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Features Manfrotto PIXI Mini

Main characteristics

Tripod Type tripod desktop
Shooting height from 13.5 cm
Maximum load 1 kg
Length (folded) 18.5 cm
Head not included
Weight 0.19 kg

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Reviews

Advantages: design, workmanship
Disadvantages: price

Tsarkov Sergey

Pluses: Small, lightweight, comfortable, put 5 s +
Minuses: while everything suits
Minuses: nice, compact tripod, very convenient mount and adjustment

Oskolov Mikhail

Advantages: Workmanship (materials), compactness.
Minuses: Given the purpose, then no.
Cons: Purchased for use with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II. The bunch looks organic. Helps to shoot video in as a handle, and in the Lego apartment to shoot. In the plans do time lapses.

Demenchuk Oleg

Advantages: Reliable design, lightweight, compact, steady No problem holds Canon 50D + 50mm EF.
Minuses: No
Minuses: Nice, nice thing.

Stepkin Andrey

Advantages: Compact, reliable, well fixed, easy to in circulation – just one button that you need to click to change position. Rubber foot pads. Pleasant to the touch.)
Disadvantages: Although compact, but not in every pocket fits. Yes and for a pocket it’s heavy, it seems to me, but in a jacket, bag or a backpack is just that. Already written about the angle of rotation – although I’m bad I can imagine how this is actually implemented on small tripods so that they did not tip over and stood firmly.
Minuses: Perfectly approached my Fujifilm X30 (~ 450g.) – holds confidently at any angle.

Justov Denis

Advantages: Appearance, light weight, compactness, design, convenient button for changing the position of the head, rubber gaskets on legs.
Minuses: The maximum angle of rotation is about 40 degrees, which is pretty bad for macro, and the vertical shot isn’t You will do without an adapter.
Minuses: I always carry with me, I helped out more than once. In the bag does not take up space at all. Holds a DSLR with a weight of 1.5 kg (while it is better to put a leg under the lens because under similar weight tripod begins to sag slightly and may break).

Zolotorevich Roman

Advantages: Compact, lightweight, mobile. Very comfortable adjustment.
Minuses: No
Minuses: The best tripod. Large tripods roll around at home and don’t are used, and this one always fits in a small bag, and the place where to attach it is always possible to find. Recommend

Nemov Dmitry

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