Kaiser KCG 6972 N

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Kaiser KCG 6972 N Specifications

General characteristics

Panel Type gas hob
Installation independent
Dimensions (HxWxD) 4 x 58 x 51 cm
Built-in dimensions (WxD) 56 x 48 cm


Panel Material glass ceramic
Total burners 4
Gas burners 4
Express burner 1

Control Panel

Panel Location in front
Switches rotary
Electric ignition yes, automatic


Gas control hobs there is
Cast iron grates there is
Colour burner panels – black; frames – silver

Kaiser KCG 6972 N Reviews

Pluses: beautiful, reliable, well cleaned, not scratched
Disadvantages: the large rear burner is too close to the wall, when cooking on large-diameter dishes, the back the bar between the countertop and the wall, but in the end we changed it to aluminum and everything was fine.
Minuses: Keep in mind that if you have a back wall of plastic panel, then be careful when cooking on back big comfort. Remember glass ceramic cannot spill hot sugar (jam, syrups, etc.) !!!

Anastasia Ignatieva

Pluses: Reliability, appearance, practicality, simplicity installation and connection.
Minuses: it gets dirty … or rather, everything is immediately visible, but it’s rather not a flaw but a call not to start product care.
Minuses: Good day to all. We bought a cooking Kaiser KCG 6972 N Titan panel. I’ll make a reservation right away – they bought what my wife and I liked it and needed that would not have arisen questions like … but what is better or cheaper not found? So Needed This panel was exactly. No frills like GPS navigators and remote start. That is relatively simple and extremely reliable. The main thing is cast iron gratings and glass ceramics. Found it a miracle of technology … Well, good, what can I say. Other brands have disappeared right away. Manager (lady) in the department of our online store of the Kaiser branch on the phone told everything in detail – and about lattice stoppers, they say they will not drive and about connecting – Mandatory grounding and do not confuse “0” and phase, about dielectric spacer when connected to a gas line and something that should be either a rigid eyeliner or a flexible steel a hose, but no longer than 2 meters (otherwise gas workers from the Housing Office may to be capricious) and check with soap suds, not matches, well and of course about setting the panel to “0” on the horizon. All I myself know this, but I was pleasantly surprised by the competence of the employee. (AND maybe because the soviet torment itself with the stove took place) Delivered as promised, inspected and here she is – lapuli))) My wife is glad and I am pleased. The panel itself has a pleasantly informative twist and pressing the handles, spark gap is not so often and annoyingly clicks when fired, it is installed easily (in the far corner on the left side a slight bulge in the metal housing of the kzhuha, it must be take into account when cutting the opening, also the inlet pipe at the rear left gas – it is just below the panel, keep in mind when installing any units under the panel). In general, thanks to the guys for such beauty (both to manufacturers and ours from the store and delivery). That’s what I wanted to declare, but to those who consider this review as an advertising move I can answer – I’m up to the lantern, we have a cool panel !!!

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Pluses: beautiful reliable comfortable
Minuses: get dirty quickly …
Disadvantages: Bought in addition to the Kaiser oven. The panel looks very stylish, will give any kitchen an unforgettable chic! Black glass quickly gets dirty, but it is easy to clean with any means for windows)))

Smirnova Ksanka

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