Marshall Mid Headphones Bluetooth

Marshall Mid Headphones Bluetooth

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Specifications Headphones Marshall Mid Bluetooth

main parameters

Device type Bluetooth – headphones with microphone
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A type dynamic


Diaphragm diameter 40 mm
Mount type headband
Design foldable
Cable type detachable

Wireless connection

Codec support AptX
Radius of action 10 m


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
Headphone jack shape L-shaped


Working hours 30 h


Multipoint there is


Features: twisted cord
Equipment detachable coiled cord for wired use; charging cable

Reviews about Headphones Marshall Mid Bluetooth

Pluses: Finally, no wires; It is even more convenient to listen with a hat than without it; Connects to iPhone 6s without problems; The sound is super (I used Yamaha plugs before);
Disadvantages: As already mentioned here, there is a short-term loss of connection with the phone (this can be described as playback delays), but this really happens only in the same places (for me specifically, this is about the tram tracks in Belarusian). There are no problems in the metro and other places
Disadvantages: The headphones suit everyone, a really high-quality product from the box to the sound. In the subway, audibility is excellent, even not at maximum volume. Ears hurt from long listening, although I have been using them for less than a month and 'long' for me is starting from 30 minutes)) but gradually the discomfort becomes less, I hope it will completely disappear with time. I don’t regret the purchase, it’s time to give up these wires! I bought myself a vacuum cleaner without wires and generally fire)) we are moving forward!

Shadrin Anatoly

Pluses: 1 – Bluetooth. You give the development of wireless technologies. The aptX codec does its job quickly and efficiently. It connects to the Device instantly if the headphones were previously connected to it. Signal capture radius indoors – 10 m, in open space – up to 25-30 m. 2 – Sound. The sound quality of low frequencies is good news. All percussion instruments sound natural and distortion-free even through Bluetooth listening. Other instruments also sound luscious and natural. 3 – Management. All necessary and sufficient functions are performed with one joystick! Ingeniously Simple Solution 4 – Head-mounted. Many consider this a “minus”, since the earbuds initially have a very small rim angle and press a lot. But this is brilliant! As a result, some. wearing time The headband conforms to the shape of the head and fits comfortably. You can practice any kind of sport with headphones (initially I purchased them for this) 5 – Design. Initially, I did not want to purchase them in this category. But as soon as you take them in your hands, touch them, turn them around – there was no desire to give them back. A very stylish accessory that can be worn even around the neck. 6 – Microphone in Headphones. A very convenient thing: you calmly talk to a person, and he hears you well. The only thing in noisy places is your voice can be heard due to excessive external noise.
Disadvantages: Sound again. Here to each his own. Equalizer built into the headphones increases the volume of Bass and Treble over Medium (101-95-100 dB). When listening to Bluetooth, a problem such as “midrange deafness” occurs. This is very evident in songs that are based on the Midrange (eg alternative rock, power metal, heavy metal). Therefore, I definitely advise you to listen to your music before buying headphones (so that you have an idea of ​​what inconveniences you may encounter).
Disadvantages: I am pleased with the purchase of this second-hand model. Marshall headphones. To my regret, I cannot compare with Marshall Major BT due to the lack of such a model. Marshall Mid can be connected to all Bluetooth – devices. It turned out to connect to Andoid, to Ayos, to the Computer and even to the Smart Watch! There are some interesting points with a computer: when connected to them, the Headphones are authorized as Three devices – Stereo sound, Mono sound and Microphone. The second one is used by default for any kind of conversation. The problem is that Stereo and Mono modes don't work at the same time. Because of this (for me so) Mono always works, and Stereo is “silent”. This problem does not appear with a 3.5-wire connection. Very interesting Marshall Mid headphones Bluetooth! I advise everyone to get to know them!

Barulin Alexander

Pluses: I liked the quality of workmanship, the materials of both the headphones themselves and the cords that come with the kit. The headphones fit well, I like the sound, they keep the charge for a long time.
Disadvantages: So far, I have not identified any obvious shortcomings.
Disadvantages: I took exactly Marshall Mid Bluetooth, not Marshall Major Bluetooth due to the reliability of the fastening. Because and on the internet, people and acquaintances of acquaintances complained about the fragility of the latter.

Lou Paul

Advantages: Very good sound, but it is important to understand that these are not monitor headphones after all. Nonetheless, these are the best wireless ears I've seen. Before that there were AKG K 845BT, marshals are definitely better. Hold charge for a long time. Space design. build quality pleases. The wire included is wonderful.
Disadvantages: A little pressure on the ears when wearing. but after a couple of days I got used to roofing felts, roofing felts they grew up.

Pavlukhin Ilya

Pluses: Sound quality The sound is simply divine: low frequencies are not overwhelmed, just in moderation. The sound is dense, while all the nuances are heard. It is a pleasure to listen. How I started using these headphones – I switched to flac. I didn’t understand the joke before and mp3 320 kb / s was enough. Immediately, the sound is completely “revealed” and flac suggests itself. Battery I listen to music for 2-3 hours a day. With this use, the charge lasts for a MONTH, which is beyond competition. Design, assembly and materials The headphones are very stylish: the rim is entirely metal, covered with leather, the cups are made of plastic, but the texture is also made to match the leather. The headphones do not play, do not creak, everything is very high quality and reliably assembled. Microphone I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. The interlocutor hears everything clearly, the difference between the microphone of the phone and the headphones is almost imperceptible. In a noisy environment, of course, you can't talk, because you can hear absolutely everything around, but thanks for that.
Disadvantages: At first it was very difficult to wear. The headphones pressed so hard that the skull cracked. For 2-3 months, either I got used to it, or the headphones were worn out, but there is no more discomfort. Periodically bluetooth plays naughty – the sound croaks, jams or disappears altogether. But this, I think, is not in the headphones themselves, but in the “interfering” signals or frequencies. When I listen indoors, everything is fine, but there are glitches in the subway or on the street. Interestingly, the sound jams every time you cross the tram line) There is no cover included. I would like an equally cool case for such cool headphones)
Disadvantages: For some, the lack of new technologies, such as active noise cancellation, pause when removing headphones, etc. will be disadvantages. I believe that these headphones are about sound quality, not about technological chips. All the manufacturability of this model is aimed at amazing sound. When buying, I chose between several models. As a result, after listening to all the options, doubts disappeared by themselves. Sound quality is just heaven and earth compared to the competition. In short, take it and you won't regret it!

Lukashin Evgeny

Pluses: They sit perfectly, the sound is pleasant (I use it in tandem with Fiio x1). Manufacturing materials at a height.
Disadvantages: 30 hours without wires saves. Pick it up, listen before buying and everything will become clear.


Advantages: sound price quality
Disadvantages: not everyone will be comfortable to wear, personally I'm super

Chkolyan Artur

Pluses: Atomic battery. The sound on the mids is just super. Build quality. Convenient high-quality cable. The build materials are just as good. Convenient design (to carry) compared to eg Major.
Disadvantages: Joystick control. Not all heads. For two months of very dense use (almost every day) it did not work out to carry them. My pain threshold is quite high, but after 2-3 hours the socks on my head, my ears start to burn so that sometimes you think it will come to amputation. The inner rim of the pillow attachment eats into the ear very strongly, when I take it off, traces are visible, I don't know, maybe this is due to the excessive softness of the pillows themselves. In general, whoever has ears sticking out – I highly recommend that you first try to wear them.
Disadvantages: I'm not an audiophile, I don't even really feel the difference between a wire and bluetooth, let alone the difference between aptX and a standard codec. Just note that the sound is very good. They are best suited for midrange and bass. Those. rock, metal, electronics. Everything else sounds good too, but without the wow effect. The battery lasts for a very, very long time, that's how 30 hours are stated, so no less for sure. They turned out to be extremely long-playing. Although the wire is not often used, it looks very reliable, compact, convenient and even majestic 🙂 Only the shrinkage on my head saddens, more or less found the optimal location, but the problem has not disappeared, although home-work, work-home travel enough “comfortable” time. Also this joystick control. I don't know who came up with this idea, but it is clearly not the most successful one. First, the control is inverted vertically i.e. shift to the right is to rewind. If you look from the point of view of walking, then it turns out to be a shift backward – rewinding, it would seem logical, but! This little golden ugly pimp is not located on the main plane of the shells, but on their rounding! When you try to imagine how it is located in relation to the head, in which direction it needs to be pulled to get exactly what you want – every time the head boils. I could not bring this matter to automatism (intuition), every time I swear when, instead of increasing the volume, I rewind. Well, turning them off is difficult, you need to press and hold the button exactly in the center – it's just hell.

Kilis Nikita

Advantages: – sound – noise reduction – build quality – presence of a plug-in wire with an additional microphone – appearance
Disadvantages: – no case / bag
Disadvantages: Already at the stage of unpacking it is clear that this is a high-quality thing worth the money. The headphones have a very reliable metal construction (you need to try to break it). High quality of all materials. I was very pleased that the design was thought out to the smallest detail both from an aesthetic point of view and from the point of view of convenience. For example, all control is carried out with just one lever, which is made of gold-plated metal and is located in a convenient place under the left hand. The charge lasts for a very long time, even more than stated at times. As for the sound. Of course, first of all, it is worth remembering that if you decide to listen to music on Bluetooth, then you can hardly be called a convinced connoisseur of sound) But nevertheless, for Bluetooth – headphones sound at mid above all praise. Soft bass is exactly what it should be – clean, not too ringing highs and fairly flat mids. The first few days the ears got a little tired, but then they got used to it. The microphone works fine, I can be heard well. Recommend!

Fedin Svyatoslav

Advantages: The main advantage is the joystick button on the headphone case. With the help of it, it is super convenient to switch tracks, adjust the volume, pause, because no need to be distracted and poke your phone. More pluses – build quality, ease of wearing, appearance. Low frequencies are normal.
Disadvantages: Sound quality. High and especially the middle … When I bought these headphones, I wanted to get a sound similar to the Marshall major II, but the mid sound is much worse, unfortunately. We put two models next to each other – major II and these – connected in turn through the same cable to the same phone – and the sound on mid is much (!) Worse, in principle, almost an ordinary “mess” like in cheap headphones. Major II (I mean non-bluetooth major II model) is far from outstanding detail. “The difference between .mp3 and .flac” I don't think I'll ever notice.
Disadvantages: I checked the headphones after> 20 hours of sound, so they are definitely warmed up, although I'm sure that warming up is not necessary. I’m not an audiophile, I don’t plug headphones over gold wires, and I don’t expect warm sound. Listened naturally from different sound cards via cable + from the phone via bluetooth. There is a professional sound card Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, unfortunately the expected sound quality did not appear on any sound card … I ordered it from Amazon, there is no doubt about its authenticity. In fairness, it should be noted that the sound is still better than average headphones like the Sennheiser HD 215 II.

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