How to choose a mouse pad

Not only convenience depends on the mouse pad, but also cursor sensitivity, which is especially important for gamers.

How to choose a mouse pad: options you need note

How to choose a mouse pad

When choosing a mouse pad, you should pay attention to following its parameters:

  1. The material from which it is made;

  2. Ergonomic

  3. Sizes.

  4. The latter option is also important for gamers.

Mat material

Mouse pad material

The vast majority of modern rugs are made of the following materials:

  1. Thick (multi-layer) plastic;

  2. Thin plastic;

  3. Bung;

  4. Foam rubber;

  5. The cloth;

  6. Leather.

The vast majority of budget rugs are made from multilayer plastic. They cost about 50-150 rubles and with their duty – to ensure the movement of the mouse cursor – cope perfectly. However, they have four serious disadvantages:

  1. Deformation over time. In a few months the use of the edges of such rugs begin to bend;

  2. Risk of delamination. Many rugs over time begin to to delaminate – their top layer departs, making use accessory impossible.

  3. Pollution. Due to the texture of the mat, its top layer is fast becomes dirty, which leads to a decrease in the sensitivity of the mouse, the appearance of plaque on the optical sensor and just unpleasant tactile sensations.

  4. Inability to mount on the surface. On smooth countertops such rugs are very slippery.

Thin plastic is devoid of several of these shortcomings. He is not stratifies and does not slip on a table surface. However he also prone to deformation and fouling over time.

Cork is the most impractical material for rugs. because of its texture, it leads to abrasion of the legs of the mouse, and to skin irritation.

Rubber foam mats are most practical. They are enough soft to be comfortable to use, provide high sensitivity of the optical mouse sensor as well keep on the table. In addition, they are very inexpensive – about 150-250 rubles depending on the manufacturer. Among the disadvantages such mats can be distinguished by high sensitivity to the environment use (for example, it is definitely not recommended to keep them under direct sunlight) and small size, which makes them unsuitable for gamers.

But for gamers designed fabric rugs. Besides high practicality and large sizes, they differ providing maximum sensitivity of the optical sensor the mouse. The only problem is the high cost of such rugs – they cost from 1000 rubles, but for really high-quality models will have to pay 2-3 thousand rubles.

Leather rugs are more a design decision. By level operational parameters they correspond to models from thin plastic, but at the same time they look very beautiful and elegant. Besides Moreover, they are also very practical – do not wear, do not stick and not contaminated.


ergonomic rug

The ergonomics of the mouse pad consists of two parameters: the shape and presence of the wrist pads.

The most optimal form of mouse pad is traditional rectangle. Semicircular, round, curly models look beautiful. However, they have an important drawback – the length The mouse run on this mat is very small. Therefore, for example, if you need to reach the cursor from the lower left corner of the screen to upper right, you have to raise the controller.

The presence of pads for the wrist makes using the mat more convenient, especially if its owner is already aged. However she wipes off quickly enough. In addition, a wrist pad also reduces the maximum mouse mileage on the mat due to which models equipped with it are not suitable for gamers.

The pillow has another drawback – use compact it’s uncomfortable with the mouse on such a rug.

However, pad mats reduce the risk of tunnel syndrome – pain in the wrist caused by long-term stay of the brush in an unnatural position.

Area dimensions

mouse pad sizes

The smaller the mat, the lower the mouse mileage on it. Therefore, if the controller sensitivity is also low enough, its will often have to be torn from the table and shifted. Problem solving may be an increase in the DPI of the mouse or cursor speed in operating system.

However, this is not a solution for gamers. To provide the best gaming experience, it is recommended to use special rugs, which are large in size.


Mousepads are produced by a wide variety of companies – from called “non-names” to well-known brands. But the most Quality solutions can be found at G-Cube and A4TECH. But the budget Defender offers options.

  1. Defender produces perhaps the cheapest of the rugs. In her you can find a range of models at the cost of several tens of rubles! But it is worth noting that these are not the most practical and durable options.

  2. G-Cube offers the best rubber floor mats on the market. They are standing in within 100-200 rubles (depending on the store) and differ practicality, durability and even very attractive design.

  3. A4TECH produces good gaming mats. They are in the majority cases are cheaper than branded from any Razer or Steelseries however have the same operational characteristics.


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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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