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Specifications GR-N309 LLB

General characteristics

Freezer from below
Color / Coating Material white / metal
Control electronic
Energy consumption class A (330 kWh / year)
Number of compressors 1
Refrigerant R600a (isobutane)
Number of cameras 2
Number of doors 2
Dimensions (WxDxH) 55.4×54.4×177.5 cm


Freshness zone there is
Defrosting the freezer No frost
Defrosting the refrigerator No frost
Standalone cold preservation up to 12 hours
Power freeze up to 10 kg / day
Additional features super cooling, super freezing, temperature display


Overall volume 245 l
Volume of the refrigerator 181 l ”
Freezer volume 64 l

Other functions and features

Ice maker included
Shelf Material glass
The ability to outweigh the door there is
Noise level up to 37 dB
Weight 73 kg

LG GR-N309 LLB Reviews

Advantages: He is quiet. Compared to the usual one for sure. Chills unbelievable. Very convenient section for ice.
Minuses: Very little space inside. Be sure to look live. The picture is more optimistic.
Minuses: It is difficult to install in the closet. Everywhere Everything by Level horizontally and vertically, and the cracks cannot be removed.

Ragimov nidzhat

Advantages: super-freezing mode, if the door is left open, it notifies with sound, it works practically silently
Minuses: no
Disadvantages: Roomy, but only 177.5 m in height. And then in two-meter would be difficult to climb on the upper shelves (neither me, neither wife came out). According to the characteristics, the refrigerator also suits. Both the refrigerator and the No Frost freezer. There are no comments. Who is already appreciated this wonderful technology, they will understand me. Absolutely no problem in work, and maintenance. And no condensation. And many times products are stored longer.

Chabanov Peter

Pluses: Quiet and economical! No Frost – both cameras. Button disconnection – do not remove the plug from the outlet. Signal open the door. Super freezing at the touch of a button. Temperature indication. Universal Miracle Zone temperature-controlled compartment. Ice mold and ice compartment.
Minuses: NO
Minuses: … no words)

Ubsky Alexander

Pluses: Silent, energy efficient.
Minuses: not outfitted

Salauat zhailau

Pluses: Convenient location of shelves
Minuses: Price
Minuses: They took a refrigerator to the office. It is convenient, products well stored, you do not need to defrost there’s especially no one to look after the refrigerator feels.

Lyubkina Katyushka

Pluses: I bought a refrigerator LG GR-N309 LLB about 5 years ago. It works clearly, silently, without breakdowns. No need to defrost. The technique is high-quality and worthy of attention.
Disadvantages: There are no disadvantages.

Markova Alla

Pluses: No Frost technology, multifunctionality, good freezes, cools perfectly, beautiful appearance, zone freshness.
Minuses: Price, consumes a lot of energy
Minuses: My husband and I bought this refrigerator after made repairs in the kitchen and we needed a built-in refrigerator. I immediately liked this model, read a bunch of positive reviews and finally made a choice. This fridge has all you need is a lot of useful features. Works enough Quiet, very good freezes and cools. The price is certainly not cheap, but built-in refrigerators are cheap and not worth it. One of the drawbacks – This is a high power consumption. We were very pleased with the purchase and nothing to regret.

Kozhevnikova Svetlana

Pluses: Quiet, super-sleek design + No frost technology

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Works great. It does not require defrosting. Very Glad you bought a built-in refrigerator, it looks very aesthetically pleasing.
Minuses: Freezers are not enough. We freeze a lot on in winter, I had to buy a separate freezer.
Minuses: If my friends need a refrigerator, I will advise only such, there are no shortcomings in it.

Sokolova Liana

Pluses: good roominess, freezes well, food stores perfectly. No noise, which is very good (thin walls, and behind them The child is sleeping).
Disadvantages: not found.
Disadvantages: Just what I wanted, built-in. This is very convenient and comfortable, plus plenty of room and freezes well. Not any noise and odor. Read many reviews, while it seems satisfied. It has been over a year and so far only pleases))


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