LG LB645E329T1

LG LB645E329T1

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Specifications of LG LB645E329T1

General characteristics

Oven electric independent
Volume 67 l
Energy consumption class A, connection power 3 kW
Dimensions (HxWxD) 59.5 x 59.3 x 55.3 cm
Maximum temperature 250 ° C


Heating modes 7
Grill there is an electric
Convection there is
Defrosting there is


Switches recessed
Timer there is
Display sensory


Skewer not
Oven door folding
Telescopic rails there is
The number of door glass three
Oven cleaning hydrolysis
Other functions and features camera backlight, cooling fan, protective shutdown
Clock there are electronic
Body color the black


Additional Information one telescopic guide; EasyClean coating mode “Easy cleaning” (manual start), smooth closing of the door, one telescopic rail, weight 34 kg; deep pan

LG LB645E329T1 reviews

Advantages: 1. Excellent bakes! Everything turns out evenly Baked, very tasty. 2. Does not break the voltage on the case. See the comment !!! 3. The quality of materials and assembly, appearance. IN Compared to other plates in the store, just a cut above. After it, I don’t feel like touching other cabinets, as if something Disposable consumer goods around. 4. Quiet fan operation.
Disadvantages: 1. Condensation from the inside of the outer glass drains to the floor / furniture! See Comment. 2. Thermal insulation. Oven Heats furniture stronger than my old. This is due to the thinner layer. isolation, as the inner space is larger than usual. By the way more baking sheets, it’s problematic to wash in the sink. 3. Feet on which the oven is installed, not around the perimeter, like everyone else, but on great distance. Those. niche for installation must be required with a bottom! In many headsets, just the bottom drawer is made with pieces of wood around the perimeter. Look, and then remodel the kitchen. 4.On the handle with the choice of modes there is a division “lighting” which does not works. In support of LG, they said that the lighting was carried out on touch button (the way it is), and the left handle remains old and division is not removed. Bullshit … I thought I was broken until I called lg. 5. Positioning. There is exactly the same LG model LB645329T1 (without the letter “E”). LG support said models with the letter “E” specifically for a particular store, exclusive. Personally, I do not like such games.
Minuses: Beautiful oven, well-assembled, bakes fine. But it can ruin the furniture. In grill mode, when cooking dishes with a high moisture content, condensate drips with drops the inside of the outside glass on the floor, furniture. Problem leakage is not removable, dial on the Internet. When grilling, I push the bottom drawer so as not to spoil it. Key feedback on this the model is apparently printed by representatives of the store for which exclusive. Plus look at the dates and the people who leave them. A big plus: we have in Russia most of the housing stock without grounding. In which you can not use electric in a good way cabinets. But if you really want to … So, this oven does not have voltage on the case in the network without grounding. I tried two beko, burning, everything on the body gives out 80-110 V. The arbitrariness says it norm, due to the use of filters, the principle of operation and all Ovens issue on the body. For me personally, it was a problem, so how to advise the oven without stress on the body or who could not, only by brute force and change. Now on the case is zero, set RCD, use calmly.

Golovachev Andrey

Advantages: 1) convection 2) solid assembly 3) 3-layer door glass 4) telescopic rails
Minuses: no
Disadvantages: Would you know what turns out in this oven grilled chicken! Just for the sake of this chicken it was worth buying this oven. In general, 7 heating modes, convection, backlight. Regulators controls are recessed. In general, a very high-quality oven, and cons until I saw it

Mauritian Semyon

Pluses: I like it. The oven is easy to clean. (easy-to-clean EASYCLEAN coating, easy manual cleaning mode start). Reliable and durable. From quality materials. Door it closes smoothly. No sharp slamming. 6 levels shelf position.
Minuses: no defects
Minuses: So far, very little cooking experience in this the oven. But, considering that it’s so easy to care for her, and it’s not necessary no vigorous chemicals, I will cook more and more often. By cost is not a particularly expensive pleasure. Cooking in it is nice. There is even a timer that will inform you about the end without any problems. cooking time. Lots of cooking options. There is a grill. Defrost mode, convection mode. Now I’m thinking how much I translated products when I tried to bake in my old oven. Burned down constantly. The crust was dry and tasteless. And here the pie is rosy on all sides, and manages to cook in just 15-20 minutes. An hour of work – and 3 pies with different fillings on the table. And my homemade cakes are very fond of. So I definitely have this cake appreciated.

Hapneva Valeria

Minuses: Decent oven, fulfills its features, was looking for an oven with recessed switches, and touch screen, it’s a pity that cleaning is not pyrolysis

Kireeva Tatyana

Pluses: Unpretentious in operation, very beautiful It looks like cooking is a pleasure
Disadvantages: I want two of these, but not enough space)))
Minuses: The oven is just great, of the advantages: easy wash, very easy to operate, no squeaks even after long-term operation, in general, the hostess was satisfied!

Salon Time

Pluses: The most important virtue is extremely tasty food. And everything else is not so important.
Minuses: For several months of use I did not notice disadvantages.
Minuses: Very pleased with this oven. Required buy, do not regret it!

whitewashed maria

Pluses: ergonomics, stylish design, beautiful temperature holding
Minuses: size
Minuses: It works without failures, when setting the temperature everything clearly, nothing burns. Most like doing dishes in clay pots – it turns out like in a rustic stove. On my look, the oven is pre-large, but you can cook for your favorite put up with this flaw.

Miles asha

Pluses: a great model for home. multifunctional. easy to use. does not require large effort in work. Baking does not stick

Magpie Catherine

Advantages: Here are a few points on which I chose an oven, as I found the oven of my dreams, and I’ll take them to advantages: – Design. Fits perfectly in my new kitchen – Energy saving, I bake often and this was taken into account when model selection – Many temperature modes, choose any – Stylish electronic control board – Still like recessed switches and lock mode, it is safe when the child is nearby on the kitchen
Minuses: Heats up, but not much
Minuses: After the repair, we decided to buy an independent wind cupboard and gas stove. I have never regretted my decision. As many as 7 modes for fans to cook something. Everything seems to be baked evenly. Easy to care and wash. I consider a successful purchase

Ivanova Natalya

Minuses: no
Minuses: Oven, this is my assistant in the kitchen, dishes it’s just amazing, I’m happy with my family with fresh pastries almost everyday

Anfisa Nemchanova

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