Microwave LG MF-6543AFS

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Specifications Microwave LG MF-6543AFS

General characteristics

Internal volume 25 l
Location freestanding
Dimensions (WxHxD) 51x30x41 cm
Inner coating of the camera enamel
Weight 16 kg

Operating modes

Grill there is a quartz
Bottom grill not
Convection not
Microwave power 850 watts
Grill power 1150 watts
Number of Power Levels 5
Combined Modes microwaves + grill

Control Panel

Type of management electronic
Display there is
Switches sensory


Defrost mode there is
Automatic cooking there is
The number of recipes for cooking 44
Automatic defrost there is
Number of auto-defrost modes 4
The ability to make your recipes in memory not
Cooking process programming not
Automatic maintenance of the set temperature not


Other functions and features system of uniform distribution of microwaves, camera illumination, beep, child lock
Door mounted
Door opening a pen
Body color silver
Additional Information LED display, EasyClean interior coating, technology distribution of microwaves i-wave, the “Kitchen of the World”, Eco On power saving mode

Reviews on Microwave Oven LG MF-6543AFS

Advantages: The main advantage is that there is no revolving table and can even accommodate a duckweed.
Minuses: The cord is short.
Disadvantages: In general, while satisfied with the purchase, the functionality on level, and then we’ll see how much it will last.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Design, capacity, convenience – no rotating the table
Minuses: Short electric wire
Minuses: Convenient modern model.

koldaev yuri

Advantages: Buttons under the common “film” without gaps, convenient Wipe off dirt. When time is up, 4 sound signal and then they are repeated every 3-5min approximately, not the best option, but some microwave “yell” constantly until you open them.
Minuses: not yet noticed
Disadvantages: With a power of 850W heats up faster than a wind Siemens cupboard, for a lot of money with a microwave function, in which there was stated 900W


Advantages: Easy to use, it is important – the lack of a rotary the table. Therefore, this model was acquired. Good warms up. Convenient turbo-defrost function for small volumes of frozen products. The grill has not yet been used, but the fact that it is quartz – already inspiring.
Minuses: Not yet discovered.

Kurbanov Rustam

Pluses: uniform heating, large volume, a lot various functions, easy to clean, affordable price
Minuses: not yet identified
Minuses: Long hesitated to purchase a microwave, while once did not try this in action at a party, so uniform I haven’t seen any warming up yet, you can forever forget about the hot a plate and cold soup in it! Grill function and microwave volume makes it easy to cook whole chicken, everything is washed also very easy! The whole family is very happy!

Nikita Litvinov

Pluses: Coating inside EasyClean, easy to clean, grease does not stick. Evenly warms up. Quartz grill. Inside rounded and has no turntable.
Shortcomings: Of the shortcomings – she is not able to get food herself, but this is me finding fault
Minuses: Nice microwave. In our family already almost a year. Works great. Every day we warm something. By cooking opportunities. Here to help the auto program “World Cuisines”. Grill appreciated. You can cook both in microwave mode, grill mode, and in combined mode, when both are combined. At cost by the way very affordable. The volume of the inner chamber is 25 l, so For example, a whole chicken is placed without any problems.

Ischenko Ekaterina

Pluses: microwave + grill, and the grill power is substantial, already 1150W, so the dish cooks faster
Disadvantages: but they are not
Disadvantages: One of the few microwaves in which I do not saw a swivel stand. But, as I was convinced, and cook in it, and warming up the food is very high quality. Even more evenly than in my old microwave. But due to the lack of speakers parts of this microwave are much easier to wash.

Sabelkova Maria

Pluses: Functionality Design Price
Minuses: not found
Minuses: fully justifies its price …

Konstantin Unknown

Pluses: The most important and only demanded in essence the function of such an apparatus in strong male hands is to warm up borsch. The unit copes with this function, but with difficulty. That that similar models with a cost of 8-10k are heated in a minute, Korean comrade carouselite 3-4 minutes. If less – then cold slurry and a hot plate, and striving to jump out of the courageous hands on mortal earth. Microwave displacement is very modest. But the plate is placed. But the pizza box is gone.
Disadvantages: The power cord is categorically short. 30s button there is. Digging with the numbers is not necessary.
Disadvantages: Functions Russian, French, Scandinavian and others cooks, if you really need – better get a wife. And here defrost function is in demand and works perfectly. Fast and qualitatively thaw the meat. Plastic doesn’t smell, nothing falls off, everything is in its place. The door opens with a button that rather a minus than a plus. In general, we have a small and modest in power cheap microwave oven that performs the simplest functions of heating and defrosting food without any frills.

wesnas wesnas

Pluses: Beautiful design. Heats well and evenly. Many different functions.
Minuses: no
Disadvantages: Normal microwave for normal money.

Sergey Karapetyan

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