How to choose virtual reality glasses

There are two types of virtual reality glasses. The first equipped with a built-in display and a lot of sensors, and also costs a bunch of money. The second is not equipped with anything and is just a case for a smartphone.

How to choose virtual reality glasses: determine the goal and specifications

How to choose virtual reality glasses

Glasses (as well as technology) of virtual reality can used for two purposes:

  1. View 360-degree multimedia content (e.g. roller coaster rides, YouTube videos, or Google Spotlight), including interactive;

  2. Computer games.

There are rarer cases – training, for example – but they meet too infrequently to pay attention to them.

If using glasses is planned viewing 360-degree or VR Ready-media content will be enough a smartphone. Moreover, there are many in the literal sense 100-dollar headsets that can turn this device into a full-fledged VR headset. For example, Google Daydream. Or Cardboard, which can be made practically free of cardboard boxes, smartphone and lenses.

But for games, a “headset from a smartphone” for a clear reason will not do. We need full-fledged virtual reality glasses. For In order to choose suitable, you need to consider the following parameters:

  1. Screen resolution (or rather DPI);

  2. Type of connection;

  3. Supported platforms;

  4. Ease of use within virtual technology reality.

How to choose glasses for a smartphone

How to choose glasses for a smartphone

When choosing glasses for a smartphone, you should be guided by two parameters:

  1. Size of supported smartphones;

  2. Convenience of interaction with virtual reality.

The vast majority of headsets are designed for 5- or 5.5-inch smartphones. Therefore, models with a smaller screen will be “hang out” on the tray, but with a large one – they simply will not fit into it.

For many operations in virtual reality, you will need with it to act somehow. Do not take out your smartphone every few minutes too interesting. Much better if there is a special headset NFC-button – as in Google Cardboard, for example.

How to choose glasses for PC

How to choose glasses for PC

When choosing glasses for a computer, it is important to pay attention to resolution (or rather, the pixel density, which is measured in DPI) built-in screen. The higher it is, the more realistic there will be an image. Optimum pixel density – from 224 DPI.

The type of connection is also very important. Almost all points connect to computer via HDMI. However, for top models, which offer screen resolutions over 4K and refresh rates Images over 60 fps, it is supposed to use DisplayPort. Accordingly, the video card must be equipped with this connector.

You need to choose based on which platform you can use certain virtual reality glasses. For example, devices such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive can be paired only with a computer, and the PS VR headset only with the PlayStation 4. There is no cross-compatibility and is not expected.

And finally, you need to consider the usability of glasses in conditions directly virtual reality. For this it is necessary analyze the following parameters:

  1. Viewing angle of the display. The bigger it is, the better. Nobody is the same wants to see the border of the image out of the corner of his eye?

  2. The number of sensors that analyze the position of the helmet in space – gyroscopes, accelerometers and all that. The more of them – the more sensitive the helmet will be to head movement;

  3. Type of matrix. AMOLED is recommended – then black colors will be most realistic.

However, for many platforms there is practically no choice. So on PS4 there is only one virtual reality helmet, and Oculus Rift extremely difficult to purchase even in online stores.


In the next article, our experts tell you how to choose game console – an overview of the best manufacturers, advantages and limitations.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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