How to choose a keyboard for your computer

When choosing a keyboard, convenience comes first use. It is also necessary to determine the type and standard connectivity.

How to choose a keyboard: what to look for

How to choose a keyboard

When choosing a keyboard, it is recommended to pay attention to following parameters:

  1. Type of connection (USB or PS / 2);

  2. The presence of wire;

  3. Type of installation of keys (mechanical or membrane);

  4. Availability of backlight and additional function keys.

Moreover, only the first parameter affects keyboard compatibility with a computer or peripherals.

Connection Standard (USB or PS / 2)

Almost all modern keyboards are equipped with USB connection. This is a universal standard allowing Connect almost any device to the computer.

However, for very old computers that were released in 90s of the last century or early 00s of this, it is recommended use PS / 2 keyboards. This is due to two factors. First, the motherboard of such computers may not activate the USB controller, as a result of which enter the BIOS or mode Windows recovery fails. Secondly, on such system blocks may not be corny slot for another USB devices.

For modern computers, you need to use USB keyboard

Wired or wireless keyboard?

Wired or wireless keyboard

Wireless keyboards are quite convenient. They can be placed in anywhere on the table, and the cable will not interfere. However they are not without its shortcomings:

  1. Low response speed. This is because the receiver polls the keyboard with a certain frequency, and received signals he still needs to convert. Therefore wireless the keyboard is not suitable for people who are really fast print texts or play some dynamic RPGs either shooters;

  2. Need to change batteries. Such keyboards work in in most cases, from standard AA size batteries or AAA. If the battery runs out, the device may begin to “lose” characters. In addition, there are not always spare batteries – when the battery still runs out;

  3. Risk of garbage. Very rare but happens such that another keyboard can connect to the receiver – if they have the same frequency and identification code. Especially high risk garbage signals in large offices;

  4. The need to output the receiver closer to the keyboard. I.e just remove the system unit under the table will not work – electromagnetic fields from other devices on it can clog Radio channel, causing interference when receiving or receiving a signal. You will need to either bring the receiver separately to the table, or leave it there system unit.

Thus, a wireless keyboard is a good solution for a computer that is located at home or in a small office, and used as standard. For gamers, programmers, and writers etc. better to get a wired one.

Mechanical or membrane?

If the highest possible response speed is required, then mechanical keyboard. Unlike the membrane, where all the buttons are on the common bus interrogated with a certain frequency, in it each key is a separate key, and therefore a signal to press transmitted to the controller in hundredths and thousandths of a millisecond.

However, mechanical keyboards are much more expensive than membrane ones. Therefore, it is advisable to buy them only when the speed response is really important – for games or people who are very typing quickly.

Also, many users claim that mechanical keyboards are very comfortable. But this is a purely subjective opinion.


Advertising Keyboard Lighting

Backlighting is important only if the keyboard often have to use at night, and the skill of “blind typing” in The user is not yet developed. This is a really handy feature, however, with two buts.

The first is that for backlighting often too bright LEDs are used that can cut eyes in the dark. This is usually found on cheap keyboards.

The second – it is desirable that the backlight can be turned off. For example, if a computer is used at night to watch movies or similar content, the light from the keyboard can only ruin image – and, again, start unpleasantly acting on eyes.

Function keys

Function keys simplify keyboard interaction. They allow you to control the volume, adjust the brightness of the screen, open applications, etc. However, it is undesirable to the keyboard had too many function buttons – they can confuse the user.

Still worth considering their location. Many manufacturers post separate row of function keys to the left of the alphanumeric row. This causes inconvenience with touch typing – instead of the desired Ctrl or Shift is pressed this same function button.


When choosing a keyboard, you should determine how convenient it will be do the usual operations for her – type text in one way or another layout, play, etc. Then you should pay attention to her computer compatibility.


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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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