How to choose a tablet for the Internet

When choosing a tablet for Internet access, it’s important to consider how operational (screen size), and technical specifications.

choose a tablet for the Internet

How to choose a tablet for the Internet: what to look for Attention

The main criteria for choosing a tablet designed for Internet access are:

  1. Screen size;

  2. The presence of a SIM card;

  3. 4G support;

  4. RAM size;

  5. Operating system;

  6. OTG support.

  7. The manufacturer is also important.

Main selection criteria

Screen size

The display of web pages on the device is determined the identifier of this device itself is a software parameter, which allows web pages to choose the layout of the site for specific device. And on tablets, the pages look something like this same as on computers. At the same time, it turns on on smartphones mobile version of the page with a different menu and a different location site elements.

As a result, for a comfortable web surfing, you should choose tablets that have a sufficiently large screen diagonal. Full-sized sites on a 6-7-inch display will be too small and uncomfortable to use.

Ideal tablets for the Internet are devices that equipped with a screen having a diagonal of 8-10 inches or even more.

When buying a tablet with a smaller screen size, you should make sure in the correct display of web pages. If they don’t fit on the display or image is too small, it would be desirable flashing the device to the version of Android that sends smartphone id Then I will use the tablet comfortable.

SIM card availability

All tablets, regardless of manufacturer or preinstalled operating systems are equipped with a Wi-Fi wireless network module. However, it has a local effect and is not available everywhere. For, to go online not only from home, but everywhere, It is recommended that you purchase a tablet that supports SIM cards.

In this case, the format of SIM-cards is not particularly important. Today, all operators from the “Big Four” (MTS, Beeline, Megaphone and TELE2) offer free replacement of a “sim card” with a suitable size.

Important SIM card support for modern wireless standards mobile communications – 3G or 4G. Again, replace it with the current one with saving the room is completely free in the cabin the operator.

Support 4G LTE


There are several mobile wireless standards. They are grouped into “generations” by type of technologies – the second (2G), the third (3G) and the fourth (4G). Now Huawei and Nokia are working on the fifth, but expect it wide launch can be no earlier than 2020.

Generations differ primarily in transmission rate data. 2G supports speeds up to 3.6 Mbps, which is enough for download small files, browse the web, use instant messengers playing streaming video and low audio bit rate.

For the most comfortable use of the Internet is purchase a tablet with support for 4G LTE This standard is wireless connection provides a speed of 1 Gbit / s (however, it is significantly decreases if the subscriber moves faster than 10 km / h, which due to the features of the mobile network).

Support for 4G LTE allows the device to quickly boot even large files, watch streaming video and listen high bitrate audio, comfortable to use video conferencing etc.

When buying a tablet in Chinese online stores is worth make sure that it supports the ranges used in Russia LTE. The most widely used in our country B7 standard – it is in this frequency range that the networks broadcast Megaphone, Beeline, MTS and Tele2. B20 ranges are also used. B38, B40 and B3. The regional operator “Skylink” uses natural frequencies that are not standard ranges.

RAM size

The stability depends on the amount of RAM in the tablet. view multiple web pages. It works as follows way:

  1. The smartphone browser downloads the web page code from the server;

  2. The finished result is “thrown” into RAM;

  3. When the user opens the second tab, the browser executes steps 1 and 2 again;

  4. As soon as the amount of RAM comes to an end, the browser ejects the oldest tab from the cache, but does not close it;

When a user accesses an unloaded tab, it downloaded again. This leads to both traffic overruns and loss of created data (for example, if the owner of this site the tablet wrote something in the input fields), and even to unload others tabs.

As a result, the more RAM the tablet has, his work with web pages will be more stable. In 2017 the minimum required amount of RAM is 2 GB. With such the amount of RAM the tablet can load and store in memory to several web pages with the simultaneous operation of background applications (instant messengers, players, etc.).

Better, of course, is to buy a tablet with 3 GB of operational memory. And 4 GB is enough for active work with many applications and open tabs. The disadvantage of such tablets is their reasonably high price.

But devices with less than 2 GB of RAM to buy strongly discouraged. They will be very “slow” down to the impossibility of normal use.

operating system

Smartphone operating system

There are three operating systems that are installed on Modern tablet computers – Android, iOS and Windows. Models on Ubuntu Touch, Remix OS, etc., are quite rare, therefore, you can not take them into account.

  1. Windows provides the most familiar user experience. Here, the same windows, control buttons, panels and headers as on the vast majority of desktops and laptops. The disadvantage is the lack of optimization for touch management (or, on the contrary, excessive optimization, as in Windows 8) and an uncomfortable on-screen keyboard.

  2. iOS boasts deep optimization. Apple Tablets maintain high performance even at very large loads, and the browser itself works neatly with RAM, without unloading the necessary pages. The disadvantage is a small assortment devices and high price.

  3. Android is the most common operating system for tablets. It boasts very convenient controls, especially when moving forward and backward through pages, as well as update. However, the performance of such tablets is very depends on the technical characteristics of the device, and the level antiviral protection is relatively low.

This is not to say that any of the operating systems is better or worse than the rest. Therefore, you should choose based on your preferences. However, in the ultra-budget segment are presented in Mostly Android tablets.

OTG support

If you plan to use the tablet for typing long texts – articles, blog entries, longreads, etc. – recommended pay attention to devices supporting OTG technology. OTG (On-the-Go) function allows you to connect a physical device to the device the keyboard. In this case, the set of long texts will be significantly faster and more enjoyable.

On most Windows tablets, this “feature” is available at by default. Just plug the keyboard into the USB port devices. It remains only to come up with a way to fix the tablet.

On Android tablets, this feature is not always found. If a I want to connect a physical keyboard, make sure that in Technical characteristics of the device indicated OTG support.

additional characteristics

Among the additional specifications that determine the overall usability of the tablet, you can highlight:

  1. Device processor;

  2. Camera resolution;

  3. The presence of a fingerprint scanner;

  4. Battery capacity;

  5. The volume of the internal drive, the presence of a slot for memory cards MicroSD.

The processor of the tablet determines its overall performance. The most important parameter when choosing it is “freshness”. The newer the processor, the faster the tablet works. In addition, current versions of chips are characterized by reduced power consumption, higher data rate over LTE and less heat. By the way, Qualcomm processors are more preferred over chips developed by MediaTek.

Camera resolution is a useful option for fans. mobile photography. Of course, it’s not so convenient to shoot from a tablet, both from a smartphone or a full-fledged “SLR”, but in the absence of these devices at hand, this device is quite capable of “helping out”. It is advisable to purchase models equipped with a camera of at least 8 megapixels – then the quality of the photos will be sufficient so that, for example, read text on documents.

Front camera resolution is an important parameter if it is planned to call from the tablet on Skype or other instant messengers with video conferencing support. The optimal value is 5 megapixels. Using higher resolution cameras will lead to increased traffic consumption (which, in principle, does not really matter if the tablet is connected to Wi-Fi), and with less – to deterioration communication.

The presence of a fingerprint scanner allows not only quickly unlock password protected tablets, but also gives the ability to make purchases on the Internet through branded payment systems like Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and like that.

Battery capacity determines the autonomy of the tablet. The higher it is, the longer it will not take to charge the device. So, tablets with a 4000 mAh battery can work in offline about 4 hours SOT (screen on time, “time display “) or 6-8 hours of mixed use.

The relatively small autonomy of the tablets is explained a large touchscreen area, which is one of the most intense consumers of electricity.

The amount of data depends on the capacity of the internal drive which can be stored on the tablet, including the number installed applications. In addition, it hosts operating system. As a result, the storage capacity must be large enough to fit everything you need without problems to the user. So:

  1. 4 GB Found only in very old and ultra-budget tablets. Definitely not recommended for purchase, because on it can only accommodate the operating system;

  2. 8 GB It is found in ultra-budget tablets. Not recommended to purchase, because, in addition to the operating system, it can fit only a few modern applications;

  3. 16 GB. The minimum required volume in 2017. Fits operating system, about 100 not too resource-intensive applications (or 2-3 games like NFS), some user data;

  4. 32 GB Optimal volume. Able, among other things, to fit a couple of films in not very high quality;

  5. 64 GB or more. It should be taken only if necessary (for example, if you want to carry several films on average or even high quality).

MicroSD card slot allows you to install in a tablet appropriate drive to expand the amount of available space user. Often it combines with a tray for a second SIM card, which is important to consider if you plan to use tablet with two SIM cards and a flash drive.

Top manufacturers

Among the best manufacturers of tablets for the Internet you can highlight:

  1. Xiaomi;

  2. Huawei

  3. Lenovo

  4. Sony

  5. Acer

  6. Asus.

In addition, we can distinguish between Apple and Microsoft, but their products are more likely to be categorized as ultrabooks and therefore may cost very expensive.


In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose tablet for work, the secrets of choosing a tablet for the child and complete 10-inch tablet selection guide.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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