Microwave Samsung GE83DTR

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Specifications Microwave Samsung GE83DTR

General characteristics

Internal volume 23 l
Location freestanding
Dimensions (WxHxD) 48.9×27.5×36.9 cm
Inner coating of the camera bioceramic enamel
Weight 13 kg

Operating modes

Grill there is
Bottom grill not
Convection not
Microwave power 850 watts
Number of Power Levels 6

Control Panel

Type of management electronic
Display there is
Switches sensory
Timer for 99 min


Defrost mode there is
Automatic cooking there is
The number of recipes for cooking 4
Automatic defrost there is
Number of auto-defrost modes 4
The ability to make your recipes in memory not
Cooking process programming not
Automatic maintenance of the set temperature not
Additional programs quick defrost function


Other functions and features system of uniform distribution of microwaves, camera illumination, beep, child lock
Door mounted
Door opening button
Equipment grill gratings – 1, crispy dish
Body color the black

Reviews on Microwave Samsung GE83DTR

Minuses: Noisy Signal annoying Glass is very dark
Minuses: Will do. ..adapted normal normal oven!

Agapeeva anna

Pluses: Design in dark color. Low noise during the work. Plastic-coated pseudo-touch buttons inaccessible to the kitchen mud.
Disadvantages: The inability to see the dish through glass door. Pretty troublesome control algorithm.
Minuses: I took a very ancient release instead of the Samsung, who worked faithfully for more than twenty years. This stove it is better to take in dark color, because in white it looks pretty trivial and ridiculous. The design is well suited to other kitchen the technique solved in the “stainless steel”. Due to the dark design is wrong looks bulky in the kitchen, which I don’t have special sizes is different. At work, it buzzes much less than the previous mine kitchen assistant. Maybe it’s because of less power, or maybe because technological progress, which I think twenty years in place has not stood. Compared to my previous oven, this control has pretty sophisticated. No, of course, you can figure it out, but to which of it occurred to developers not to use the most inconvenient one-button launch, it’s completely not clear to me. Maybe just left retired that Korean who once invented it, and young effective managers took it and as always … optimized it. Now, instead of pressing the button once to start the furnace key, you need to press five times three keys. Convenient, right? The advantage is a monolithic control panel, where there is no physical buttons, in the slots of which over time a bunch of kitchen dirt, fat and God knows what. This device from all this terrifies its owner. Programs like “peoples cuisine of the world “is a complete profanity and serves only to attract inexperienced buyers, avid for technical gadgets. Nobody will ever use this in kitchen everyday life. AND the main consumer shortcoming is the absolute absence visibility through the glass door. The condition of the dish can be estimated only by opening the door with the interruption of the program. It is not radically it’s convenient for you to understand that milk was about to boil, you can only process, and if the heating is interrupted, then the approaching “eruption” you can easily deflect. The rest of the stove for “five”

Emelyanov Mikhail

Pluses: Easy to use Appearance Power, quickly warms up, which is required of her. Roomy, but herself not very bulky. There is a grill.
Minuses: There is no quick start button to start cooking (warm up) with one button! Dark glass, not visible when cooking what is going on inside. When using defrosting, meat begins slightly “cooked”, whitens at the edges. You can defrost, but defrosting in the C grade. A little marking outside, but always laundered.
Minuses: We’ve been using it for the third year now, there are no complaints, that’s all works great. As already mentioned, there is no quick start button, at least these are two buttons, you need to press +30 (meaning seconds, those. add cooking time first), then start. We already We’ve got used to it, but after the microwave with a quick start there wasn’t habitually. During cooking, you can add quickly +30 seconds. Beeps quite loudly. Often uses liquid heating in special program, milk warms very well in a mug. Grill we do not use often, but it works fine, we make hot sandwiches, or a bun with an egg, will not fit much there, but he the fact that you can fry something is already pleasing. Powerful microwave a bowl of soup at maximum power heats about 2 minutes to hot condition, main courses with meat heats about 1-, 1,5 minutes (with a cap). We use it more to warm up, satisfied. They did not use full-fledged cooking in it.

Ivanova Catherine

Pluses: Design, price, quality!
Minuses: No
Shortcomings: Shortcomings not found)) Yes, the door is marking, but easy to clean, this is not a problem. Inside it is also easily washed. It runs silently, quickly defrosts and warms up. Grill bye did not use. In general, I am very pleased with the purchase! Thank!)))

Usmanova Leila

Pluses: I chose a furnace instead of the previous LG, because worked out her own. I was looking for black, under the interior, with electric control and grill just in case. It looks pretty impressive. Heats up quickly, works quietly. With the same sizes as the last the furnace (20 l) has a larger volume of the inner chamber. In manual mode on power 100-180 watts defrosting works fine.
Minuses: It turns out black glossy glass is very easily soiled, with frequent rubbing, scratches remain. Whatever there were traces on the glass, you have to close the door by pressing on the metal finish at the bottom, but the upper loop happens does not snap, because the door has weak stiffness and its skews. Automatic defrosting does not work correctly if a past kiln defrosting 1 kg of chicken gave about 20 minutes. this the oven tries to defrost in 8 with a small min. The edges of the chicken are welded, it’s not very similar to defrosting … Buttons are not highlighted in any way, you need to click on the inscriptions on the panel, if the oven is standing on the table – the inscriptions are poorly visible, because they are small. Hung on bracket, – it became much more convenient and a free appeared under the oven a place. There is a lot of space in the cell, but not very high. Surprised lack of a timer, sometimes needed. The door glass is very dark when working, only a faint reflection from the lamp is visible, and not that there going on.
Disadvantages: For the money, good functionality. Grill in the microwave is not needed at all. It looks solid. Quality workmanship is not bad.

Payusov al

Pluses: Fashionable custom design, compact sizes
Minuses: Marking stainless steel on the door, an inconvenient choice cooking time
Minuses: I bought in a hinged kitchen cabinet under microwave from Swedish furniture store – perfect fit. Use is convenient. I would like a more convenient choice of a warm-up time. Now it done through two buttons. I can call it a flaw with which one has to put up and to which it is impossible to get used to. Stainless steel on the door and on the button is very easily soiled. Imprints remain instantly fingers. It is necessary to wash constantly, otherwise it looks bad. Adjusted to close the door behind its sidewall by slamming, not by pressing. On the same microwave, but no white stainless steel no problem. If you are sensitive to appearance – take better white. In general – it works and does not buzz. Heats quickly.

Mikhailovich Mikhail

Pluses: Love the futuristic design; remarkably evenly heats; opening button is very easy pressed even if you press hard – the oven does not leave, and the door it almost shuts itself down (the old one constantly drove slammed shut with considerable effort); 20 percent quieter than the old ovens; beeper is not as annoying as on my past (you can disable). Included is a crispy dish (for pizza, pies, etc.), I like the mode, but not yet tried it.
Disadvantages: a quick start is only possible +30 seconds, otherwise you have to press the microwave, select the power and only then set separate buttons for hours, minutes, seconds; someone not like too dark door when you warm, you can not see dish.
Minuses: There was Electrolux EMS 2100 S, it began to overheat if you warm for more than 3 minutes and cut off and turn on when it open (oh shi ~). For the new, there were such criteria: only reheat food, the same size and silver color. My eyes fell on EMS21400 S, but it is no longer on sale. Liked by the reviews and estimates in Yandex.market. In size, Samsung is 0.5-1cm larger than mine old, while the capacity of 2 liters is large. Handled the delivery to 4050 r.

Petrov Evgeny

Pluses: Heats really evenly. Interesting design.
Minuses: I would not say that it heats quickly – a bowl of soup mashed potatoes – about 3 minutes. Juice 150 ml – 30 seconds. Parents too Samsung with a grill of an older model – the same juice is heated for 7-10 seconds, although the other food is heated unevenly. It turns on when you press 2 keys – + 30 seconds and start. Not yet I’m used to it. I have not used the grill and am unlikely to use it.
Minuses: I bought on the basis of external parameters, reviews and with value for money + experience using an older model. In principle, all the flaws are tolerable for me. Easy to clean inside and out. Under the grill you can crawl and clean.


Pluses: I like the way it looks, I would say, even unusual Enough design, stylish. Capacious. Easy to use. Touch control buttons. Inner bioceramic surface – keeps heat longer, accordingly consumes less energy plus less get dirty. Many cooking and defrosting modes. A special dish for crisp (very good with it it turns out pizza). Culinary book included recipes.
Minuses: Dark glass. Which looks so cool, beats according to the functionality of the stove – little is seen through it; open the door to see what is happening inside. The internal lamp also does not shine brightly enough.
Minuses: A good device, we’ve been using it for a year now and that’s all like. My girlfriend manages to cook in her awesome chicken with crust. Well, I use it to warm up mostly, well, in general impressions are the most positive.

Burov Vasily

Pluses: heats evenly and quickly! defrosts too evenly!
Minuses: No
Minuses: I’ve been using it for six months now and have no complaints! Jo this was a microwave, which in 1.5 minutes warmed me only a plate. The same model copes with these functions with a bang!


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