Maxwell MW-1451

Maxwell MW-1451

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Characteristics Maxwell MW-1451

General characteristics

A type electronic
Weight limit 5 kg
Measurement accuracy 1 g
Tarocompensation there is
Sequential weighing there is
Fluid volume measurement there is


Timer not
Clock not


Type of battery CR2032
Battery Indication there is
Overload indication there is
Auto power off there is


Packaging design bowl
Bowl volume 0.8 L
Bowl material plastic
Body material plastic

Reviews about Maxwell MW-1451

Advantages: price-dimensions-accuracy of measurements
Minuses: small weighing bowl
Disadvantages: ideal price-quality category.

Andreev Nikolay

Advantages: Simple functionality, accuracy, long work without battery change

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: Comfortable, lightweight reliable, fairly accurate. Nice model. thank

Astr olgastra

Pluses: Convenient plate, which after use covers the scales and this makes their dimensions more compact, and safe storage
Minuses: excellent !!! I actively use and rejoice) I weigh their servings and baking ingredients, which is now still it turns out better 🙂

Kuzmina Tatyana

Advantages: Accurate, convenient scales with a bowl, function Thawing The battery lives in them for a long time.
Minuses: not found
Minuses: Excellent scales. Served faithfully for years six, if not more. I had to change the batteries once a year, and not as it is now on some models monthly. Died of old age – the power button broke during daily use)))

Belyakova Natalia

Advantages: Lightweight, compact, accurate. on one battery work for about a year with regular use – baking of bread.
Disadvantages: Disadvantages, what are you talking about?
Minuses: I use the bowl only as a lid. For I use any other kitchen packaging in the kitchen in excess. And to keep one more special dish for weighing is not really want

Vergunova Ekaterina

Advantages: Decent product, simple and convenient.

Glukhovchenko Alexey

Advantages: Price
Disadvantages: After 2 years, the battery mount broke off. Repairs quite expensive. It’s easier to buy new ones. Battery changed 1 time.
Minuses: Scales are convenient. Easy to use. Pretty accurate.


Advantages: Convenient design, you can weigh large containers and it does not overlap the screen.
Disadvantages: They began to fail after 2 months, when turned on showed zeros and did not respond to weight. Handed back to score.
Minuses: Honestly, in appearance and cheap price, they do not trust called, but after reading so many positive reviews, we decided to take, because they are the only ones who were in the store with such design.


Advantages: 1. Convenient bowl: does not move off the scales, in upside down completely covers the scales). 2. Exact (yes reference weights 100-200-300gr). 3. Has auto power off after 2 minutes. 4. You can put any of your dishes and zero the container. five. Withstands weight up to 3 kg! 6. Convenient buttons with small and clear underway. 7. Accurately weighs even if the subject is not in the center containers (for example, a long cucumber, sausage, etc.) 8. Even under 20cm plate you can see the display with the data. 9. Has a feature weighing liquids (water and milk).
Disadvantages: 1. Replacing the battery for some may cause difficulties (element 2032 must be pry off with a thin slotted screwdriver, knife or nail file)
Minuses: This model my wife really likes. She is for balanced nutrition, therefore, uses them daily. The battery is still alive. Parents had different scales, there are buttons like on TV remotes, here as on old push-buttons cellular. Convenient screen, no need to bend down to find out how much weight. You can put your plate / cup and turn on the scale – calibration to zero will follow and no need to reset again. Difference between the weight of milk and water is about 5g per 100ml.

Zimkin Alexey

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