Maxwell MW-1960 ST

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Specifications of Maxwell MW-1960 ST

General characteristics

A type grill
Power 2000 watts
Body material combined
Control mechanical
overheat protection there is
Temperature adjustment there is
Non-stick coating there is
Grease collection tray there is


Additional Information work surface 29.7×23.5 cm; compartment for storing the cord; can be used as an open grill

Maxwell MW-1960 ST reviews

Advantages: Price, cooking speed, equipment
Minuses: If you read the description of this model and saw it price, then they simply do not!
Minuses: Somewhere 4 months ago, my Russell grill died Hobbs 18603-56. I realized that I do not want to spend a lot of money on a new and stumbled upon this model. I bought and here are my impressions after use within 4 months: 1) It is simply warmed up instantly compared to my previous grill 2) It just fries lightning fast. If I had to turn on the previous one to the maximum, then I use this grill at 55% percent. 3) Wash. Since in the kit has a very convenient “scraper”, then I have this question quickly fell away. I have about 3 minutes for this procedure. what I cooked on it: – steaks / meat / breasts (you just need to decide on temperature. But it’s enough to reverse the shooting once) – salmon steaks (there were no problems) – pancakes / pancakes (fast and tasty, I was very pleased) – toasts / hot sandwiches (a couple minutes and 4 toasts are ready) I am completely satisfied with the purchase. To everyone I advise.

Prokhorov roman

Advantages: Price, power. Heats up quickly. Well fries. Fat flows in special containers without running away anywhere along the way.
Minuses: Do not remove the grilles, it is inconvenient to wash. But I was to this is ready.
Disadvantages: Pretty simple device, which is easy copes with meat, and with buters, and with vegetables. Fries everything fast and evenly. Extra fats are not needed. Non-stick coating looks reliable. So far, nothing has been scratched. I generally happy

Sokolova Tanya

Pluses: Great for steaks. Heats up instantly. Metal case. The liquid does not drain into a tray, but into a separate a cup, which is very convenient for washing. Fully justified expectations.
Minuses: Short power cord. Figures of the level of heating on the thermostat got worn out very quickly.
Minuses: There is a feeling that it does not support evenly temperature since heating turns on when the meat is already stopped hiss. But maybe it was planned, after all, the main result is the meat remains juicy even with excessive frying.

Ilyasov Pavel

Pluses: I don’t know how I lived without him. Beautiful grill, fries quickly and efficiently. 2 minutes for sausages on max power, 10 minutes chicken legs, 6 minutes kupaty. Wonderful!
Disadvantages: if there was a timer shutdown and were shot washing plates would be generally perfect. But it is not deadly.
Minuses: Great grill, especially for such a price (2900 b., November 2016). Husband gave me a present for mother’s day – very happy, I advise. As before, I can’t do without it 🙂

Zamiralova Marina

Pluses: Inexpensive, high-quality, functional, easy to use.
Disadvantages: First of all, a short cord.
Minuses: Fried vegetables, fish, meat. The heating power is enough with more than. Juice, fat flows down the discharge channel directly into the glass, which comes in the kit, there are even two of them. 🙂 If something burned, then with a special scraper (included) a scraper and easily everything departs. When it cooled, wiped it with a bougain towel. I recommend this grill.

vadim vadim

Pluses: quickly and tasty cooks!
Minuses: not yet

Tselykovskikh Natalya

Advantages: Price. Quality. Control.
Minuses: Not very convenient to wash.
Minuses: Long time choosing a grill with my husband, in the end we decided to take one of the cheapest, to understand whether we need it. The choice fell on this one. I AM very pleased. Nothing flies, superfluous flows perfectly liquid and fat in the tank. Coverage inspires confidence in me. Perfectly cooks vegetables, steaks, fish, meatballs. (Everything I tried to cook bye) I use it almost every day. To clean, I’m still warm I wipe with napkins.

Tasha zaika

Pluses: Not expensive. It’s quite good for frying)
Minuses: The inconvenience of washing
Minuses: Fixed panels, due to which 4. Yes, it can prices, but it may be worth it to overpay. Washing is very uncomfortable. AND I use it all the time. There were no problems

Fimanov Danil

Pluses: Worthy of his appointment Easy to clean
Minuses: At maximum power cooks quickly, but meat dries a little.

Luchezar Svyatogor

Pluses: Heats up quickly, doesn’t play anything like in other models, compact, sufficient cooking surface, not stinks, an indispensable quick assistant with delicious healthy food for a small amount of time.
Disadvantages: Fixed panels. Due to the fact that you can not rinse under water – avoid detergents. I use the composition-soda + drip a quarter on top of lemon juice) I try not to rub too much fat itself is removed. It seems that the surface is not erased and the food does not smell then fairies and all sorts of harmful nonsense.
Minuses: Good grill! More than six months have passed. Cooking vegetables, steaks, sausages, meatballs, breasts. We cook the most vegetables. Nothing burns too much. Heats up quickly. And when bored, cleaned in the closet)))

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