Kuppersbusch EEB 6260.0 JX1

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Kuppersbusch EEB 6260.0 JX1 Specifications

General characteristics

Oven electric independent
Volume 56 l
Energy consumption class A, connection power 3.22 kW
Dimensions (HxWxD) 59.7 x 59.5 x 56.2 cm
Maximum temperature 290 ° C


Heating modes 9
Grill there is
Convection there is
Defrosting there is


Switches sensory
Timer yes, with shutdown
Display sensory


Skewer not
Oven door folding
The number of door glass three
Oven cleaning catalytic
Other functions and features camera backlight, cooling fan, protective shutdown
Clock there are electronic
Body color silver

Kuppersbusch EEB 6260.0 JX1 Reviews

Pluses: Design, convenience, quality, many modes heating up.
Minuses: They are not and cannot be!
Minuses: Recently, my husband and I decided to make repairs on kitchen, for a long time chose different options. Decided to stay at this models. Of the advantages: excellent, stylish design, responsive sensor, compact enough, a variety of heating modes, and most importantly – backlight! There are no cons and can not be. Buy, not get lost !!!

Boo shany

Pluses: Excellent oven design, very comfortable and easy to fit into the design of our kitchen, great price!
Minuses: Not found!
Disadvantages: It turned out to be very convenient in operation, easy to wash, nice to cook. Made in Germany. There is a grill. Convenient timer. Convenient touch display, very happy with the purchase! Recommend!

Yaroslav bojko

Pluses: Fits well in the kitchen design. Ergonomic in use. Convenient display. Grill. Function present defrosting.
Minuses: No defects
Minuses: Hello everyone! Recently I got myself this miracle thing! Fits perfectly into my kitchen, like a glove! Very ergonomic to use. Convenient touch display, there is a grill, there is a defrost function. Baked chicken – it turns out excellent. Cooking baked goods is also a pleasure! Very pleased the acquisition! Recommend!

Managers Group

Pluses: Easy to use, modern design, good product quality.
Minuses: Not found!
Minuses: Very good, modern German model production. Everything is thought out! Interesting, modern design, black glass, touch panel, indication on the display of red colors are very beautiful, protective functions, defrosting functions, cooling .. The price corresponds to a good quality product. Bought Now we don’t dream of the best, everyone is happy!

Wilson Oksana

Advantages: Functional, stylish, practical and compact. Good management.
Minuses: not found. In general, this manufacturer did not have bad patterns
Minuses: Last week, gave his wife instead of the old one, she in no way jumps from happiness. Now she can cook what anytime, anytime. It is very convenient to wash. In a way, this the cabinet replaced the microwave. I myself am satisfied. Perfectly entered the interior the kitchen.

sitnikov Nikolay

Pluses: Great brass design fits our kitchen set! My wife didn’t cook a cake for a long time, so I appreciated this cabinet I liked
Minuses: discovered
Minuses: my wife is delighted, I, too, because now it’s even tastier trains

for sim

Pluses: Design, usability, catalytic cleaning up
Minuses: Not detected
Disadvantages: Recently, we changed the kitchen with household appliances. We opted for this model. Made in Germany. Looks excellent, convenient to use. There is a grill. Convenient timer. Additionally ordered telescopic rails. Special the fan cools the case; the door does not heat up. Prepare nicely.

Sigeeva Elena

Advantages: Functional, ergonomic. Convenient Modes “Grill” and “Defrost” – the microwave oven is no longer needed for these purposes. Touch control is clear and convenient.
Minuses: Minuses not found.
Minuses: Great design! The oven went perfectly to to our interior. The operation turned out to be very convenient, wash easy, nice to cook. Now baking with huge pleasure. Culinary delights are much better than in last stove. Touch control is intuitive. Not regretted our purchase.

Yamaleeva Arina

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