my silver + black kitchen, I was looking for such a microwave, I really like it design. I can advise those who are looking for a quiet, small in size but a larger microwave.

Shustov Sergey

Pluses: Very well-calculated internal ergonomics warming-up chambers – perfectly fit doge seemingly large dishes Very easy to clean Intuitive controls Excellent suitable for a large family I worked without fail for more than 5 years old
Disadvantages: After 5 years of operation, the relay failed door opening buttons, but in the service they replaced it and it continues work and reheat food well!
Minuses: I beg your engineers to add to the scheme a small battery in the circuit, honestly very sickened set the clock when the power is turned off! This is all trifle for you! Sincerely, Stepan, Sochi, Security Engineer networks and sharing

Vartanov Stepan

Advantages: Excellent combination of price / quality. Works already 3 years, no flaws were identified. Washable coating looks great like new.
Disadvantages: In addition to the design, this model has no drawbacks. For she is scary to me, but I try not to look at her)))
Minuses: The best option for a summer residence. I think to buy home something prettier.

Slanting Sanka

Advantages: – Functionality – Design – Quick start – Able warm food
Minuses: – Squeaky door (maybe I got this defect)
Minuses: The door creaks when opening. Not immediately understood how set the clock, I remembered that there is an instruction)) To mute you need to hold the Stop and Start buttons until the message “Off” appears It is also turned on until the message “On” appears.

Nazarchenko Ivan

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