Maxwell MW-1303

Maxwell MW-1303

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Characteristics Maxwell MW-1303

General characteristics

A type chopper
Multisection Yes
Power 150 watts
Bowl capacity no data
Blender not
Control number of speeds: 1


Juicer not
Meat grinder not
Miller not
Nozzles disc for french fries, grater, nozzle for slicing, julienne disc total number of nozzles: 4


Overload protection there is
Execution case: plastic
Storage space for nozzles there is
Power cord length 1 m
Rubber feet there is

Reviews about Maxwell MW-1303

Advantages: A variety of nozzles, compactness, very easy wash
Minuses: A bit noisy
Disadvantages: Since our family is very fond of salads, but nobody likes to use a grater, then we have been looking for this for a long time the device so that it grates by itself and so that a minimum of dishes cooking has been used. Multisection Maxwell MW-1303 answered our main requests. Assembled-disassembled elementary, washes under the tap for half a minute (or in the dishwasher car) and most importantly, the salad rubs directly into the cup in which You can serve salad on the table! And just as important, multi-cut Looks pretty on the table. Still very happy that there is nozzle for fries)) Now potato pancakes, carrot salad and cabbage, “herring under a fur coat”, very appear on our table often. Even my husband rated this unit at 5!


Pluses: Compact, good design, rubs almost Korean carrots with a nozzle No. 9 (coarse grater) (6 medium carrots left about a minute), easy to assemble, disassemble and wash. Good rubs semi-soft cheese “Natura” with a nozzle 8. Grinds almost without residues. Price 1500 rub.
Disadvantages: With nozzle number 8 and 10 (small graters) in a short time it is impossible to rub the carrots finely – it does not pull, it does, despite that the instruction says “use nozzle number 8 for carrots “and for more than 2 minutes the chopper did not work. Very narrow throat of the nozzle holder (thick carrots do not go there)
Disadvantages: Experience in use – a few days. Broke off reading the instructions after purchase – operating mode 2 minutes after 5 (cools down). I bought this chopper, because not found for sale lightweight device that shreds carrots “in Korean” (the seller told me that for 6 years of work she had never seen one like this). Initially, I did not want to take 150 watts, but I bribed the price of 1500r. in January 2016 (he was left alone). I believe that if beauty slicing is not critical, it is better to use a powerful blender – there many times more products.

Ru Marina

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