How to choose laptop headphones

The process of choosing headphones for a laptop is not fundamentally different from choosing ordinary headphones, with the exception of a couple of 'but' – you need to decide on the standard for their connection.


  1. What to look for when buying
  2. Connector type
  3. Headphone types – wired or wireless
  4. Main characteristics of headphones
  5. Summary

How to choose laptop headphones: what to look for

How to choose laptop headphones

In modern laptops, several non-standard methods of connecting headphones are used. And this must be taken into account when choosing audio equipment. Thus, when choosing headphones for a laptop, it is advisable to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Connector type for connection;

  2. Ability to connect via Bluetooth;

  3. Characteristics of the headphones themselves.

Connector type

Connector type

If in laptops manufactured before about 2012-2013, two separate analog audio connectors were used (one for a microphone, the second for headphones), then in more modern models a single one is installed – a combined one, designed to connect a headset.

If you need to connect headphones to a laptop, it doesn't matter which connector it is equipped with – analog output or analog combined.

But if you want to use a headset (headphones with a microphone), then you need to compare how many connectors are on the laptop and how many plugs the headset has. Their number must match. Those. to connect to the combo connector of a laptop, the headset must be equipped with a combo plug – and vice versa, if the connectors are separate, then the headphone and microphone plugs must also be separate.

Wired or wireless headphones?

wired or wireless headphones

Almost all modern laptops are equipped with a wireless module Bluetooth. This allows you to connect the appropriate headphones to your computer. Wireless headphones are quite convenient to use, they can function as a headset, but they are not without drawbacks.

Some of the most critical disadvantages of wireless headphones in conjunction with a laptop include:

  1. Increased consumption of the laptop battery due to the constant activation of the BT-module;

  2. Not all operating systems (even families Windows 10) can support continuous audio transmission over BT, as a result of which the headphones begin to 'fall off';

  3. The sound may not be as high-quality as that of wired headphones, since not a sound card is used to decode the stream, but a BT module and a chip of the headphones themselves.

Nevertheless, wireless headphones are very convenient, since they do not constrain movement, and there is basically no risk of pulling the cable and knocking the laptop off the table.

Characteristics of the headphones themselves

headphone specifications

The sound quality indirectly depends on the technical characteristics of the headphones themselves. The fact is that the real parameters may differ (and almost always differ) from those indicated in the documentation.

However, when choosing headphones, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Sensitivity. Shows the maximum headphone volume. The higher it is, the louder the device will sound;

  2. Maximum input power. The higher it is, the more solid and assertive the sound will feel. This will especially delight fans of bass-heavy music. Nevertheless, high power will lead to an accelerated discharge of the battery, and not all laptops (most of which are equipped with an integrated sound card) will “pull” them;

  3. Impedance (resistance). This parameter for headphones that are planned to be used with a laptop or mobile equipment should not exceed 60 ohms, and the optimal value is in the range of 16-32 ohms;

  4. Frequency range. The human ear is capable of sensing frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 15,000 Hz. Therefore, it makes no sense to purchase headphones whose frequency range goes beyond this. However, if you plan to play music in FLAC or other lossless format, the 5Hz – 20kHz models are available. They will reproduce the edges of the audible range without distortion.


When choosing headphones for a laptop, it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with the specifications of the laptop itself. In addition, there is no point in buying HiEnd audio equipment for mobile computers, since an integrated sound card is simply not able to unleash its potential.


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Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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