Liebherr Tsl 1414

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The best single-chamber refrigerators for summer cottages

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Specifications of Liebherr Tsl 1414

General characteristics

Freezer from above
Color / Coating Material silver / plastic / metal
Control electromechanical
Energy consumption class A + (177 kWh / year)
Number of compressors 1
Number of cameras 1
Number of doors 1
Dimensions (WxDxH) 50.1x62x85 cm


Defrosting the freezer manual
Defrosting the refrigerator drip system
Standalone cold preservation up to 10 hours
Power freeze up to 2 kg / day


Overall volume 122 l
Volume of the refrigerator 108 l
Freezer volume 14 l

Other functions and features

Ice maker is absent
Shelf Material glass
The ability to outweigh the door there is
Noise level up to 41 dB
Climate class SN, ST

Reviews on Liebherr Tsl 1414

Pluses: as described
Minuses: We are 5 adults and one 2 year old, all places enough, freezes as it should, the floor is not the most even but the refrigerator not complaining, a little pokotsali iron magnets. Conclusion: Liebher pretty boy !


Pluses: Great fridge!
Minuses: No
Disadvantages: We have 6 such refrigerators in the studios, they work without complaints.

Pudovkin Andrey

Pluses: color, as it fits perfectly into the decor rooms, white would be inappropriate, compactness, appearance.
Disadvantages: during the day it is not heard at all, but at night it is noisy, but it’s not him the only one
Disadvantages: a good inexpensive refrigerator, for a year of use not I never regretted that I chose him

Filippova Irina

Pluses: Design
Minuses: Noisy
Minuses: Noisy like an old Soviet refrigerator. For the rest normal, but now I want to buy something more expensive)

White alex

Pluses: Quiet, roomy, does not break at all.
Minuses: no
Minuses: I bought a refrigerator for the room, because I need where then store yogurts, drink, fruit and curds for a 10 month old son who sleeps in this room, very quiet, can not be heard at all works, cut off the electricity so he 13 hours stood, the refrigerator did not even flow …

Kuznetsov Alexey

Pluses: Compact, quiet
Minuses: No
Minuses: Great fridge. It stands in the room and its completely Can not hear. Noise may be caused by improperly placed dishes or something else. It freezes well.

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Pluses: When choosing a priority: class power consumption, shelf material, color, size. This is all in this refrigerator. Beautiful, comfortable, compact. It freezes well. Steadily costs.
Minuses: Pretty noisy. When you turn on the motor, you hear gurgling, transfusion through its narrow tubes of substance.
Minuses: The price does not match the quality. Noisy and pretty strong. You sit and wait .. when he shuts up) Delivered in the room. When she just turned it on, she woke up at night because of his noise. Earlier, living in a hostel where the cheapest refrigerator was small (about 3-4 thousand max), it was not so noisy and never woke up at night because of his motor. In my opinion, whoever has a kitchen is the one for the kind of money will buy a good, big fridge. Who’s in the dorms communal apartments, will look for a quiet refrigerator. To the country, buy much cheaper. Let’s see what will happen next .. if I do not forget, I will unsubscribe later

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