Joby Gorillapod SLR-ZOOM (GP3)

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Specifications Joby Gorillapod SLR-ZOOM (GP3)

Main characteristics

Tripod Type original desktop
Maximum load 3 kg
Head not included, interchangeable
Tripod socket screw 1/4 “, 3/8”
Weight 0.241 kg


Material plastic
Features flexible hinges, tripod legs can be bent and 360 ° swivel, quick-fit Slim-line mount, Gorillapod ring lock, universal adapter screw 1 / 4-3 / 8

Joby Gorillapod SLR-ZOOM (GP3) reviews

Pluses: great thing
Minuses: I bought it on Ali Express for 500 rubles !!!!
Disadvantages: Our salespeople are completely stupid !!!!

Green Euges

Advantages: lightweight, comfortable, compact.
Disadvantages: somewhat confused by the price.
Disadvantages: bought today. I looked at tripods for a long time and I chose a tripod of such a shape. It can be used as desktop, and attach to a lot of objects when shooting outside premises – on a branch, railing, pipes, inclined surfaces, etc. I used the bonus program during the purchase, so the purchase cost me at 40% of the cost. Very satisfied.

igor selivanov

Pluses: Small, weighs a little. I threw it in my backpack and forgot. It is convenient to remove from the parapet of the embankment, from the bridge (you can reel on the railing).
Minuses: Without a rotary screen, the camera will be very uncomfortable. I agree about the head, more convenient. More precisely, not at all imagine how you can use it without a head. True i bought the first one, sawed up a little on top of the ball mount and I glued the level with superglue =) In general, I gradually come to the conclusion that the device is by and large useless. Very little to it can be hooked up or put on, but you can’t shoot from a low position always needed. At first I wanted to buy his “little brother”, but he turned out to be much worse. Trembles very much and for a long time calms down. UPD: as it turned out, this is also a good stand for tablet =)


Advantages: Fairly high-quality manufacturing, compact. Exotic, causes surprised questions in people. 🙂
Disadvantages: It is difficult to give the right position and it is very easy position to lose. Trembling, need to put on a hard surface and be sure to use a cable / remote control – otherwise, after shutter release, tripod, for some time, can “dance”.
Disadvantages: The main advantage, of course, is compactness. This tripod can finally be bent with the letter “G” and stuffed into a very small bag. You can unhook the extra hinges and make the tripod is smaller / lighter (not sure how large the safety margin is hinges and how many similar releases they will withstand). Those. it’s better to have a given gorillopod than to have any of the other flimsy tripods or have no tripod at all. Tripod legs it is easy to wrap around a bitch or pipe, as is done on many advertising photos: just the point of such a procedure almost no, the whole structure will hang and tremble – only in order to give a very unusual viewing angle at a very good shooting conditions or in the presence of aperture the lens.

Zolotorev Sergey

Advantages: Interesting design, flexibility in customization and light weight.
Minuses: My config weighing about 2.2kg holds at 4- (nikon D700 + 24-70 / 2.8), i.e. with the claimed 3kg design will be extremely unstable. Sony’s small camcorder holds well. Overpriced price is an American brand, but made in China.
Disadvantages: Thoroughly remains to be tested. But expectations were met – the pocket is not much delayed, unlike normal tripod, which often do not drag for a long time, but for this is the height you have to pay. Update: relatives arrived BH1 head with bubble level. First impressions are the most positive because design with a heavy apparatus has become noticeable more stable. From spotted fly in the ointment: latch-fastener between removable pad and head – plastic, i.e. longevity do not wait have to. Bottom line: if there is an opportunity to buy with a head, I recommend go broke.


Pluses: They gave it to me, I probably wouldn’t buy it myself would be wrong. My fifty dollars keeps well, but I don’t need more. Convenient in that the backpack takes up one compartment under lens.
Minuses: Does not replace a full tripod with the head, but rather complements it and has its right to life.
Minuses: I use it mainly in the evening, especially when I’m in another city – with an ordinary tripod I don’t take a walk.

tihomirov eugine

Pluses: Nice little thing. Easy to handle with my Canon 50D with a whale 18-200mm, and this is about 1.5 kg. Not as heavy as usual tripods. Easy to attach to any pillar or tree, not to mention normal horizontal surfaces.
Disadvantages: Not enough ball head with bubble level. In order to change the slope you need to tinker with “tentacles”.
Disadvantages: The ball head is already on the official website, but has not yet reached Russia. In general, I am satisfied and always carry it in a backpack. The tripod helped out more than once in the evenings.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: The original little thing. Eye-catching surroundings. There are no other advantages!
Minuses: Fragile, falling apart into separate elements after several times of use. Suitable only for the lungs soap dishes, fotik weighing 450 grams does not hold well. On a long focus, trembling stronger than arms.
Minuses: I was presented. I would not have bought it for any money. And I would not advise others. Sometimes, the truth came to the rescue. But a toy for pampering.

Bondarenko Sergey

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