How to choose a netbook

Netbook – a special type of laptop, oriented to work in the internet. Therefore, you need to choose it for the most enjoyable web surfing.

How to choose a netbook: characteristics that you need to pay attention to Attention

How to choose a netbook

When choosing a netbook, it is advisable to pay attention to the following specifications:

  1. The amount of RAM (in GB);

  2. Volume and type of internal drive or hard disk (in GB)

  3. Operating system;

  4. Type, frequency and generation of the processor;

  5. Battery capacity.

It should be noted that actually netbooks are now practically not are issued. They were replaced by ultra-compact hybrid Computers functionally a tablet with a keyboard. Similar devices are also great for surfing the web and editing documents.

RAM size

RAM size

This is one of the most important parameters to consider. when choosing a netbook. This is due to the fact that resource intensity Web applications and sites are constantly increasing. Therefore, to the netbook did not “slow down”, it is necessary that it is equipped with at least 2 GB of RAM.

But this is true only for those cases when, as the operating system uses Windows 7, 8 or 10 (in any editions), as well as Google Chrome or another browser based Chromium. For less demanding software, you can use less random access memory. So, if used as a browser Opera 12.18, PoleMoon or K-Meleon, then you can use configuration with 1 GB of RAM. But these programs are not too functional.

Thus, for optimal performance on the Internet netbooks with at least 2 GB of RAM.

Volume and type of internal storage

type of internal storage

Most netbooks if used as intended (web surfing), a large built-in drive or hard drive is not needed. For computers that run on Windows 10, enough 32 GB At the same time available for user files and programs the space will be about 16-18 GB, which is enough for install most of the necessary software (browser, office suite, utility applications) and downloading a couple of films.

However, if you plan to store more information on a netbook or install voluminous programs (such as games), then 32 GB will definitely not be enough. Optimal Hard Drive Capacity for such devices – 200-500 GB. Larger volume to use impractical, moreover, it significantly increases the cost a computer.

It is important to consider the type of drive. In modern hybrid computers usually have a flash drive or SSD. Such devices provide high speed and economically consume battery power. However, they are different some high cost and are not replaced.

In addition, flash drives usually have a fairly small volume, 16, 32 or 64 GB. And the bigger it is, the higher the cost a computer. The “hybrids” equipped with SSD-drives, the volume memory can be up to 200 GB.

Netbooks that have a capacity of more than 200 GB are most likely equipped with a hard drive type HDD. It doesn’t work as fast as SSD or flash drive, but costs significantly less.

operating system

Operating system

The vast majority of modern netbooks or hybrid computers come preloaded with the operating system Windows 10 editions of Home or Single Language. It is quite enough for everyday tasks. However, Windows 10 has a couple critical flaws that can ruin a custom experience:

  1. A huge number of processes running in the background, which load computer resources;

  2. A large distribution volume, occupying 9-12 GB of hard drive.

Therefore, you can use alternative operating systems, such as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Elementary OS, Remix OS and the like. However, they will have to be installed independently. Also for these operating systems may not have the necessary drivers, as a result, the computer will not work properly (or will not work at all). This problem is especially common in budget “hybrids”. Also on alternative operating systems do not work many familiar programs like a package Microsoft Office

CPU Type, Frequency, and Generation

processor generation

CPU specifications for netbooks are not prevailing value. So, such computers can work even on weak chips from the Intel Atom series and at the same time show sufficient performance, including in some browser games.

But it is advisable to take into account the generation of the processor. it due to the fact that netbooks are rarely equipped with enough productive cooling system, and in most hybrids it and completely passive. Therefore, throttling problems (clock reduction frequency with increasing temperature) and overheating are especially spicy.

The best solution is to buy a netbook or a hybrid. on a not too powerful processor of recent generations. For Intel, this Haswell, Skylake, and Kabu Lake – Fourth, Sixth, and Seventh respectively. These processors are characterized by low resource consumption and, as a result, a small degree of heating.

Battery capacity

Battery capacity

For a netbook, battery life is very important. The higher it is – those, respectively, better. And it depends, including on capacity built-in battery.

If you want your netbook to work all day without connecting to the outlet, it should be equipped with a battery as at least 8000 mAh or 40-50 W / h. Unfortunately, the latest models are very rare. But the batteries are 8000 mAh or slightly less can be found in most modern hybrid computers.


netbook manufacturers

Some of the best netbook manufacturers are Acer, Samsung and Lenovo.

  1. Acer is known for its “universal” devices. So, hybrid computers that are part of the Transformer line, equipped with flash drives and a hard drive, so can be used to store data.

  2. Samsung releases the most powerful netbooks, which thanks technical specifications can be categorized subnotebooks. It is this company that produces ultra-mobile Computers with Intel Core i3 and i5 processors. Still worth remember the features of the cooling system in such configurations.

  3. Lenovo is interested in models from the Yoga series. They are equipped with capacious batteries and original hinge design, so computers can be used both as netbooks, and as tablets, and as very original devices for watching movies or presentations.


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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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