How to choose a tablet for a child

When choosing a tablet for a child is first and foremost build on prices and special “children’s” opportunities devices.

choose a tablet for the child

How to choose a tablet for a child: what to look for

The key characteristics when choosing a tablet that will be used by a child are:

  1. Price;

  2. The presence of special children’s functions;

  3. Operating system;

  4. The presence of a slot for a SIM card;

  5. The volume of the internal drive, the presence of a slot for a memory card MicroSD ;

  6. The amount of RAM, processor power;

  7. Battery capacity.

  8. The device manufacturer is also important.

How to determine the price of a tablet for a child

It is worth remembering that children, especially small ones, are not the most neat electronics users. They can drop it, spill it liquid on it, damage in another way. A modern tablets, in turn, are quite sensitive to various mechanical stress.

As a result, it makes no sense to acquire a small child expensive tablet. There is a risk that the device will break without repair options right on the day of purchase.

The best way to determine the right price is see if the monthly family budget holds the full cost tablet. If not, it is advisable to pay attention to less expensive model. Only then damage to the tablet will not bring negative emotions and will not break a hole in the family budget. At the end after all, this is a child, and he most likely does not understand what such Electronics can be very expensive.

For an older child who at least goes to school, You can purchase a more expensive model. But, again, the purchase flagship tablets like Microsoft Surface or Apple iPad advisable only if their damage can pass unnoticed by the family budget.

How to choose a tablet for a child based on age

Tablet for a child 2-4 years old

tablet for a child 2-4 years old

For such a tender age, special educational tablets preloaded with various applications, teaching account and elementary writing, as well as reading.

Unfortunately, such tablets are produced mostly by little-known and often Chinese companies. Therefore, in the event of any breakdown repairs may simply not be possible due to lack of spare parts in the market.

The main advantage of special educational tablets lies It is in the software stuffing. The most simple interface the inability to break something, the parental controls and the difficulty in installing third-party applications makes them great devices for playing and learning.

Among such developmental tablets, for example:

  1. SkyTiger ST-902. The device is focused on learning to read and hearing. There are voiced tales, collections of riddles written simple language encyclopedia, etc .;

  2. TurboKids S4. A very simple tablet with preinstalled programs for teaching various languages, including Russian and English. In addition, there is a cartoon player and a couple simple games. All this is complemented by a “tiled” interface, according to which even the smallest child “will not miss”, and relatively shockproof casing with huge plastic bumpers on the ends;

  3. PlayPad 3. Another training tablet with a huge amount developing applications. Most of them, however, will have to Download from the official site. But they are developed professional educators and psychologists. There is a parent control and colorful interface;

  4. EXEQ P-1011. The main advantage of the tablet is licensing under animated series “Fixies”. There are also relevant programs that help the child to explore the world and especially the many electronics in it. In addition, the tablet has a full “adult mode” in which the device can be used to a variety of goals, and the colorful and vibrant body becomes calm and restrained after removing the case.


An important point: when buying children’s tablets in Chinese or other stores should make sure of full Russification preinstalled software. Otherwise have to spend time teaching a child English or some more exotic language.

The next feature that you should pay attention to when buying a children’s tablet – the amount of read-only memory. is he Must be above 16 GB. If it is equal to this parameter – preferably so that the tablet is equipped with a slot for microSD memory cards.

The fact is that many cartoons are not available in the services streaming video or online television. Then for fun the child will first have to download them to the computer, and then Throw it on the tablet. That’s why the amount of memory is very important – to save as many cartoons as possible.

Tablet for a child 5-9 years old

At this age, children can already be given ordinary, full-fledged tablets. Is it worth installing the parent system on them control (corresponding applications are available in various stores like the Play Store or the App Store, depending on which one you’re using. operating system) so that the child does not stay too long in toys.

In addition, for such a tablet, it is worth creating a separate accounting Record on the App Store or Google Play Store and not bind to it bank card. Otherwise, the child may well lower the whole family budget for in-game purchases that are almost the standard for mobile entertainment.

Of course, for a child of primary school or preschool age to acquire Samsung’s high-end flagship tablet, Apple or Microsoft is impractical. Similar devices differ in high price and a lot of unnecessary functions. Good the solution will be to purchase a budget or medium sized tablet class from Xiaomi, Wexler, Lenovo, Huawei, etc.

Ultra-budget options like BQ, Archos, Texet, Irbis, etc. not recommended for purchase due to extremely limited capabilities due to “weak iron” and low maintainability.

When choosing such a tablet, you need to consider not only the volume internal storage (after all, cartoons at this age still interesting), but also the amount of RAM, as well as processor power. It is assumed that a child at this age will put on various tutorials and games (especially games), so the tablet should pull them.

Main selection criteria

main selection criteria

The main criteria for selection are:

  1. The presence of pre-installed children’s applications or additional modes

  2. Operating system;

  3. The presence of a slot for a SIM card and the standard for connecting to Internet

  4. The volume of the internal drive, the presence of a slot for memory cards MicroSD;

  5. The amount of RAM, processor power;

  6. Battery capacity.

Children’s software

Among the most important applications that should be installed on the tablet, you can highlight:

  1. Parental control system. Limits usage time tablet and sites available for visiting;

  2. Simplified launcher. With large icons, clear buttons and other features to facilitate use. Such, for example, found not only in special children’s tablets, but also in devices from Samsung

  3. Software systems for protection against unauthorized purchases in the form of need to enter a password or scan a fingerprint.


However, almost all such programs can be downloaded from application stores. However, if they are preinstalled, use they become much easier and more enjoyable.

operating system

Smartphone operating system

For purchase, the child is recommended tablets running Android operating system. And there are some very important reasons:

  1. In the vast majority of cases, they are cheaper than the iPad or devices running Windows;

  2. You can customize your desktop the way you want using third-party launchers or special modes;

  3. You can configure deep parental control;

  4. To activate an account on the Google Play Store is not required bank card binding so that you can completely limit in-game purchases;

  5. Educational applications are very diverse.

There are also disadvantages, of course:

  1. A huge amount of advertising, often not disconnected. For getting rid of it, you can contact a specialist who modifies the hosts file;

  2. Risk of catching viruses. For deliverance it is worth disconnecting the ability to install applications from unknown sources in device security settings.


However, it is Android that is suitable for use by children. the best thing. After all, with careful use of the tablet early or late, you can remove all the training software – and then it will become a universal device for everyday activities.

The presence of a slot for SIM and the ability to connect to the internet

The ability to connect a tablet to mobile Internet allows you to achieve the following goals:

  1. The child will be able to watch cartoons or download data packages for training programs even outside the home – for example, on trips;

  2. You can track your child’s location with accuracy a few tens of meters and online through specialized software;

  3. You can write messages to your child in instant messengers or social networks.

Of course, all Internet access is via GSM-module, which, in turn, requires a SIM card. It is desirable that the tablet supports 4G networks, then the video will be play in streaming mode without first buffering. For all other purposes, 3G is enough.

The volume of the internal drive, the presence of a card slot MicroSD

As you can see from the purpose of the tablet, the internal memory will be used to store cartoons, games and educational applications. All this requires, in fact, a lot of space. Therefore, than more internal memory is better.

The minimum required amount of internal storage in 2017 The year is 16 GB. It should be noted that approximately 2 of them will be “deducted” by recounting, 3 will take the operating system, about 2 more – pre-installed applications. Eventually the user only needs 9 GB. This is enough for a few resource-intensive games.

Therefore, models equipped with at least 32 GB of internal memory.

If there is less internal memory, make sure that the tablet There is a microSD card slot. They can store some user data such as photos, movies, music and etc. Of course, the “flash drive” will have to be purchased separately.

RAM, processor power

These two parameters determine overall performance. tablet.

The more RAM, the better. Now pointless buy devices with less than 2 GB of RAM – such tablets will “slow down” when performing simple tasks. It is impossible to expand the RAM, so the school child age should be taken “with a margin.”

CPU performance parameters are enough complex, but they are subject to a simple rule: the “fresher” the chip, the it’s better. New models are equipped with high-performance, energy efficient processors that enable the tablet work longer.

Well, Qualcomm processors are faster than MediaTek.

Battery capacity

This parameter determines the autonomy of the tablet. Higher capacity battery – the longer the device runs on battery power. There, tablets with 4000 mAh are able to “live” up to four hours of active use – or all day mixed.

Top tablet manufacturers for kids

The best manufacturers of specialized children’s tablets are given at the beginning of the article. But the “universal” – the following:

  1. Samsung;

  2. Lenovo

  3. Huawei

  4. Xiaomi.

Apple models are not recommended due to their high cost, but from Microsoft, Acer, Asus, etc. refuse. – since in most cases the operating system is installed on them Windows system.


In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose tablet for work, secrets of choosing a tablet for the Internet and complete 10-inch tablet selection guide.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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