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Specifications Panasonic NN-DF383B Microwave

General characteristics

Internal volume 23 l
Location freestanding
Dimensions (WxHxD) 48.3x31x39.6 cm
Without turntable Yes

Operating modes

Grill there is
Bottom grill there is
Convection not
Microwave power 1000 watts
Grill power 1000 watts
Inverter power control there is

Control Panel

Type of management electronic
Display there is
Switches clock / button
Timer for 90 minutes


Defrost mode there is
Automatic cooking there is
Automatic defrost there is
The ability to make your recipes in memory there is
Cooking process programming not
Automatic maintenance of the set temperature not
Additional programs quick defrost function


Other functions and features system of uniform distribution of microwaves, camera illumination, beep, child lock
Door folding
Door opening button
Equipment crispy dish
Body color the black

Reviews on the Panasonic NN-DF383B Microwave Oven

Pluses: We bought this stove on March 8th. I cook in it very often: fish, meat, chicken, potatoes, croissants, and muffins, and warm, and defrost, actively use every day, in order that there would be no problems with the ceramic bottom wipe after each use. Included baking sheet 30 × 30 approx., Wire rack, of the minuses, the inner coating is very very afraid of scratches, if clean with abrasive materials or something strong will peel off, we until one small scratch, not much three
Disadvantages: Internal coating; no one wrote in reviews before that in the oven mode, turning on and off the quartz lamp emits clicks

Veronika Volchik

Pluses: functional
Disadvantages: the inner coating is HORROR, the fat sticks and it does not you’ll wash off, but if you sit down, you’ll only wash with the coating, after use for about 6 months inside as if she is 20 years old every day baked white meat and fat flew from them, after each cooking you don’t wash, but where the grill horseradish crawl. FOR SUCH MONEY IT IS BETTER THAN I ON A SHIELD IN I WILL PREPARE THE YARD
Minuses: DO NOT BUY

Dolgov Vladimir

Pluses: The door opens with a powerful handle microwave
Minuses: Relatively weak grill mode
Minuses: Overall a very good microwave!

Fedorov Dima

Pluses: function of the oven, grill and the function of alignment oven temperature
Minuses: peeling internal coating, noisy, low power like an oven
Minuses: Purchased for lack of an oven. Dish to cook longer than in a conventional oven, often the bottom is not baked at baking. The microwave function is powerful, no complaints. Grill function without complaints. For 2 years, it peeled off inside very much – ugly looks like.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Very cool oven! It cooks fast and tasty, only need to adapt. Defrosts evenly, microwaves they also heat everything evenly, not like ordinary microwaves. AND still convenient that she herself says when she warmed up, when the product is ready to shut itself down. You can turn on cooking and calmly go about their business, and there nothing will burn! Touch warming up very pleased! The dream of every housewife!
Minuses: Everything needs to be cooked under the lid, otherwise the lamps difficult to wash the top wall!
Minuses: Once it somehow burned out when I turned on pre-heating, but the service center was quickly repaired by warranty.

Zobnina Anna

Pluses: cooks well in oven mode. pizza, pies. We bought a stove because there is no gas oven
Minuses: The ceramic bottom burst during operation in mode oven at a temperature of 200 degrees.
Disadvantages: bought 12/04/2015 and 12/16/2015 carried back to store. Accepted for quality control examination. Hope to replace no, because they said that it was mechanical damage and I specially broke the bottom. the crack starts from the back wall on the left parties. even if I wanted to drop nothing in this place could. It’s a shame ((especially for such a price, such a quality of ceramic bottom. And I also noticed that the paint began to peel off inside the furnace and this after 3-4 preparations. Very disappointed ((

Pryakin Sergey

Pluses: I took the model NN-DF383B to replace the wonderful Whirlpool oven, which has been operating for over 15 years. The main selection criteria were: that the stove was separate and the door opened down. Additional: availability of grill and combined mode. An oven is a nice bonus. I really liked uniform heating of products. Nothing overdries. True, by Compared to the Whirlpool oven, it takes a little longer. I really liked the “Touch Warming” function, the oven itself determines the desired warm-up time. But in grill mode you have to wait a very long time until the dish is cooked (again, I compare with Whirlpool). Easy intuitive controls, there are tips on the display, which can be turned off if they are not needed. Lot automatic programs. Although, as practice shows, they almost no one ever uses it. Well, maybe the first time be pampered.
Minuses: Surprised that the door does not open down 90 degrees, but only 84. That is, the slope is 6 degrees. Putting a bowl of soup on the door will not work, because the liquid will overflow. At first I thought it was a marriage because at the Whirlpool stove the door opens 90 degrees and that’s it it stands straight. Somehow I got used to this state of affairs. But Panasonic experts confirmed that the NN-DF383B and NN-DS592 the door does not open fully and that it is not marriage. Only with the NN-CS894B model does the door open 90 degrees. It’s not clear what Panasonic engineers thought about when they created these two models. Why didn’t you think about how people will bet on door cookware? Apparently, all thoughts were focused on inverter system. I was looking for a stove with such a door opening, like the oven, because it’s convenient to take the dish out of the cooking process oven, put it on the door to mix something or add any ingredients, and then put everything in place. But with NN-DF383B doesn’t work like that. My disappointment no the limit. Every time I open the door I scold the engineers Panasonic

Simonova Natalya

Advantages: 1. Uniformly warms up and defrosts 2. Not large, fit into the compartment instead of the previous microwave 3. There is no rotating table, 3 plates with soup fit for 1 time) 4. Convenient to wash 5. There is an oven. 6.Good quality and convenience my five year old daughter warms up without any problems milk)
Minuses: does not sing)
Minuses: I recommend. I’ve been using it for more than a year happy.

Lopanik Oksana

Advantages: 1. Automatic cooking (very often I use it) .2. Bakes perfectly. 3. Defrosting is very fast. 4.The stove itself will tell and squeak when to approach it !!! Pros all not to list !!!
Minuses: Not detected
Disadvantages: The compact size of the stove. Very easy manage it. Instead of buying a microwave and an oven. Before still have not regretted, but bought in August 2014. Everything is very satisfied.

Chutkovskaya Valentina

Pluses: Appearance, build quality, multifunctionality, ease of management
Minuses: a little expensive
Minuses: Well, I don’t know what is difficult to heat up in it, I read here about suffering, set the plate, turned the knob, pressed the start. AND all! The menu itself tells you what to do with the creeping line, where to reap, how many times etc. Understood. That there is no turntable, too well. Oven mode almost replaces the built-in oven, for Small family volume is sufficient. I like. A little expensive Of course, but only Panasonic makes this type of microwave, alternatives not. I don’t know how much it cost six months ago, before the euro took off and dollar. In short, do not worry, nothing complicated.

Nikitina Elena

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