Kitfort KT-601

Kitfort KT-601

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Specifications of Kitfort KT-601


A type teapot
Volume 1.7 L
Power 2500 W
Type of heating element closed spiral
Body material metal / glass


Safety water lock
Removable cover there is
Temperature controller there is, stepwise, temperature conditions – 4, 70 – 100 hail.
Keeping warm there is
Water level indicator there is
Inclusion indication there is
Water backlight during operation there is
Compartment for the cord there is
Additional Information tea brewing mechanism (option); sound and light indication events

Kitfort KT-601 Reviews

Pluses: people read the comment this review was about teapot 2014-2015, there are differences! Great kettle, stylish. 4Temperature conditions. You can make tea directly in it. Price for time of purchase, now of course a bit tall (took for 2300) in 2015
Minuses: The beginning of the problem, all the buttons are lit on the stand and there is no reaction to pressing the buttons until it is off / on. plug into a power outlet.
Disadvantages: People are downgrading, a two-star teapot. The thing is that the KT-601 teapot of production of 2014-2015, cardinally differs from what is sold now in 2017. A month ago I bought Mom’s birthday is like this because she really liked ours. So these are completely different teapots. The case which is under the metal has become cheap, I really compared two teapots, a new one even in my hands keep unpleasant, stinks of Chinese. The teapot has disappeared! He is not in kit. There was a backlight, but it’s some kind of sluggish plus. I do not know how much it will last, but for the same amount, I would not take it. Just I bought via the Internet, and immediately did not know about the innovations.

Talipov Ivan

Pluses: Price (at time of purchase) Metal-glass combination and lack of a scale with a float. Due to the full view inside it is visible clogging of the metal bottom with a heating element and walls, which allows for timely cleaning and not bring to formation of stalactites-stalagmites))
Minuses: Yes, I did not find …
Minuses: A few years ago I decided to get confused on environmental friendliness and bought a ceramic coil (never bought this rubbish and advised others not to buy) and six months later from predictably flowed. Replaced by this unit and happy as an elephant. Then, taking advantage of 6+ months, replaced her mother with a plastic one. Z.Y. after this little-known brand spun up a little prices rose by 25-30% on average, but the market has it accurate copy (apparently stamped on one smelter) with the hope that one will shoot from brands.

Doroshin Alexey

Advantages: -quality of materials: inside lid plastic, absolutely did not smell. there was an extraneous smell from the flask but not poisonous, after washing disappeared. The kettle as a whole looks qualitatively. -convenient lid and handle -heats maximum displacement in 4 minutes – design – long wire, compared to others models – not noisy (as for me; previous teapots were noisier) -Backlight, various modes -Service life is 5 years, in my opinion not bad for modern devices. usually one or two years we’ll see.
Disadvantages: – a compartment for storing the wire allows you to rewind it under the stand only half. my kettle is standing next to socket, I would like to rewind it is still heavy, but on the other it’s a plus, since stainless steel + glass is mostly.
Minuses: Searched for a glass teapot with a minimum of plastic, with backlit and no toxic odors. So far, very happy with the choice, but we use the kettle for only a week, it’s too early to draw conclusions. Have bought for 3990 rub. Many write about annoying signals. It seems to me problem of previous installments. My production 02/17 gives two beeps, alerting him to boil, and one when lift from the stand. And also three signals at initial inclusion network coasters, and that’s it.

Kochnova Maria

Pluses: metal and glass combination, quality design materials
Minuses: Undetected, died six months later. Now in repair
Minuses: Originally purchased due to design. Fine fits into modern kitchen. Very unusual comfortable handle and the lid of the kettle is very convenient to pour nothing prevents from the kettle some positive emotions. I was only surprised that it was Russian the company makes such high-quality devices

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Pluses: Heats up quickly. There is a choice of heating temperature It is possible to keep the temperature. Comfortable lid, locks by pressing. Spacious
Minuses: Noisy, but in my opinion, everything glass-metal teapots will be noisy. Compensated fast boiling speed.
Minuses: In search of a reliable teapot, they tried a lot others, both budget options and expensive. Chose more often metal. But with each of them there were some problems and inconvenience. We have been using this kettle for more than 5 years, it works great, convenient spout (pours clearly and evenly), easy to clean (lid removed completely), does not look bulky, as it is transparent. I recommend the kettle.

Ya yulia

Pluses: Design at the level. No smell.
Disadvantages: Six months later, the smell of burnt plastic. stopped work. Operated, only for boiling, two kettles in day.
Minuses: I gave it for repair. We took it under warranty, asked for a check. Made! Done for free! (probably waved something) Checked, works. He took it home. The next day begins to warm and it turns off itself …. in any mode … I’ll carry it again, but … more never.

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Pluses: Reliable beautiful powerful price

Shmakov Vyacheslav

Pluses: very good kettle
Minuses: not found
Minuses: I’ve been using for two years not any problems, breakdowns, no complaints


Pluses: I liked what is possible in this teapot not only boil water, but also brew tea, if you buy tea mechanism. I liked the blue backlight, the possibility of heating to desired temperature 70.80.90 degrees. Overview of the purchase link
Minuses: It takes a very long time to wait for the water to boil, giving small volume of about 500 ml glass case may break from shock and crack from a temperature difference (for example, if after boil immediately pour cold water)
Disadvantages: Overall a decent model, but a little expensive. The optimal price for this kettle is a maximum of 2300 rubles

Panshina Anna

Pluses: Nice design. Kettle with features. Fast boils water.
Minuses: Everything would be fine, but lasted about a year! At full pouring water at 1.7 l without overflow, the platform with the teapot began glitch i.e. all buttons on the platform blink! Sad thought 3 years will repack ….
Minuses: In short, the conclusion is this: in our time, assembly done at best I will repeat at best for the warranty period those. for 1 year! The natural idea of ​​all Chinese and rush maid !!! If you want a thing to last long enough, buy Europeans, it’s certainly more expensive, but for a long time! Or buy Every year! For this and the three!

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