Kenwood ZJG-111

Kenwood ZJG-111

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Specifications Kenwood ZJG-111


A type teapot
Volume 1.7 L
Power 2200 watts
Type of heating element closed spiral
Body material plastic / glass


Filter there is
Water level indicator there is
Inclusion indication there is
Additional Information ECO function for heating 1 cup

Kenwood ZJG-111 Reviews

Advantages: The cover opens 90 degrees, it is convenient to pour Good for an electric kettle cord length: 70 cm Convenient handle from good plastic
Shortcomings: Not yet discovered weaknesses
Minuses: In operation since March 2017 (8 months), all well.

Galetov Ilya

Pluses: glass
Disadvantages: the most important drawback, after which this I want to throw out the kettle – every time after turning off through a sharp loud click is heard for a while. Annoying specifically. Yes, for the money. I do not advise anyone.

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Pluses: Tempered glass, design, easy to pour
Minuses: Great kettle, very satisfied

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Pluses: Great device design. Build quality, absolutely no smell of plastic, made of very durable glass, nice and convenient to hold in your hands, boil water in a few minutes.
Minuses: The backlight would be welcome
Disadvantages: My wife and I got the kettle as a gift. On the kitchen immediately fit into the interior. A month has passed – the flight is normal. Boils OK. It makes noise during work just like all other teapots. After reading other reviews, I am surprised to those people who write about scale, formed almost after the first use. Want ask them: what does the teapot have to do with it? After all, scale depends on water. We live in St. Petersburg, our water is basically soft, but we still fill in only filtered water. Month of operation – no scale. Pleased with the quality of the polished steel finish. However such beauty needs care. It is advisable to remove dirt stains immediately special tool for polished steel. Otherwise these spots will stay forever.

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Pluses: Design, glass.
Minuses: Dear. A sense of the primality of technology, about which write below did not feel. Pouring water is not convenient. I have a lid personally, it does not always open with the first click. Scale visible at the bottom through the glass. In Russia, support doesn’t even have email, where you could write a review. I thought what kind of money I’ll get a nice and nice teapot.
Disadvantages: Here is a link to a video with an overview

Kuzmichev Vasily

Pluses: Design! Tempered, durable glass! Convenient toggle switch on! Great assembled! Quiet enough!
Minuses: Is that the price.
Minuses: Arriving at the store planned to buy a kettle within 3-4 thousand rubles In the end, I saw Kenwood. The price is 8 490 rub. scared away Of course, but did not regret it at all! Great kettle. If he had stayed cheaper, he would have bought another one for a treat.

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Pluses: quiet, odorless!
Minuses: I would like 2 liters
Minuses: excellent kettle, at first there was a smell, but after two boiling all weathered! Due to the design and shape, the kettle is very quietly works! You can feel the quality in the kettle, still premium Technics!

rams andrey

Pluses: Great design, quiet running, boiling quickly water, water does not spill when pouring into a cup.
Minuses: The third kettle in the last year. I think and hope that we dwell on it. So far, everything is fine. There is a small nuance – after boiling and turning off after a while: approximately, after a single click is heard in the kettle for a minute. To live, in principle, is not interferes. But I would like to understand what kind of sound it is.

Surkov Alexey

Pluses: All the qualities of a good teapot + beauty
Disadvantages: Narrow neck (washing inconvenience is possible)
Disadvantages: Before buying, they all dissuaded with one voice – they say, glass cracks, scale forms …. Actively use this the teapot is already six months old. Very pleased with the quality – good plastic, strong glass and how quickly boils water. because of the transparency of the walls you can always see the quality of the water – if you started If plaque forms, it is time to change the cartridge in the filter. Bottom is easy it is washed if necessary (I have it every 2 months, approximately), there are no scratches, stains. Of the minuses – the neck is not very wide, a female hand crawls, but men will have to get a brush. Well, there’s no backlight, but it’s already decorations.


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