Indesit DF 5200 W

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Features Indesit DF 5200 W

General characteristics

Freezer from below
Color / Coating Material white / plastic / metal
Control electronic
Energy consumption class A (378 kWh / year)
Number of compressors 1
Number of cameras 2
Number of doors 2
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x64x200 cm


Defrosting the freezer No frost
Defrosting the refrigerator No frost
Standalone cold preservation up to 13 hours
Power freeze up to 2 kg / day
Indication open door – sound
Additional features super cooling, super freezing, temperature display


Overall volume 328 l
Volume of the refrigerator 253 l
Freezer volume 75 l

Other functions and features

Display there is
Ice maker is absent
Shelf Material glass
The ability to outweigh the door there is
Noise level up to 41 dB
Climate class N, ST
Weight 67.6 kg

Indesit DF 5200 W Reviews

Advantages: Convenient operation, wide lower shelf on the door. It is quiet. After switching on, it cooled down to the desired temperature fast enough.
Minuses: The refrigerator is not very long. I’m looking closely. Not yet noticed the flaws.
Disadvantages: A good refrigerator that performs all its functions. I may not be pretentious, but everything suits me: appearance, the size.

Gorbunova Lyudmila

Pluses: Silent, +5 cools healthy! Inside sooooo spacious.
Disadvantages: For 2 weeks of operation, there are no disadvantages revealed.
Minuses: Very roomy, that a refrigerator, that freezer. There is a freezer “Saratov”, from there everything got into fridge freezer. It works sooooo quiet. 10 egg tray eggs! Not seven or eight, but right. Great model.

Lev.alef. 1971

Pluses: price-quality, design
Minuses: Noisy.
Disadvantages: Condensation trough not thought out, under weight water begins to blur, I had to raise it.

Shakurin Artyom

Advantages: price
Disadvantages: compressor noise. Inside the compressor jiaxipera t1114yb, in YouTube there is a sound recording of this compressor. By fact is heard even in the room, unpleasant. the door sometimes opens ok, sometimes the fridge goes outside the door.
Disadvantages: I took it because the average rating on the market is 4.5. On the another apartment Atlant 15 year old runs quieter.


Advantages: 1. large compartment for products. 2. freezer small is a plus, because many modern refrigerators with freezer below it occupies 80% of the volume. 3. in addition to paragraph 2: the correct ratio of the volume of the freezer and the refrigerator 4. tall
Disadvantages: 1. strange “snot” from welding in the back, where compressor. need to be very careful when transporting 2. deep (distance from the wall to the handle) – not for all kitchens will do. see comment
Disadvantages: the instructions say that it should be 5-10cm stand up against the wall. keep this in mind, as the refrigerator itself is pretty the deep noise is average, not annoying, but for those who need silence, hardly suitable

xp vitman

Advantages: Exactly meets the declared characteristics. Not noisy. Well assembled. Spacious. Do not defrost. By affordable price
Minuses: no
Disadvantages: For a large and roomy refrigerator, the price acceptable. The assembly is again of high quality, for more than a year there were no problems with the refrigerator, it’s never flowed, nothing like that. By capacity – more than 300 liters, and this is a lot. Fair, I’ve never even seen food stuffed with it. It’s freezing in the fridge in the freezer is good, the temperature is even in the heat in the aisles of the norm

Arthur Pugachevsky

Advantages: large, noufrost, indication of an open door. Yes and does not hit the budget
Disadvantages: no ice maker. For that kind of money, more than well
Minuses: It is very nice that the refrigerator does not defrost requires. This saves a lot of time)) Well, roominess of course awesome. In my opinion, the refrigerator is not noisy, rather quiet. And here Indication of an open door is great, now do not forget close the refrigerator, and the products do not spoil because of this. For a couple years of using the refrigerator I only became more like)))

Nelya Shovunova

Minuses: Nice roomy refrigerator, first slept in same room with him and sometimes woke up from his noise. And so It works and no complaints. Not defrosted yet.

Maslyuk Kostya

Pluses: It looks good both externally and internally. Materials high quality. Doors open normally without much effort.
Minuses: loud noise !!! sure noise figures are much higher indicated. It cools severely and unevenly, i.e. , for example, in there are areas in the refrigerator where food is cooled more than in other areas
Disadvantages: noise like an old Soviet refrigerator. not recommend

Timoshin Ivan

Pluses: Design. Quality. Price.
Minuses: Noise, but not so much
Minuses: I don’t know how others have it, but I just have a refrigerator chic, albeit slightly noisy, but it is not so critical.

Domina Nina

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