KitchenAid 5KSM150PSE

KitchenAid 5KSM150PSE

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Specifications of KitchenAid 5KSM150PSE

General characteristics

A type stationary
Bowl 4.83 l, stainless steel
Power 300 watts
Number of speeds 10
Number of nozzles 3
Nozzles whisk for whipping, dough hooks
Body material metal


Protective lid on the bowl there is
Rubber handle not
Weight 10.6 kg
Additional Information in a set: nozzle-nimbus, nozzle-shovel, nozzle-hook, planetary mixing

KitchenAid 5KSM150PSE Reviews

Pluses: Powerful (kitchenaid and other manufacturers indicate different power, so 300 is not enough!), quiet, stylish, functional!
Minuses: Only the price
Minuses: I have been using it for several months. I hope nothing will break (as in other reviews). I really like the mixer whips. The dough does awesome. Presented a nozzle for the action meat grinder and nozzle for pasta. Now our family eats pasta in different options 3-4 times a week. With this unit cooking Paste is a pleasure. In general, I am very pleased with the purchase. If suddenly something goes wrong, I will write.

Astafieva Oksana

Pluses: copes with liquids.
Minuses: very heavy, expensive, thicker dough is not kneads.
Minuses: I bought a KitchenAid mixer for my home kitchen, was not going to use it on an “industrial” scale, only now he won’t even knead the dough for pancakes as it should. It seems to be and the hooks for the dough are the same as in ordinary mixers, but all equally, the dough is not uniform and with lumps, I don’t understand what’s the matter. TO besides, it’s unrealistically heavy, I’m 11-kilogram piece myself I can’t lock the table, because I’m waiting for my husband, although I could have prepare for his arrival. By the way, the mixer is quite noisy, I have even the machine squeezes quieter. And a whisk catches the bowl, I don’t know is this a copy of me or all of them, but I don’t understand how in general, this is possible! In general, this monster with its “features” I bought for 34 thousand. Honestly, money is very a pity! I got myself unbearable useless car for crazy money

Egorova Nick

Pluses: Attractive design, many features with additional nozzles.
Minuses: Dear, heavy, low power, whisk with whipping clings to the bowl.
Minuses: I got this kitchen eid mixer as a gift, I myself would I wouldn’t buy such equipment because of the high price. Subsequently, some more inconvenience was discovered. First under he needs to initially design the kitchen to tightly install this unit, not every lady is able to rearrange 11 kilograms from place to place. In addition, control from two Sides: on one mixer lift, and on the other switching speeds, therefore, in any case, you have to move it. Secondly, power 300 W – This is completely miserable, I have a blender with a capacity of more than twice. A mayonnaise with such power does not whisk. Third, the volume of the bowl is almost 5 liters! Why do I need such a bucket? I don’t have a restaurant. I whip for protein cream a maximum of 3 eggs, and for 300 grams of mayonnaise to me one egg is enough, which is spread over the walls of the bowl, and Corolla constantly striking inside. For a bunch of nozzles, you also need special place or big box. My microwave takes a separate place in the kitchen, but I use it every day several times, and grind meat and knead the dough no more often once a week or a month. Small servings of protein cream and I cook mayonnaise with my old blender, which light and easy to fit on the shelf of the kitchen cabinet.

Kovaleva Galina

Pluses: copes with all tasks with a bang!
Minuses: not found
Minuses: ordered a planetary mixer for their restaurant KitchenAid Artisan 4.8L He was just in action, as a gift we additionally received two nozzles. The chef is delighted with this miracle technology. Cuts, grinds, whips, kneads and all this for seconds In addition, it is made of steel, which speaks of it reliability and long service life. This brand was chosen also because he is a kind of cooking icon, a brand that is behind its centuries-old existence has proven itself!

Sovelyev Ilya

Pluses: Assistant No. 1 in the kitchen for me. With all his functions perfectly well.
Minuses: 1. Dear 2. Speed ​​switch
Minuses: Honestly, I am surprised that about this weak point (speed switch) on the network there is no information. Reviews are only laudatory (with the exception of complaints about the price). To my The mixer will have a year only in August. After 2-3 months, the switch speeds ceased to be fixed at 1 speed, then at 2. Next I I couldn’t turn it off the first time. It has continued six months, until I gathered in a neighboring city for warranty service. They pulled up the switch … It was enough for TWO days. Then he generally did not turn off, only the outlet. Only fixed with the third speed. Now I was in the service again .. As it will show itself this time – I do not know. Honestly, I want to change it. Buy a device for 50 and not be able to turn it off with a lever … There are no words. And in the service scratched it all besides. In short, upset.

Alieva elka

Pluses: Whips perfectly. I can’t find fault with everything desire 🙂 And rolling out / cutting the paste is much more convenient than manual typewriter.
Disadvantages: After 4 months from the start of operation, the lever switching speeds ceased to be fixed at “0”, ie unit does not turn off.
Minuses: Acquired in Chelyabinsk in the cabin Extrahome 29 August 2015 cream model – 5KSM150PSEAC. Biscuit dough, marshmallow, protein cream, just whisk perfectly. I did a couple of times pasta dough, but in a bread machine it’s more convenient for me to knead it, nozzles for pasta 3-4 times used, well rolls / cuts. But basically I whipped the cream and knead the dough for biscuit – 1-2 once a week. Wash it does not bother – bowl + whisk, especially if washed immediately, and not left for later. Devaysu I was happy exactly to 23,12,2015, i.e. almost 4 months. for this the numbers (today) after whipping the protein cream shift lever speeds REFUSED to be fixed at shutdown – i.e. upon attempt To turn off the mixer, it jumps from scratch to 4th speed (out of 10) and continues to beat, regardless of whether the mixer is raised or lowered into a bowl. I had to pull the plug from the outlet. Which is not very convenient more precisely, it’s not convenient at all. I went to look for a check and a warranty card.

Zapunyak Olga

Pluses: powerful, quiet, all-metal, perfect convenient control
Disadvantages: expensive in Russia
Minuses: To understand what perfection is, you have to buy Artisan. No other combine with a bunch of nozzles goes to any comparison. If you decide to buy a kitchen machine, do not save, buy this american. This is real American quality. A 5 year warranty means something. He whips kneads the dough, rolls the dough for dumplings, lasagna and noodles. And what ice cream is obtained! And, of course, he needs to find a constant place on the table.

Feba Feba

Pluses: specific device! It weighs 11 kg. It is immediately clear that made for several decades! I bought it for the house with a bowl of 4.8 l Beats well, knead the dough just with a bang. I bought a nozzle right away meat grinder, because I always do stuff myself. I like everything, power good one. The bowl is comfortable, easy to clean! The design is very beautiful, straight such an American vintage, fell in love with him at first sight!
Minuses: Expensive! But worth the money!
Minuses: I wanted to order from the States, but I read that their sockets are not the same as ours .. not 220 watts. And the delivery will not come out cheap. Therefore, I took in Russia, so that there would be no problems … well, plus a 5 year warranty. In general, I am very pleased with the purchase!

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Pluses: Beats proteins, cream very well, mixes and kneads the dough
Disadvantages: unreasoned additional nozzles – grater, rubbing. I do not like a grater, because the straw is shallow and everything flies in different directions, you need to either hold the cup or cover than anything. No wiping bowl or waste container provided. Meat grinder – I rarely use a not very sharp knife, I already bought it new.
Minuses: I bought a mixer with nozzles, instead of a combiner, but pleases only the mixer and the ice cream bowl. At nozzle prices sooo overpriced. I also have a blender, I bought in March 2011 already handed over the thread for repair, everything was replaced, but now they are almost I don’t use it, I like the submersible Philips more. Waffle iron yet is, only wafers almost do not bake, but it turns out delicious, wash at all not convenient, in general, this technique is not worth the money.


Advantages: If you cook often, KitchenAid is much more convenient, than a hand mixer, and easier to clean. Reliability, simplicity use, low noise.
Disadvantages: Use and store in one place – 11 kg per the housewife cannot even move the kitchen. Doesn’t take up much space only in the horizontal plane, but also in height.
Minuses: The model was invented 50 years ago and the design is small has changed since then – there’s nowhere to improve. No electronics – mechanical switches and regulators. Made of steel and thick plastics. It will last 100 years. Only in the Russian Federation it is not necessary to buy. Of States with delivery will cost exactly 2 times cheaper.

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