How to choose a power supply for your computer

A computer power supply is a device that is designed to converting AC power to a household network with direct established values ​​of voltage and force and its subsequent delivery to the functional elements of the system unit.

How to choose a power supply for the computer: parameters that must be considered

How to choose a power supply for the computer

When choosing a power supply, consider the following parameters:

  1. Power (in watts);

  2. The presence of the necessary connector for the motherboard (quantity pin);

  3. Availability of necessary connectors for peripheral equipment (MOLEX, SATA, 6-pin video and others).

However, the first parameter is fundamental – power. If it is not enough, some elements of the computer may stop work. In addition, their degree of wear will increase, and the unit itself power supply runs the risk of burn out, leading to system crashes in system unit.

How to choose the power of the power supply

The power supply provides current on several buses, which differ voltage. However, the most demanding PC components are usually are on the 12-volt channel. It is on it that it is measured power supply unit – especially when you consider that because numerous marketing techniques, its nominal value may be significantly higher than the actual.

So, on the top models of 600-watt (nominally) power supplies maximum power on a 12-volt bus is usually 540-560 Tue

Given that on a 12-volt bus, there is usually a video card and motherboard with a processor, you should choose a power supply, using a fairly simple formula – the total power of these components should be multiplied by 1.2. Additional 20% leave “in reserve” – ​​it doesn’t interfere, especially if it is planned any upgrade in the near future.

But also overdo it with power, overpaying for unused watts are also not worth it. For example, a configuration from an Intel processor Core i7-6700K and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards may well work on a 450 W power supply. The main thing is that these nominal watts matched the actual.

Which company is better to choose a power supply for gaming computer

manufacturers of power supplies for computers

As mentioned above, the labeling on the sticker may have reality doesn’t have much in common. However, some power supplies verified by the user community, and their manufacturers call confidence.

These manufacturers include:

  1. SeaSonic;


  3. Be Quiet !;

  4. Antec

  5. Corsair;

  6. Cooler Master;


The rest should be wary.

However, there is indirect evidence that the power supply will turn out to be of high quality (will issue an appropriate nominal power, will provide “smooth” conversion without current jumps and voltage, will work for a long time) – 80 PLUS certification.

80 PLUS certification means that the power supply does not provide less than 80% efficiency at any load. It exists in five variations – Standard, Bronze, Sliver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium. It is clear that Standard is the easiest option, Titanium is the most advanced. But this is just an indirect confirmation.

80 PLUS certificate itself shows energy efficiency power supply unit. However, to obtain this document, the manufacturer should include the finished device and all the results of its tests in special organization Ecova Plug Load Solutions, which will issue (or will not issue) permission to use this mark. Availability third-party control literally forces the manufacturer to increase the quality of their products.

It is worth remembering that there is only an 80 PLUS certificate. No 85 PLUS etc. not in nature.

The presence of the necessary connectors for the motherboard

power supply connectors

From the power supply to the motherboard, two buses are suitable – one supplies the motherboard itself with electricity, the other – CPU. And on different configurations the number of contacts (pins) on these “wires” is different.

So, on modern computers, the motherboard requires power supplied by 24-pin bus. She can labeled as 20 + 4 pin. But the old number of bus pins motherboard power supply is 20.

The second bus powers the processor. In most cases, she 4 pin. However, modern, powerful computers use 8-pin processor power bus. It can be labeled as 8 pin or 4 + 4 pin.

Before buying a new power supply, you need to determine which the connectors are on the motherboard – available or planned.

Availability of necessary connectors for peripherals

Similar to determining the necessary connectors for the motherboard boards determine the necessary connectors for peripheral equipment.

So, most modern graphics cards use a 6-pin connector. However, some especially powerful models are powered by 8-pin cable, which is designated as 8 pin or 6 + 2 pin.

A hard drive will require a SATA connector. To connect some types of peripheral equipment – MOLEX with 4 pin contacts.

Extra options

For a gaming computer, cooling is also important. And, since the power supply cables interfere with normal air exhaust and can get into the rotating blades of coolers, it is desirable to to hide somewhere.

Detachable cables are a good solution. Excellent – flat detachable. They can be brought out between the backing. motherboard and case, thereby hiding from the main system unit spaces.


Before buying a power supply, you must determine it power needed and find out which connectors are required. Is worth remember that actual power may be higher than rated. AND, since the power supply is the “heart” of the computer, do not save on buying it, choosing devices from unknown manufacturers with incomprehensible characteristics.


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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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