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Characteristics of MAUNFELD MGHG 64 17RIG

General characteristics

Panel Type gas hob
Installation independent
Dimensions (WxD) 60 x 51 cm


Panel Material strained glass
Total burners 4
Gas burners 4
Gas burners “Triple crown” 1

Control Panel

Panel Location in front
Switches rotary
Electric ignition yes, automatic


Gas control hobs there is
Cast iron grates there is
Colour burner panels – black

MAUNFELD MGHG 64 17RIG reviews

Pluses: Design, compactness
Minuses: not found
Minuses: Completely updated the kitchen, so choose design, this model fits perfectly. Outwardly looks very unusual, especially compared to standard hobs. We do not regret at all that we have acquired, all guests and relatives are already appreciated. Loved the durable steel handles, such in others models are not met. In addition, I liked the relative compact model)

Lyubshin Alexander

Pluses: Appearance, metal feed controls gas
Minuses: No
Minuses: I really like this hob, because it is made for work and in good conscience. Cast iron removable the grills are well cleaned if food enters surface. Convenient metal knob switches that long use will not crack or scratch. Appearance cookers are generally attractive. Fits beautifully into the interior the kitchen is not bulky.

Klyueva Ulyana

Advantages: The glass is very high quality, dries after cleaning instantly and without stains, burners work without a single notes, automatic electric ignition is also very convenient thing
Minuses: Everything met expectations
Minuses: I’m in love with the Maunfeld technique and this cooking the panel also makes me happy as well as other equipment from this brand on my kitchen. It looks stunning. All the same, matte finish It looks very expensive and fashionable, and gold steel handles add to the overall look of the feeling that this model is much more than its price. In general, I am very pleased with the purchase, still this the brand makes very high-quality kitchen appliances

Queen Galina

Pluses: beautiful, suitable for any interior, attracts attention, excellent glass, beautiful pens
Minuses: The panel is just perfect, fits perfectly into our the kitchen. We have it light beige, so the contrast is very attractive Attention. It is easy to clean, it is also quite easy to install. Itself tempered glass panel, beautiful handles in gold. IN The control panel is very simple. In general, we were satisfied that acquired it, because there are still similar ones in this segment panels

Parfenova Evgenia

Pluses: quality, appearance
Minuses: was not
Disadvantages: Good day. I will tell you my opinion about gas stove. In connection with the deplorable state of the apartment decided finally make repairs in it and the turn came to the kitchen with a stove. Having looked at various models on various online stores the choice fell on this model. Spouse was fascinated by the unusual appearance, management is carried out using steel handles, which is very conveniently. Unlike other models, this is an excellent leader in due to the optimal combination of price and quality. Installation occurred on Surprise quickly and without snag. We use it for six months and there are no complaints from our side. We do not regret the purchase.

Little Victor

Advantages: High quality at a reasonable price
Minuses: No
Minuses: Good afternoon. Last month after moving to a new apartment, the question arose of buying a new gas stove. Of all variety of choice settled on this model. The main The advantages for us are the exclusive appearance, steel pens and characteristics of this model, which surpasses its there are many rivals. Satisfied with the purchase, it works fine!

Vanya Petrov

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