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Specifications Headphones Marshall Mode

main parameters

Device type headphones with microphone
View plug-in (plugs), closed
A type dynamic
Frequency Response Range 20 – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity 99 dBA
Impedance 39 Ohm


Diaphragm diameter 9 mm
Number of drivers 1
Mount type without fastening
Cable type symmetric


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
Headphone jack shape L-shaped


Features: replaceable ear pads
Number of pairs of replaceable ear pads included 4
Additional Information Remote Control

Reviews about Headphones Marshall Mode

Pluses: Good headphones, powerful bass.
Disadvantages: But they broke, unfortunately, after 3 months of use. The right earpiece is off.

Bardin Sergey

Pluses: Sound. The wire. Assembly. Weight.
Disadvantages: Soundproofing
Disadvantages: The sound is good, not that ah, not suitable for ardent fanatics. The lower classes are moderate, good average, the high ones are cut. There is essentially no sound insulation, when you put it on, you hear everything around it, both good and bad. It's good on the street – you can't get hit by a car, it's bad at home – where there are no cars, but it would be nice to isolate yourself.

Gorgulov Pavel

Advantages: sound, tactile sensations from the headset in general
Disadvantages: after 2 months, the sound in the right plug disappeared. something goes away. an unpleasant surprise for such a company ..

Dmi Yuri

Pluses: Good sound. And all
Disadvantages: One earpiece broke in the second week. But this is purely subjective, mb squeezed somewhere or pulled. The rustling of the wire when driving is very disturbing.

Akutin Andrey

Pluses: Good sound, well made
Disadvantages: Wire makes noise when rubbing against clothing
Disadvantages: At first you need to get used to large plugs, but this is a feature of all aperture headphones. By the way, you should take a closer look at the EQ version of these headphones, if you are not confused by the gold inserts.

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: Cool sound for headphones for 3200 rubles, very tight bass, which is rare for plugs, fit tightly in your ears, little tangled
Disadvantages: Need to warm up a little, a little hard to get out of ears
Disadvantages: Luxurious headphones. If you don't feel tight bass, change the earbuds to your size (the earbud should fit very tightly in your ear).

Mukhin Sasha

Advantages: Lack of sibilance – on the same tracks that other headphones sometimes cut the ear, these behave softly without adjusting the equalizer. The bass is “good”, the bassiest of all my headphones. I would even like to turn down the bass. It's good to play games and watch movies – headphones out of the blue manage to find bass and smooth out harsh sounds. Feeling like in a movie theater (but inexpensive, no 3D sound). They are normally suitable for public transport, where detail is not so important, but noise isolation, a pumping bass and a track change button are important.
Disadvantages: In a quiet environment, listening to them is not interesting. 1) relatively deaf headphones. the highest frequencies turn into hissing instead of rustling. Less high (6-9 khz) sound like a regular headset from a phone. Basses are present everywhere, but too intrusive and dull – as if music from the next room is playing. The lower mid-upper bass is not detailed – not suitable for electronic music. The voice does not sound interesting, medium budget. The equalizer is not treated. 2) panorama of the top three. You can hear that the instruments are playing, but there is no sense of volume, the reverberation cannot be made out. In addition, the sound source is easily positioned – it is clearly felt that the sound is coming to the head from the headphones and there is no immersion feeling. 3) overdo it with bass in music. quality is replaced by quantity. 4) quickly gets bored of listening due to obsessive booming. 5) a slight microphone effect even at positive temperatures 6) small crackles in the headphones when the plug moves in the connector
Disadvantages: Compared with Sony MDR 650 and Fiio Ex1 (aka Dunu Titan). Fiio is the complete opposite of Marhsall, lacking sub-bass with some unhealthy inflection in clarity and punch kicks. It's hard to say which is better, given that Fiio, on the contrary, is almost useless for the metro and noisy places and ideal for quiet ones. Sony is not premium, but better and cheaper than Marshall. Middle. I chose them for every day. In principle, if you have not bought headphones for more than 1500r before then you will be satisfied. If you already had plugs for 3-5 thousand, then how lucky is a matter of taste.


Pluses: Sound, convenience
Disadvantages: In transport and on a loud street, you can hear the environment (but you cannot hear the usual conversations of people), which can be both a disadvantage and an advantage – you will not get hit by a car.
Disadvantages: Great headphones, especially for someone taking their first steps towards good sound. The price tag for such a sound is more than adequate. Convenient attachment to clothing. Pleased with the range of interchangeable ear pads: from the smallest to the gigantic. Demanding more from a 3000+ earbud is simply unreasonable, so if you want great sound but aren't willing to spend 7000+, that's your choice.

Samsonov Alexander

Advantages: Sound, convenient control panel, comfortable headphones.
Disadvantages: I used two pairs of headphones, in one pair, after a month of operation, the right earpiece failed, in the second pair, after six months, the left earphone failed.
Disadvantages: After a month of inactive use, the sound in the right earpiece disappeared. I turned to the official service, where they recognized the factory defect day after day and gave an opinion. The store accepted the headphones with the conclusion (the courier arrived the next day) and handed over the same new headphones without question. After 6 months, the left earpiece failed them. In the same service, a factory defect was recognized, but they did not give a conclusion immediately, they took it for warranty repair and did it after 45 days.

Shapaev Alexey

Advantages: Sound, materials, design
Disadvantages: Reliability
Disadvantages: They would have good ears if they hadn't eaten the left ear, which stopped working after 3 months.


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