How to choose a tablet for games

The main requirement for gaming tablets is high performance.

choose a tablet for games

How to choose a tablet for games: what to look for

The main criteria when choosing a tablet for games are:

  1. Power processor and graphics accelerator;

  2. RAM size;

  3. The amount of permanent memory;

  4. The presence of SIM-cards, support for high-speed mobile networks;

  5. Operating system;

  6. Tablet size.

  7. The device manufacturer is also important.

Main selection criteria

Criterias of choice

CPU and GPU performance

From CPU and GPU performance depends on the quality of the visual component of the game. TO Unfortunately, the vast majority of mobile applications do not optimized for the used hardware. Therefore modern games on older hardware platforms may freeze or issue very few frames per second.

The most productive are hardware platforms, Built on Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series processors. Rulers 600, 400 and S from the same company do not provide due graphic “power” for playing modern games without loss of quality. The disadvantage is the high cost – tablets on such a conventional hardware platform cost 2-3 times more than mid-range devices.

The second place in graphic performance platforms based on NVIDIA Tegra. Like desktop graphics cards, such mobile chips are equipped with a powerful video processing system, up to multi-core clusters. Disadvantages of the NVIDIA platform Tegra two – a small number of devices in which it is used, and huge power consumption, making the tablet fast discharged.

Tablets on MediaTek hardware platform can be called suitable for games with only a very big stretch. Despite Qualcomm Snapdragon-like core architecture, graphics accelerators in such devices are rather weak. It may lead to a deterioration in the quality of the visual component of mobile games. However, such tablets are perfect for most old or uncomplicated projects, including popular ones in Currently multi-player strategies.


The following platforms are completely unsuitable for games – Intel Atom, Spreadtrum, Allwinner, Rockchip.

Thus, the following are most recommended for purchase. platforms (in decreasing order of graphic performance):

  1. Current Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Series (825 and fresher, including 835);

  2. Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Series older versions (chips 800-820);

  3. Current versions of NVIDIA Tegra (Tegra 4, Tegra K1, Tegra X1);

  4. Flagship versions of MediaTek chips (Helio X20 and higher).

With such hardware platforms, the tablet will easily pull even as demanding of the graphic component of the game as Need For Speed ​​of current versions or Asphalt 8.

RAM size

The total memory directly depends on the amount of RAM tablet performance. Unfortunately, many modern games for mobile devices continue to work even after forced closure. Their background services or collect data from servers, or simply designed to “get” the user notifications.

As a result, for a normal game with a large number installed applications really need a lot random access memory. If for daily activities in 2017 with grief in half enough 2 GB of RAM, then for mobile gaming At least 3 GB will be required. More desirable, of course.

For example, a special gaming game developed in the fall of 2017 Razer Phone smartphone (whose “killer feature” is updating the screen with speed of 120 Hz) is equipped with 8 GB of RAM. Of such volume enough even if you completely score it with online games with regular the appeal of these to the server.


  1. 3 GB of RAM – the minimum required amount. Once a a few months will have to reset the tablet to factory settings to restore its performance;

  2. 4 GB of RAM – the necessary and sufficient amount for the vast majority of mobile gamers. Enough for simultaneous work in the background of 5-10 different online toys;

  3. 6 GB and above is the desired size. However, such tablets are rare and are expensive.

If you have a sufficient budget, you should take the device with “RAM” because applications are constantly updated, “overgrown” with new functions and become more and more resource intensive. For example, if in 2014 mobile-specific Android operating system Google Play services when active they only consumed 60-70 MB of RAM, then in 2017 year – already about 200.

The amount of permanent memory

The higher the amount of permanent memory, the more games you get install on tablet. Modern mobile projects are different high consumption of space on the internal drive. For example, Monument Valley 2 easily eats up about 400 MB, and Need for Speed: Most Wanted – already about 1.5 GB. Online Games Client Volume maybe even several times more due to cached content.

In addition, it is on the internal drive that are located other installed applications, various user data, as well as the Android operating system itself.

As a result, the minimum volume required in 2017 The internal drive is 16 GB. And already out of the box the user will be available about 9 GB to install applications or storage of content (video, music, various documents).

The optimal volume is 32 GB. But, if the budget allows, you can buy a tablet with 64 GB of read-only memory or even more – so as not to worry about the “clogged” internal drive.

But the presence of a microSD slot does not really matter, since it’s still not possible to install games on a memory card – such drives are too slow and insecure.

The presence of a SIM card, support for high-speed mobile networks

If you plan to play online games such as multiplayer strategies or shooters worth buying tablet equipped with a SIM card slot. This will allow access to Internet outside your home or public Wi-Fi networks.

In addition, many modern games require constant internet connection even without being used multi-user content. Additional downloads from the network elements (e.g. character clothes or whole levels, and just advertising modules). As a result, an internet connection just a must.

The maximum speed depends on the type of supported networks. data downloads or even internet connection stability. The following standards are most common:

  1. 3G The maximum data transfer rate is up to 3.6 Mbps. Of this enough for simple multiplayer games in which almost all data is stored in the client application (including, e.g. Clash of Clans and similar mobile strategies);

  2. 4G. The maximum data transfer rate is from 1 Gbit / s. Enough even for multiplayer games that are actively loading content from the server (e.g. Minecraft).

The stability of the connection depends on the quality of network coverage. IN 4G urban areas are usually reliable enough disconnects are practically not observed (with rare exceptions, caused by loads on nodes and base stations). In suburban In areas 3G is usually more stable. Although, of course, more accurate Only a mobile operator can provide information.

operating system

Smartphone operating system

The quantity and often quality depends on the operating system games available on the tablet. Such devices usually work under running Android, iOS, or Windows.

Android operating system boasts the largest number of games available. There are literally hundreds of thousands of them! Moreover, genres, specifics, and even quality are diverse. IN Play Store app store can be seen as very well-developed, interesting and exciting games, and frank junk, including “clones” and “fakes” of famous projects created solely for displaying ads.

In addition, the lack of pre-moderation in the store Android application allows developers to release more than just overt slag, but also malicious content. Some games for this platforms are quite capable of working like viruses.

On the other hand, the availability of quality games, a huge amount free projects, the global community of developers and developers, porting and modifying software, make the Android platform still best choice for mobile gaming.

IOS is the best choice for hobbyists high-quality games. Availability of pre-moderation in the store AppStore applications does not allow developers to release any slag aimed solely at profit from the display of advertising or domestic purchases.

But therein lies the problem. Due to pre-moderation there are frankly few games in the application store, and the vast most of them are paid. In addition, tablets on iOS releases just one company – Apple – and therefore they are different high cost.

Another advantage of this operating system is its deep software optimization. Therefore, you can not pay attention to the specifications of the tablet. On it in any available games will be provided and provide a pleasant enough user experience.

Windows tablets – enough original solution for mobile gaming. On the one hand, they allow you to run both familiar board games, and special Modern applications from the Microsoft Store (where many free!), on the other – usually technical specifications such devices are poor. In addition, Windows games overwhelmingly under touch control in the vast majority cases.

So buying a gaming tablet on the operating system Windows is something akin to an experiment that may not succeed (and then you have to go through hundreds of point’n’click-adventure from Alawar and Nevosoft, capable of starting on anything).

Tablet size

Diagonal display tablet

The so-called “gaming” directly depends on the size of the tablet experience “, which, in turn, is determined by the genre of the game.

Various puzzles, mobile strategies, time killers, some shooters with the mechanics of “shooting gallery”, etc. require exposure to the entire surface of the screen. For such games, you should buy an 8-inch a tablet that will be comfortable to hold in your hands, and with your thumbs will be able to reach a variety of points on the display.

At the same time, car simulations, RPGs, action games, fighting games and etc. usually equipped with separate virtual elements controls located directly under the thumbs. For such games, you should buy a large, 10-inch tablet. Then will be able to see the beauty of the virtual world.

Thus, choosing a tablet size is based on own preferences.

Top manufacturers

In the past few years, tablet production has significantly declined. Therefore, the number of manufacturers of such devices relatively few. Among the best tablet makers on Android can be distinguished:

  1. Xiaomi. Continues to release tablets from the Mi Pad series. Seldom equips them with top-end components, but these devices are inexpensively;

  2. Lenovo, Huawei, Samsung. Released as flagship devices, and relatively budget models. With a sufficient budget, it’s worth pay attention to their products.

Tablets running iOS released only by Apple.

Among the best tablet makers running Windows operating system can be distinguished:

  1. Lenovo

  2. Acer

  3. Asus.

Microsoft also deserves mention, but its products are particularly expensive.


In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose a memory card for a tablet, the secrets of choosing an inexpensive tablet and A complete guide for choosing a graphics tablet.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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